Hellbound With You Chapter 351

350 Tit For Ta

Her answer made him feel like he was flying on cloud nine. She said it! She said that she wanted him! How long had he been waiting for her to say those words to him? How many times had he begged for just that? And now, here she was telling him that she wanted him, just like that.

It was like a miracle had happened. He didn't know what made her change her mind. Was it because of his proposal? Because she finally saw that he wasn't just after her body? He didn't know but he wasn't about to ruin the mood by asking her.

Alex sat upright, causing Abigail to slide down from his hips to his thighs. "Are you absolutely sure," he asked again, staring intently into her eyes. He wanted her to be very sure about what she was saying, about this decision because there would be no turning back. Hard as it was for him to, he gave her one last chance to back out. One more chance for her to run away.

Abi didn't move or say anything. She seemed to be contemplating his words. She didn't say anything. Instead, she laced her fingers through his hair and pulled him in for a kiss. However, this time was different. Gone were the gentle, soft kisses she had given him just before.

This kiss was full of hunger and thirst and Alex immediately became lost. This was it, the point of no return. Her kiss had torn down the last bit of restraint that he held onto and his desire for her burst forth as if the floodgates had been opened. He kissed her back, this time with as much passion and intensity she gave him, meeting her in the middle, tit for tat.

Their tongues mingled, played tag with each other and their hands feverishly roamed all over each other's bodies, wanting to feel every inch of their skin.

After a few minutes, Alex's lips left her mouth and trailed down to her neck. His lips roamed all over, wanting to kiss her everywhere, needing to taste her sweet skin. He kissed her neck and trailed kisses down her collarbone towards the valley between her soft peaches. He kissed the top of those peaches, pulling her sexy nightgown down so that he could access them.

In the next second, he grunted from frustration and suddenly tore her flimsy lingerie to pieces and flung them away. Damn that thing for getting in the way of his lips!

He sucked her breasts and Abi moaned from the pleasure. She couldn't help but arch her back towards him, giving him more access to her soft mounds. At the same time, her hips started to move over him, slowly grinding on him. She could feel his hard arousal and she pushed herself down harder, as if telling Alex that she wanted him inside her.

Alex listened to what her body was saying and he turned them over so that Abigail now lay under him. He trailed further down south and he ripped her underwear and threw it away, leaving her completely naked under him and under his mercy.

Without wasting anymore time, Alex kissed her down there as his fingers pushed inside her.

"God, Abigail, you're so wet for me," he said.

"Mmmm, Alex" she moaned and the sound was like music to his ears. Hearing her calling out his name, so full of desire, of need, of want, made him feel so good that his kisses intensified. He loved licking her, sucking on her. He loved the way she tasted. He loved the way her body arched towards him and responded to his every touch.

He attacked her sex with his tongue, mercilessly pushing her towards the edge of that precipice. She felt that feeling swell up inside her and in no time.

"Alex, please please" she begged. Oh how the tables have turned.

Alex heard her pleas and was more than happy to oblige. His fingers moved inside of her, in and out, slick from her juices, faster and faster. Her moans became louder and louder as she begged for release and after another second, she was pushed over the edge and her body flew towards the sky.

However, he wasn't done yet. The moment had finally come. The moment he had been waiting for ever since she showed up into his life. He undressed himself in record speed and began to kiss her lips again.

Abi could taste herself on his lips and she didn't know why but that made her feel so turned on. She licked him and sucked on him and kissed him back, wanting more.

"Alex, please I want you. All of you."

"Oh Abigail, how I have waited for you to say those words."

His fingers played with her again down there, teasing her to no end, inducing a wave of desire in her, yet again. Her juices flowed over his fingers and his hand. God, she was so wet and ready for him.

He positioned himself over her. F*ck! This was it!!

He finally thrust himself inside and holy sh*t, he actually came. With one thrust. Alex had never experienced this before. It seemed that he was extremely excited for her and this was the proof.

'F*ck!' Alex cursed inside. He kept asking what the hell happened! This was just insane. He came in just one thrust and he just couldn't believe it.

But he didn't let that defeat him because in no time, he was hard as a rock again. He slowly filled her as the monster grew bigger again and this time, he took his time with her.

He started moving his hips, forward and back slowly, as if he was savouring the sweet, sweet sensation of being inside of her. This was the sweetest feeling in the world. He had never felt so whole in his life than at this moment. It was like she was the missing part of him that he never knew he needed.

He kept moving, going faster and faster, deeply thrusting inside her each time. He clenched his fists because it just felt so damn good. He saw his little lamb close her eyes, biting her lips and he knew that she was feeling the same sweet feeling he was experiencing. Yes, they were meant for each other. She was truly his now and there was no way he would ever let her go.

And with that thought, he pushed into her one last time and took them both to the moon.

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