Hellbound With You Chapter 348

347 Just Like That?

The torment went on. This was even more tortuous than last night. The devil only knew how much he wanted to just leap towards her and enter her from behind. His dirty mind and his lust were like giant waves crashing on him, pushing him to go and grab her. But damn, if he did that, he would lose, and she would then think that all he wanted from her was her body! That would be the worst thing ever!

Curses and scoldings flooded Alex's head, and yet he couldn't make himself look away.

He continued watching her as the towel fell to the floor, revealing her smooth, bare back. She picked up a sexy nightgown, a black, short, spaghetti strap, lacy thing and Alex swallowed again as he watched this thin piece of material fall over her back, stopping at mid thigh height.

"Abigail" he called out and Abi turned to see him not leaning against the headboard anymore. He was leaning forward, his elbow on top of his folded knee as his scorching eyes peeked through the strands of his dark hair.

She was reminded of that very first night with him where he had taken her up to that hotel room and told her to undress before him, only this time, she was in control.

"Hmm?" she innocently stared back and waited for the rest of his sentence. But the man didn't say any more words so she casually moved again and bent down to pick up her fallen towel in such a way that Alex could clearly see her lace-covered backside.

She had just straightened up when Alex finally left the bed. Her gaze flew towards him and she was about to smile but instead, she was shocked because he was heading towards the door - and it was not the bathroom door either.

Abi quickly ran towards the door to block his way.

"Where are you going?"

"I changed my mind. Let's go back to the city tonight."

Her brows creased at him. If it was this afternoon, Abi would have definitely agreed to that because back then, she thought that the source of her unease was because they were still close to the village. But now that she realized the real source of her unease, she didn't like this idea anymore. She didn't know why but this was what her gut was telling her and that was why she was trying to delay it now. That also meant that it would be morning when they arrived and during the day was the safest time for them to arrive as vampires and witches were weak during the day.

"But why? You were the one who insisted for us to stay here for the night."

"Well, I changed my mind."

"No. We'll spend the night here, Alex."

A smirk flashed on Alex's face and he bent closer.

"And when did a maid order her master? I noticed this before, Abigail. You don't act like my maid at all" he trailed off and narrowed his eyes with curiosity. "You act like an overprotective mother hen or a sulking dominant wife sometimes." He smiled meaningfully, rendering Abi speechless again.

"I I am just doing my job. And this is not an order, okay? It's just that I'm I'm still a little tired. I want to sleep on a bed and not in the car. Please? Alex?" she began to plead, using the same technique she used a while ago in the car.

But Alex was prepared this time and he quickly looked away. "It's okay, my sweet maid, I'll make sure that you sleep well in the car. Now get dressed so we can leave," he told her firmly, surprising Abi.

It seemed he was really serious. Did he feel that this would be dangerous for him? Abi didn't move and just gazed up at him. What should she do? Should she give in and let him win? Abi wanted to. She always had a soft spot for him but no, she needed to win this. Don't falter, Abi. Don't forget that there were more important things than being soft to him right now.

She reached out and touched his arms. "Please Alex, let's stay for the night," she begged. Her voice was so silky sweet like honey that it was impossible for Alex not to look at her.

And the moment he looked down at her pleading face, all hell broke loose. The damn little lamb licked her lips and he didn't know why but that single gesture made his body burn and before he knew it, his lips crashed on hers.

F*ck! He cursed and cursed within him. But it was too late. He had already lost the bet.

Abi was suddenly pinned on the bed. Why? Why did she have to do that? No. Why? Why the hell did that little simple thing shatter his every resolve, just like that?

He gritted his teeth.

"Damn it, Abigail you really want me to lose the deal this much?" he suddenly asked, causing Abi to freeze. She didn't expect him to ask that.

"W-what are you saying. I just I didn't do anything "

"You licked your lips!" his voice thundered. "You don't know what that did to me. I was f*cking holding on and you you" he closed his eyes and let himself fall on top of her, hugging her. "I can't believe this" he mumbled, his voice filled with so much regret.

Abi was about to lift her hand and rub his hair and tell him it was alright, that this wasn't the right way for him to show her he really wanted her and not just her body. But Alex suddenly pulled his body up and stared down at her. His eyes burned like an inferno as he spoke, "you drive me insane, Abigail I lost the deal but I will never never let you go. You are mine. Only mine and no one else's," he uttered and then he grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head and he kissed her, hard and deep, as if the beast in the cage was now finally let loose.


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