Hellbound With You Chapter 345

344 Not One Bi

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Abigail walked back towards the car and entered it. Alex followed suit, with a small smirk playing on his face. He was looking forward to spending another night alone with this little lamb. Who knew, he might get lucky again.

He hopped in the driver's seat and soon, they were on their way down the highway. They weren't too far away from the next inn, possibly a half hour's drive from where they were. The ride there was silent. Abigail was mulling over how best to make Alex lose his bet and regret it, while Alex was high on anticipation of what could potentially happen that night.

They arrived outside of a cosy inn with a bright sign saying 'Rooms available' on its roof. It was another picturesque looking dwelling, made entirely of logs. Although it was a lot smaller than the hotels they had stayed in, it gave out a homely feeling. Through the window, they could see the flickering of a log fire and Abigail couldn't wait to get inside and sit by the warm fire.

Abigail quickly got out of the car, grabbed her things and headed towards the inn, not bothering to wait for Alex, who seemed to be lost in his thoughts; she didn't have to wonder what was going on in his mind because she could see that devilish smirk on his face and she knew all too well what kind of thoughts brought that out.

She was shaking her head as she walked into the inn. She was greeted by a very handsome concierge who gave her a very welcoming smile. She couldn't help but smile back at him - he just had that kind of aura that made people feel drawn towards his beauty - and while Abigail had only ever had eyes for her husband, she still couldn't help but admire this man's beauty.

The smirking man walked into the inn to be served with this scene and his smirk instantly disappeared to be replaced by a frown.

"Little lamb, we're leaving," he suddenly said. He didn't like the way his little lamb was looking at this man, not one bit, so after Alex spouted out those words, he immediately turned around and walked towards the car again. He very much wanted to grab her and pull her away with him but he knew he couldn't do that. The other option was to beat that man to a pulp until his face no longer looked the same, but again, that wasn't a good option either. That would make the little lamb like him even less.

So, in the end, he did the only thing he could do and left, knowing that she would follow him. She had a job to do after all and that was to keep him in her sight. He jumped into the car and slammed the door close, rocking the car in the process. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot and his aura was just as dark. Perhaps this wasn't a good idea after all. He had not anticipated this turn of events.

Abigail watched him walk over to the car and slam the door and wondered what was wrong with him. Why did he suddenly want to leave when they just got here? She looked around the inn to see if she could find a clue on why he wanted to leave so suddenly, but she couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. She then focused on her hearing to see if there were any hidden dangers and she couldn't hear anything wrong either.

However, she did notice that this man's heartbeat in front of her sounded very much like the heartbeat of a vampire so that gave her more reason to want to stay in this place. The more vampires, the better, right? She also asked this man how far away the next inn was from here and he said it was another hour and half away.

So she decided to check them both in and after that, she would try and convince Alex that this was the best place to stay for the night. Also, she was very hungry and she could smell the aroma of some delicious food from the kitchen. Her stomach grumbled just thinking about it.

Abi was slightly worried that Alex would drive away without her but she also had an ace up her sleeve that she hadn't used yet - the fact that she would be punished again if she let him out of her sight, or if he left her again like last time. If he did that, she would have to just remind him of what happened last time. She had faith that he would come back, that he wouldn't let her go through another punishment like that again. However, she still quickly finished up the check in process so she could catch him before he left.

Alex sat in the car for maybe a minute or so before he noticed that his little lamb still wasn't in the car next to him. What? Did she not follow him? Did she not hear him when he said they were leaving? Where was she?

He looked back at the entrance to see that Abigail was now standing by the counter, being served by the same handsome man! He couldn't believe it! This maid of his actually dared to defy him! She was supposed to come running the moment he left. Was she so taken by that damn concierge that she decided to ignore him now?

His hands gripped the steering wheel so hard that it crumbled into ashes. In his mind, the steering wheel was that vampire's neck since he couldn't do it in real life.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

He opened his eyes and turned to look out his window where the tapping sounds came from and saw Abigail bent over to look at him. He let the steering wheel go and noticed the shock on the little lamb's face when she saw what was left to the steering wheel.

'What the!'

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