Hellbound With You Chapter 346

345 Ordinary Man

Alex wiped his hands on his pants before winding the window down for her. Abigail's gaze was still locked onto the steering wheel which had turned from one circle into two half circles.

"Little lamb, get in the car now," Alex said, trying to keep his tone as normal as possible but of course it didn't escape Abi.

She turned to him with questions in her eyes. "Why do you want to leave so badly? What's wrong with this place?" she asked.


Alex didn't know how to answer her question because really, there was nothing wrong with the place itself. It was just that damn vampire that was wrong but he couldn't really say that to her, could he?

"I just don't like it," he said curtly.

Abigail still didn't get it but by now, her hunger was getting the better of her. Her stomach had been complaining since she had a whiff of the delicious smell of food inside that inn. Her mouth had already started watering from the anticipation.

"Alex can we please just stay here tonight? Pretty please?" she batted her eyelashes at him as she spoke, trying out a new technique. However, this was followed by a loud roar that came from her stomach.

Alex was stunned when he saw her batting her eyelashes at him. His heart thumped in his chest for a wild second and then, he heard the roaring of her stomach. He was defeated. All it took was her batting her eyelashes at him and a rumbling stomach to admit defeat.

Alex sighed as he opened his door and got out. Abi was relieved that he didn't put up a fight and that she didn't have to use her trump card. But then again, if this was the result of her new technique, then it might be worth perfecting it for future use. She giggled inwardly as she waited for Alex. She was so giddy that she reached out and grabbed his hand and they walked hand in hand back into the inn.

Alex's bad mood immediately evaporated the moment her fingers intertwined with his. He squeezed her hand back as a small smile formed on his face. He thought that this might not be such a bad thing after all. He would show that damn ugly vampire who this little lamb really liked and that that title belonged to only him.

The two of them went straight into the dining area. Abigail had already ordered the food so a table was already laid out for both of them at one corner. They were the only guests so they had the place to themselves.

An array of dishes were laid out on the table and the moment they both sat down on their chairs, Alex started piling food on Abi's plate. She started to dig in because she couldn't wait any longer, while Alex just kept replenishing her plate. Every now and again, Alex's eyes would dart back towards the man standing at the counter to check whether or not he was watching them.

When Alex noticed that he was, Alex then quickly picked up a piece of vegetable and held it up towards Abi's mouth. "Little lamb, try this one," he said to her and she immediately complied and opened her mouth to take a bite.

Alex smirked with triumph as he snuck a look at the man again. Yes, the man definitely saw that small display of affection, thus, Alex kept feeding his little lamb that way for the rest of the meal.

"Alex, stop. I am so full that I don't think I can walk anymore," Abi said as she laughed and patted her food baby.

Of course, Alex immediately pounced on that. "Eat more. I can always carry you to our room, my little lamb. It's no trouble at all," he told her quickly.

"No, I really can't fit anymore in, okay? I'll go pay for the meal instead," Abi said but again, Alex quickly interjected.

"I will go. You stay here and relax." Alex got up and walked over the man, exuding a very alpha male aura. He placed his card down on the table and the man processed the transaction. When the man gave his card back, Alex looked him in the eye before he said, "she's mine" and then he turned and walked away.

The handsome vampire was speechless. He was about to say something when suddenly, a gray haired older man nudged him as he whispered to him.

"Don't do it, son. Don't even dare talk back to him," the older man said, making the young vampire crease his brows at him.

"And why would I "

"Did you not smell him?"

"Well, yeah. He's a vampire but he smelled like a human as well Wait don't tell me"

"That's right. He's half vampire and half human. You know there is only one man like that in this world."

The young and handsome vampire swallowed. The new generation of vampires had never seen the vampire in the many stories they were told since they were born. Of course they had heard the stories. Who hadn't? Everyone knew about him and knew that a half vampire, half human, an immortal, was ranked above their king. Since the half-blooded vampire never showed up in public in the last 200 years, the common vampires didn't even know what he looked like. Only those who visited the palace knew what he looked like and even then, they had to have gone there at the correct time to be able to see this man. He very rarely showed himself to the public that even most of the nobles also hadn't seen his face.

Most of the young vampires even felt like such a man didn't really exist and that he was just another vampire myth.

But here he was visiting their inn with a beautiful human girl, acting like a very jealous, ordinary man. The young vampire couldn't quite believe it. The stories he had been told were all magnificent and scary at the same time. He had imagined that, if this man really existed, that he would definitely act like the almighty legend that he was!

They watched as the two guests walked towards them to climb up the stairs. The older vampire bowed and the young man followed. He didn't know why he did that.

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