Hellbound With You Chapter 352

351 Love

The sky was a pinkish orange hue when Abi woke up. She was facing the window and the sky was the brightly coloured sky first thing she noticed.

However, she still felt very sleepy. It was too early to get up. 'Twenty minutes more sleep,' she thought, and she turned her back to the window. It was then that she realized that Alex was spooning her.

Her senses became more awake as soon as she saw his peaceful, sleeping face. Ah, she had missed this so much

Abi had the urge to kiss him good morning but instead of doing that, she moved closer to him and wrapped her arm around his waist and fell asleep again. It seemed like their nighttime activities had taken a great toll on her body.

As her body relaxed and her breathing steadied once again, a small smile crept on Alex's face before he opened his eyes. God, he felt so happy when she put her arm on his waist. He thought that she would move away from him when she noticed his presence but he was pleasantly surprised when she did that instead. This was the best morning ever of his life and he bit his lips to stop himself from grinning like an idiot.

He stared at her as he remembered what they did last night. And damn, he was hard again. But he ignored it and just pulled her closer to him. He wanted them to stay like this forever. This feeling of utter bliss made him wonder why he had never experienced anything like this in his thousands of years of existence. He had lived for far too long that nothing could move him anymore. He thought he had already experienced everything this world had to offer, but he was wrong. He had remained in the dark for all those years, not knowing feelings like this existed in this world. He thought that human emotions, this so called 'love', was nothing but an illusion that stupid humans created to deceive themselves and to justify their actions. He thought it wasn't real.

But he was proven wrong the very moment this woman appeared before him. Sometimes, he couldn't help but feel terrified because he realized that this so-called 'love' was more dangerous than anything else he had faced in this terrible world. It was more dangerous than the greed and vengeance that once ate him whole. This so-called 'love' was powerful enough to bend him, to erase every ounce of darkness within him and most importantly, it gave life, and at the same time, it killed.

That was why he found his heart trembling sometimes when the thought of her leaving him ever entered his mind. Even just the thought of her telling him that she hated him was unthinkable. Would he be able to take something like that? Greed and vengeance drove him to kill and burn would this so-called 'love' drive him do that too?

Alex shook his head. No, he would not let that happen. This little lamb wouldn't leave him. She wouldn't hate him. She would eventually come to love him wholly and they would have their 'happy ever after'. Now that she had given him her body, all that was left was her heart. He was willing to do anything and everything to make her choose him and eventually give her heart to him.

With that thought, Alex smiled again and slowly leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. The little lamb looked vulnerable and she looked so damn cute that he wanted to pounce on her and make love to her for the entire day.

However, he could only sigh knowing that he couldn't do that, though he was still smiling like an idiot.

It seemed he needed to take a cold shower now before his beloved woke up.

He slowly unclasped her arm from his waist and replaced himself with a pillow. His body complained because of the absence of her warmth but he needed to discipline his naughty, little big monster.

He bent down and kissed her once again before he finally entered the bathroom.

"Abigail I am still waiting" that voice started to echo in Abi's head again.

Abigail looked around and found the owner of the voice standing by a path, the silver witch. The path was heading to the thick, dark forest; the same forest she saw in her dreams the night before. Was she dreaming again?

"I I don't trust you. I know you are just luring me in to catch Alex to harm him!" Abi responded. This dream just felt so real, so vivid that she couldn't help but interact with this witch.

The silver witch didn't respond and just stared at her with that same gaze she had when they had locked eyes that night. There was something in the way this white witch looked at her that she couldn't fathom.

"This is the last time, Abigail If you don't come, you will surely regret it," the white witch said before turning away from Abi. She started to walk away, heading down that path towards the dark forest.

"Wait!" Abi called out but that was then she woke up from her dream.

She looked around. It was indeed a dream. When she saw Alex was not beside her, she started to panic but then she heard the shower running in the bathroom. She sighed with relief before she climbed off the bed and headed to the window which overlooked the dark mountain from afar.

That dream was bugging her again and she didn't know what to do. Would she regret it like the witch said? Did they really have the answers? She needed to find a way to at least let Zeke know about this. But then was Zeke really trustworthy? After cancelling this mission, Abi somehow felt like he was moving on his own again, fulfilling his own agendas, whatever they may be. Should she be relying on him this much? How could she be sure that whatever he was planning would work? She only had his words to go by because his actions made her doubtful of his intentions, especially when he went AWOL at White Falls village.

The door opened and Alex came out, half naked. How many times had he taken a shower since yesterday? Must be good being an immortal to never fall ill.

He immediately walked towards her, leaned in on her as he picked strands of her hair and smelled them as he spoke. "Good morning, my beloved," he uttered, making Abi's cheeks turned slightly pink at this new endearment.

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