Hellbound With You Chapter 353

352 True Fear

"P-please get dressed. We should already be at the palace by now. Why didn't you wake me up?" Abi tried to avoid his gaze as she put her hand on his chest, stopping him from coming any closer. What happened last night was something she would never regret but right now, she couldn't do more than that. She couldn't give anything more, not until he remembered her, not until she was certain that he would be alright.

But Alex just smiled and didn't back off. He was about to give her a kiss but a loud ringing interrupted him.

He ignored it and proceeded to lean towards her but Abi slipped away, taking the blanket and wrapping it around her and quickly grabbed her phone. She thought it might have been Zeke calling to ask where the hell they were so she was relieved to see that it was her dad who was calling her.

"Hi, dad," she answered, as Abi glanced at Alex hoping he would behave while she was on the phone to her dad.

However, her hopes were dashed when she saw him walk towards her with a sexy smile on his face. His muscles flexed as he moved and Abi was instantly distracted.

"Abi? Abi are you there?" her dad asked when he only heard silence from her end.

His question pulled Abi's attention back to the phone conversation. "Hmm? Yes, dad. I-I'm here. Sorry, I am a little busy at the moment. C-can I call you later?" she said, knowing that she wouldn't be able to concentrate while Alex was in this kind of playful mood.

"Are you alright? Are you sure that you want to stay there?" her dad asked, obviously wanting to talk about her decision to stay in Country V.

"Yes, dad. I'm fine. I just have a lot to do today so I don't have much time right now. I promise to call you tonight after I finish for the day, okay? Alright, dad, I have to go now. I love you" Abi spouted out in a rush and in the next second she ended the call just in time because Alex's lips found hers at that moment.

Time seemed to stand still as his lips caressed hers. Damn it! This guy was becoming more and more shameless by the second. Abi pulled away from his kiss by putting a hand on his chest again and pushing him back. There was no time for this. They still needed to get back to the palace!

"We need to leave as soon as we can. We're already late!" she reasoned, and without waiting for a response, she quickly ran towards the bathroom to shower and get ready.

Breakfast was waiting for her when she got out of the bathroom. It was laid out neatly on the small table in their room. When she walked over to the table, Alex walked around and pulled her chair out for her, like a true gentleman, and pushed it in as she sat down. He went back to his side and settled in.

He started piling food on her plate again, something that has now become a very natural thing for him to do - he didn't bother thinking about why anymore and just went with it - and she quickly devoured her like a hungry animal, firstly because they were running behind schedule and secondly because she didn't know what was waiting for them back in the city. She figured it couldn't hurt to store some energy for the day, just in case.

Alex merely watched her, not eating anything himself, just admiring the view.

"Stop staring at me," Abi finally said after a while.

"I'm not staring. I'm having breakfast too," Alex replied.

"You haven't eaten anything."

"I have been stuffing myself but I'm still not full," he countered.

Abi could not help but sigh at all the cheese he was spouting out. She knew that he wasn't talking about food at all.

She quickly finished her food and then got up to grab her bag, silently telling Alex that they needed to leave. Alex also got up and basically teleported to where her bag was sitting and he quickly picked it up before she could. He then grabbed his backpack and ushered her out of the room.

They went down to the reception area and the young man who served them last night was standing behind the counter. Alex said to Abigail that he would take care of the bill and told her to head straight to the car. Abi nodded but before she left the building, she smiled at the young man behind the counter, waved him goodbye and thanked him for their hospitality.

Alex's smug smile quickly disappeared and his aura immediately raged, alerting the young man of the sudden chill in the air. The young man was about to wave goodbye to the lady guest but his hand was frozen in mid air as his eyes found the source of the sudden drop in temperature.

The young man swallowed as he saw the dark, almost venomous look on Alex's face. He felt goosebumps crawl up his arms as his instinctive defensive instincts kicked in. "Uhm t-t-hank you for s-s-taying, sir. Y-your stay is o-on the house" the young vampire stuttered.

The young man had just experienced the feeling of true fear. This godlike immortal standing in front of him was as scary as all the stories had depicted. He would never belittle those stories again. He almost peed his pants and Alex hadn't even done anything yet except stare at him. He didn't know what else to do so he just bowed again, like he did last night, and just like that, the atmosphere returned to normal. When the man looked up again, Alex was already by the car, opening the door for his woman to hop inside.

He closed her door and then leaned in through the window to grab her seatbelt and click it into place. And of course, he took the opportunity to place a quick kiss on her lips as he drew back out of the window.

Abi could only shake her head.

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