Hellbound With You Chapter 343

342 Your Mouth


Abi let herself go. She had been pushing him away for too long and in that moment, she just couldn't help herself. She loved the way his hands roamed all over her. She loved the way his mouth kissed her body. She loved the way his tongue played with hers.

Without giving Abi time to think, Alex gently laid her down on the backseat, still kissing her sweet peaches, one at a time, giving each the same amount of attention.

His hand was soaked with her juices and he kept playing with her down there. He wanted her so much and her reaction was very telling. She wanted him too. Her body couldn't lie about that. Her body was getting ready for him, was more than ready for him.

In the next moment, his kisses trailed downwards. He wanted to taste her again. It was only a few days ago since he had tasted her but that wasn't enough. He felt that he would never get enough. So, without further ado, he tore her underwear away and replaced his hand with his tongue. His tongue swirled over her sex, tasting her, licking her, sucking on her bud. She tasted so sweet, as sweet as ripened peaches. His tongue didn't leave a single part of her untouched. He delved in there, finding every last hidden corner and making sure that he got a taste of every single part of her.

Abigail came alive as she felt his tongue down there. She let herself go and just let herself feel the familiar sensations he induced with his mouth. She was very aroused, and very wet, and each flick of his tongue felt electrifying. She was so sensitive that her body twitched each time his tongue licked her bud. It wasn't long before she felt the sweet sensation of desire increase towards the peak.

Her hands gripped his hair as she moaned with pleasure and when Alex used both his tongue and hand to pleasure her, she finally reached the peak and saw the fireworks.

Abi lay still, feeling breathless, eyes watery from the extreme pleasure Alex just gave her.

Alex moved up, gazed down at her with fiery eyes. "Abigail" he uttered her name like it was the sweetest melody in the universe. And then he slowly bent over. "Let's make love, Abigail I want to be inside you. Don't be afraid."

He held her hand and put it on his chest. "I will prove myself to you by marrying you if that's what you want, Abigail. I will show you that I am committed to you and you alone," he added and he began planting kisses on her face.

His hand moved to his raging little big monster. He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to be inside her! He had been so patient and so good the last few days but now he just couldn't stop this feeling. He needed her like a parched man needed water, like a tree needed the sun, like a burning fire needed oxygen.

"Oh Abigail please say yes" he pleaded but Abi looked away, refusing to meet his gaze. The words he said - that he would marry her - made her want to cry.

The pleasure once again made her forget about their situation, about Alex's situation. Would this be alright, being one with him even though he had forgotten about her? Abi had this fear inside her that once she accepted this Alex, his old self, his forgotten memories might never return again. And that was the only thing stopping her from not giving in. She felt like accepting this Alex would be like accepting that the old Alex would never return. And she didn't want that. That would break her heart to pieces once again.

In the end, she was unable to do it. She looked at the time and sighed with relief. "Uhm the two hours pause is over, Alex." she told him and the man froze. He looked like an ice statue cracking and was about to shatter.

She returned her gaze to him and their eyes met. He was silent but she knew he was trying to read her emotions.

After a long while of a deafening standstill, Alex closed his eyes and pulled away, his back hitting the car door as he sat there, looking utterly frustrated.

Abi rose up, looking at him. She felt really bad. Her heart clenched watching him like that, seeing him looking so dejected. She didn't want to reject him but she had to.

Before she knew it, she crawled towards him. Her eyes fell on his still rock hard member, begging for her attention and she swallowed.

"I I will just touch you, Alex. Would that be okay?" she asked and Alex immediately opened his eyes, surprised with what he just heard.

Abi moved closer. She was a little amused by his reaction but she didn't show it. She slowly reached out and finally touched his thick and long member. It twitched as soon as she touched it, like it was excited to its core.

Focusing her gaze on it, Abi began to grip it and her hand moved up and down. She had done this to him a few times now so she already knew what to do.

Alex groaned. He couldn't believe that Abigail volunteered to touch him. He thought he thought that he would have to go back to the falls again and drown himself there from frustration.

"Oh f*ck Abigail! That feels so good!" he groaned, not hiding anything from her. "My sweet girl look at me," he said and Abi looked up, not stopping what her hand was doing. "F*ck kiss me, please. While doing that."

Once again, he was shocked because the girl obediently moved and kissed him. He cursed inwardly so many times inside him because he was feeling too damn good.

When Abi pulled away, Alex's breathing was ragged. His sweat and his damp hair made his sexiness double. He looked smoking hot.

"Abigail c-can you use your mouth?" he requested, making Abi halt and she looked at him with wide eyes.

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