Hellbound With You Chapter 350

349 Wicked

Those words were like the rainbow appearing after the hurricane attack. It was hope. It was progress. He froze for a moment, contemplating whether he should celebrate or just end himself. But he immediately realized his proposal might have come too early. She was finally asking him to hold her and it made his heart almost burst out from his chest.

It was so unexpected. She was so wicked. She made him beg so many times and tortured him to the brink of destruction for this, just for her to ask him to hold her as he was about to break. He wished he could say 'no' to get back at her but goddamnit! How the hell could he?!! She was finally making a move. She was finally asking for something for him to hold her. Sure, in terms of progress, this definitely felt like it was moving at a snail's pace, but it was still progress! And there was no way he would turn that down.

Before Alex could ask again to make sure he wasn't hallucinating, Abi pulled him back into her embrace and hugged him tightly. Alex's heart thumped inside his chest as he made himself comfortable on the bed. He lay next to her, wrapping his arms around her waist, around her body and he pulled her tightly to him.

Abi ended up with her head resting on his chest, an arm around his torso, listening to his rapid heartbeat. She let his warmth soak into her body and she felt that familiar feeling that she had longed for. It was the feeling of contentment, happiness and serenity. She was no longer on guard, on edge and it was the best feeling in the world to just let go of all that. It was the best feeling in the world to finally let herself feel the love she had for him and to let that feeling engulf her fully because she did. She loved this man with all of her heart and soul and nothing would ever change that.

Abi closed her eyes. She had really missed this. A small tear escaped from the corner of her eye but she didn't care. It felt so good that she couldn't help but cry away all the pain she bottled up inside her heart. Her tears started to flow silently.

Alex felt the warmth of her tears on his chest and he frowned. Why was the little lamb crying? Did he make her cry? Was it his fault?

Alex moved and he placed a finger under her chin and made her look up at him. Her eyes glistened from the tears that flowed from them and the sight tore at Alex's heart.

"Abigail, what's wrong?" he asked, now using her name.

Abi just shook her head, unable to form the words to explain what she was feeling at that moment.

Alex used his thumb to wipe away her tears and in the next moment, his lips covered hers, softly, gently, tenderly, as if he was trying to take her pain away. He placed butterfly kisses over her cheeks and kissed away her tears before he returned to her lips. When his lips met hers again, he was surprised because he suddenly felt her respond to him.

She was kissing him back so passionately, so intently and she even pried his mouth open to find his tongue. He was stunned for a second before her tongue's teasing forced him to respond to her. He kissed her back with the same intensity and before long, both of them became lost in the kiss. His body immediately responded to her kisses but he held himself back, not wanting to scare her away. His hands started to roam over her body, keeping above the waist, caressing her arms and back.

Abigail felt a trail of heat from where his hands had touched her. His touch was gentle, slow but very sensual and she relished the sensations he was giving her. She deepened their kiss and her arms wrapped around his neck, locking him to her. She moved her body closer to him as she put a leg over him. In the next second, she pushed him so that he ended up on his back with her on top of him, straddling him, all the while kissing him as if it was the last time she would ever get to kiss him again.

Her hips started to move over him, over his hard little big monster, and his arms that were wrapped around her tightened. Abigail finally drew away from his lips, to breathe in some much needed oxygen as she sat upright. She gazed down at him with eyes filled with desire, desire that was reflected back at her through his eyes. And then, she licked her lips, subconsciously.

Alex's eyes widened. He felt like the slow fire that burned within him had suddenly exploded into a huge inferno, as if someone had poured gasoline into the fire.

"Oh, Abigail, what have you done to me?" he groaned, feeling like he was on the brink again. He knew she wasn't trying to seduce him this time. He knew that, but even so, it had the same effect! It made him want her like he wanted nothing else in the world. But he restrained himself. Just.

Abi leaned down again and placed a quick soft kiss on his lips. She then moved her lips just next to his ear before she whispered to him. "Alex, I want you."

Alex froze, unable to believe what he just heard. Was she serious? Was this a trick? Was this some kind of test? Alex's eyes snapped towards her face, searching her eyes for the answers to his questions and with one look, he had his answer. There was no doubt in her eyes, no fear, no resistance, no mischievousness. All he saw was her desire for him.

Still unable to believe it, he asked her. "Are you sure?"

She nodded before she said, "Yes, I'm sure."

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