Hellbound With You Chapter 341

340 The Swindler

The car halted on the roadside. They were still in the northern part of the country and the places they passed were as beautiful as White Falls Village.

There was a scenic waterfall near the road where they stopped.

Alex turned the ignition off and climbed out of the car when Abi looked at him, surprised.


"Since we're here, why don't we spend the rest of the day in leisure and relax? It will be quite boring if we arrive at the palace too early," he told her. "Come swim with me, Abigail."

Abi glanced at the inviting water. The blue lagoon below the waterfall looked so clear and beautiful. It was hard for her to ignore its call.

Looking at him again, Abi finally moved and climbed out of the car as well. He was right. They should at least enjoy themselves. Besides, Zeke said they don't need to be there until tomorrow and now that they were a few hours away from White Falls village, Abi felt that they were somewhat safe from the witches. She felt a bit better knowing they had put some distance between them and witches that she didn't protest and just followed him.

Alex stretched out his hand to her. "How about we pause our deal for a day and resume it again tomorrow?" he suddenly suggested, causing Abi, who was about to reach for his hand, to halt in place. "Our deal was that I would not touch you for five days. I didn't say it had to be five straight days."

There he was again, the cunning Alex, the lawyer, the swindler. "It really is not a good idea if I am not allowed to touch you right now. What if you need help? If you slip or fall on me accidentally or get a cramp while swimming, I'd have to touch you to help you. We can't just say it doesn't count all the time, right, little lamb? What do you say?" His eyes glimmered with mischief and excitement and persuasion, making Abi sigh in disbelief.

But Alex had a point. Like right then, she needed to hold on to him so he could take her there in one swoop.

"C'mon, my sweet maid. It'll be easier for you. If you insist with the no touch policy right now, you'll have to walk on your own down to the lagoon below. You will be exhausted once you get there and then you'd have to walk back up again. That's quite far for humans to walk," he continued, stretching out his hand again, tempting her with his tantalizing gaze to say yes.

Abi bit her bottom lip, if she said no, this man would surely go down there on his own and he knew she wouldn't allow that. They were still in the north end of the country and there were no vampire backups around, so while she felt less nervous, Abi still couldn't drop her guard. She couldn't believe he caught her in his trap again. This guy!

"F-fine." She relented and Alex's face immediately brightened. "But I think a day is too long. Wouldn't an hour be enough?"

"Nope, I suggest we pause until we reach the palace. Our trip is quite dangerous, you see?" He flashed her his seductive smile. Abi could already tell that it would definitely be a bad idea if she said yes, judging from his shamelessness. So she was not going to make it that easy for him.

"Nope, just one hour Alex," she firmly said.

"Two," he negotiated, gazing into her eyes deeply.

Letting out a sigh, Abi finally agreed and before she could even touch his hand, Alex grabbed her and off they went, leaping down the lagoon.

"You're such a good girl, Abigail. That's why I'm crazy about you," he said, smiling as he landed on top of a round shaped rock.

He leapt once again and Abi wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on as tight as she could before they landed on a fine, flat rock sitting just next to the water of the clear blue lagoon.

Alex put her down and Abi gasped at the beauty of the place. She looked up at the small waterfall that was flowing down so smoothly. It was mesmerising, seeing how the sunlight sparkled as it hit the waterfall.

"Nice spot, right?" Alex pulled her attention and when she looked at him, he was already undressing. She watched him pull his shirt off, revealing his perfectly delicious torso. He looked so sexy with his disheveled hair combined with that damn sexy smirk that somehow told her to go ahead and drool for him.

Abi tried her best not to gape and she looked back at the clear blue water again once Alex started to remove his belt.

"Yeah. It's an amazing spot. This could be a famous tourist spot if people found out about this place."

"But it's best that others don't know about this place. Because if they knew, we wouldn't be able to have this place to ourselves, little lamb. I like it like this, just the two of us here, alone..." he trailed off as his breath touched her nape. He was already standing behind her, so close as he spoke. "Would you like me to help you undress?"

"I can undress myself, Alex," she rejected and Alex backed off, although he was still smiling as he watched her.

Abi took off her pants first and then her shirt. She was wearing sky blue underwear. She was damn sexy and beautiful that Alex felt his body heat up just by watching her. He could watch her like this tirelessly forever.

But he looked away and jumped in the water, thankful for its cooling effect.

He emerged from the blue water and ran his fingers through his hair. "Come, Abigail!" he called out and Abi was also fired up. She wanted to enjoy the water as well.

She stood on the edge of the rock and dove into the inviting lagoon as Alex watched.

"Ahh! This is so nice!" Abi said, smiling widely. She looked like she was truly enjoying herself and relaxing at the same time. Alex had just realized that this girl loved the water.

He thought that he should transform his house into a beach for her. No, that wouldn't be enough. He could make a water park for her; a house that had a waterfall, lagoon, swimming pool, hot spring and a beach in one place. That would definitely please her and she wouldn't want to leave his house again, he thought.

Alex was busy daydreaming that he didn't notice where Abi had gone. She disappeared from his sight and he immediately started to panic.

"Abigail?" his eyes slightly wide as he looked around. Damn, he just got distracted for just a moment and now she was gone?!

Alex couldn't see her anymore. She didn't come out of the water, right? He looked around the surrounding area and couldn't see her. So did that mean she was still underwater? Did she drown?!

His heart thudded in panic and without wasting a moment, he dove under the water.

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