Hellbound With You Chapter 347

346 The Only Explanation

Abi rested on the chair by the window overlooking a majestic river from afar. The moon was out that night and many bright stars were scattered in the night sky. It was such a magical sight.

She heard Alex stand up and enter the bathroom as she focused her gaze outside. Her fingers were playing with the rings hanging around her neck. She saw that silver witch again in her mind and her eyes zeroed onto the dark mountains under the moon.

After a long while, the bathroom door opened. Abi had changed into her pajamas by then and was already sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard. She had just finished calling her dad and replying to the messages she had received from both Chris and Kelly.

She lifted her eyes from her phone and saw his half naked body with his hair gorgeously disheveled. He stood at the foot of the bed, picking up his shirt.

Abi knew he was trying to seduce her with his out of this world beauty and she was scolding herself internally because despite being with him this entire time, not to mention all the times they spent together before, she still couldn't help but marvel at how impossibly good looking he was and how perfect his body was. It seemed his outrageous beauty and perfection weren't something she would ever get used to.

He looked at her and their eyes met but Abi quickly looked down and focused her eyes on the screen of her phone.

Alex smirked with satisfaction. He was about to wear his shirt when a silly thought came to his mind.

"Little lamb, is it just me or is it pretty hot right now?" he asked.

Abi blinked at him, slightly tilted her head before answering. "It's just you."

"Hmm that's strange," he mumbled. But then, he walked towards her, not putting his shirt on and sat down right beside her.

Oh gosh was he planning to sleep half naked tonight?

Abi silently sighed. "I think I need to take a shower, too," she suddenly said before she climbed off the bed, and ran towards the bathroom. She closed the door and leaned on it for a moment, telling her heart to stop beating so fast. After a minute, when her heart was back to beating normally, she went to fill up the bathtub with warm water.

She got undressed, pulled her hair up and soaked herself in the bathtub. Her mind was racing again. For some reason, she felt a bit uneasy and she didn't know why. She should feel relieved that they were nearing the city again and getting further away from that village. But Abi couldn't make her body and mind relax. She had a feeling that there was something waiting for them back at the palace. What could it be?

Letting out another deep breath Abi stood up and let the water drip to the floor. She forced the questions out of her mind for the night because it was now time for her mission to start. She grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her. She thought that it was time for him to lose that bet so that she could claim her reward and make him do whatever she wanted, just in case something bad was indeed waiting for them back in the city. She knew that Alex wouldn't take his words back so she would do this to put another ace up her sleeve. This way, Abi could even kidnap him away if needed.

She glanced at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed and the strands of her hair were stuck around her face. "Do it, Abi!" she encouraged herself and with that, she pushed the door open.

The steam from the hot water followed her out, helping to set the scene. Their eyes immediately met as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom, but Abi was quick to escape from the force of his stare. She casually walked towards the foot of the king bed and grabbed her bag. She then put the bag on the table and brought out her underwear, with her back facing him as she did that.

Alex's gaze intensified. This little lamb of his was always already dressed up the moment she stepped out of the bathroom, but this time she actually came out looking like that? Was she going to go back into the bathroom after grabbing her clothes?

He waited for her to walk back but the girl didn't. Instead, she looked like she was putting on her clothes right there! In front of him!

He saw her bend forward, slipping one foot through her lacy black underwear, and then the other, before she pulled it up slowly, raising the towel as she moved higher and higher. He caught a little glimpse of her plump, round derriere before her underwear covered it.

Alex straightened up, utterly shocked. Was he hallucinating?! W-what was his little lamb doing right before his eyes?!!

The view was nearly too damn much for him to take. Watching his little lamb put on her panties like that Alex's Adams apple bobbed up and down. He was unable to look away and he even felt like the scene had turned into an erotic slow motion feature. F*ck! His little monster was up again! She was seducing him, right? That was the only explanation for this. Why? Because she wanted him to do naughty things to her again? Because she loved how he made her feel?

Alex was about to rejoice, thinking that she really was finally giving in to him. But a moment later, the demon in his head piped up and told him that she was seducing him because she wanted him to lose the deal. That thought made him freeze and clench the bedsheet. Was she really doing this so he would lose? Did she really want him to lose that badly?


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