Hellbound With You Chapter 340

339 Technically

N-no that's not what I meant I definitely want to go back right now. I'm afraid those witches might come attack us again," she told him.

Abi didn't have a choice. Now that Zeke had actually ditched them again like this, she felt uneasy. She felt that it would be safer for them to go back than stay in this place where witches were just around the corner.

The picture of the dark forest from her dream popped into her head. She was torn. She wondered if her dream was just something that her brain subconsciously created for her to be able to deal with the trauma she had experienced. She wondered if it was her brain conjuring up some message of hope from her deep need to save Alex.

But then, she thought back to those dreams she had had about Alex clutching his chest, of her hands blood soaked hands - the dream that became reality. What if this dream was more than just a dream, too? What if that white witch actually had the answers she was looking for? Shouldn't she at least go and find out what she had to say?

But what if it wasn't true? What if it was a trap to lure her into the woods so that they could use her against Alex? That was also a very big possibility and she really didn't know enough about what the hell was going on to be able to make a decision.

On the one hand, if it was real and they knew of a way for Alex to regain his memories and also to stop him from dying, then wouldn't that be worth it?

But on the other hand, if it was a trap, she could end up losing Alex in the process.

She really wished Zeke had stuck around so she could have asked him about her dream. But the guy didn't stay long enough for her to do that!

So in the end, Abigail opted for the option that was safest for Alex. She just couldn't risk it. His life was worth too much to her to take that risk, because knowing him, he would surely follow after her the moment she realised she was gone.

Sensing Abigail's uneasiness, Alex could only relent. He thought that what happened last night must have really scared her. He stopped his teasing, went back to sit on his chair and told her to finish her breakfast because they would be leaving soon after that.

After breakfast, the two of them went back to the room to pack their things. Abigail was quiet, lost in her own world, while Alex couldn't help but frown, wondering what was on her mind.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked, unable to contain his curiosity.

Abi was startled out of her thoughts and she inwardly berated herself. She needed to stop dwelling on her dream because she already made the decision. It would only make Alex suspicious.

"I I was just thinking about what I should do with you," she answered, clearly trying to divert his thoughts from what she was really thinking about.

"Oh really? Have you finally accepted that you like me?" he quickly interjected.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Abi teased. "It's because I won the bet. Before, when Zeke was leaving, you pulled me back. You touched me, so you lost."

Alex smirked mischievously, unfazed by what she had said. "Tsk, tsk, little lamb. Don't be in such a hurry to win. I haven't lost yet," Alex countered, making Abi frown, wondering what this man would say to get out of it.

"Technically, I didn't touch you because I picked up a table napkin first and when I grabbed you, the napkin was between my hand and your wrist," he explained smoothly, grinning widely like a cheshire cat. "And that doesn't count, little lamb I did that to stop you. You can't leave my side, remember?"


Abi was amazed. She couldn't believe that he had actually thought that far ahead! She thought that he had just grabbed her out of instinct and so forgot about their bet at that point but it seemed she was wrong. He really was taking this bet seriously after all and it made Abi smile as her heart fluttered a little. This man was really doing his best, after all.

But Abi turned away. "We need to finish up here so we can leave soon," she said, trying to turn Alex's attention back to the task at hand and Alex, for once, obeyed without a word.

Ten minutes later, they were finally on their way, with Alex driving the car. She noticed that he didn't drive nearly as fast as Zeke did.

"Are we going to go back here once the matter with the king is over?" Abi asked as she looked back at the beautiful paradise.

"Maybe, but I doubt it."

"What do u mean? What about the plan to capture the witch queen?"

"Well, Zeke isn't the type who will leave without getting his goal. Him leaving might mean he has found what he was looking for or it could be that what he was looking for is not here. It wouldn't surprise me if we end up on a witch hunt at a different place."

Abi fell silent. She felt like that paradise was the right place, probably because of her dream about the white witch.

" by the way, if I were to send a message, would the witches know what's in it too?" She changed the topic.

"Yes. It's like how they can see people inside the house. They can read your message even if you hide it. Why? Who are you planning to send a message to and why don't you want the witches to know?"

She just wanted to tell Zeke about the dream to see what he thought about it, but now it seemed she really couldn't.

"No reason. I was just curious about it," she deflected.

As they travelled back towards the big city, Abigail wondered what was waiting ahead of them.

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