Hellbound With You Chapter 339

338 A Little Longer?

She hadn't realised how much she hoped that this trip would give them some sort of clue, some kind of answer on how to save Alex or even how to get his memories back! They were running out of ideas and she felt that they were just going round and round in circles. So when Zeke proposed this plan, she was all in. She knew that sitting around waiting for him to regain his memories would be futile and as much as they tried to make him remember by trying to provoke him, that plan had borne no fruit. They had to think of something else, think outside the box, think of all the possibilities that they could do to help Alex. Knowledge was power and she thought that Zeke's plan was a good one. If the witches knew or saw something that could help, then they would be leaps and bounds ahead of where they started from.

But now, this whole thing seemed to be for nothing! She felt like they had wasted precious time coming here just to turn around and go back empty handed. What was the point? She just couldn't take it! Her hopes of finding something were so great that it was hard for her to bear when that hope was crushed to pieces.

Alex watched her expression closely. She looked really disappointed and he could tell that she was close to crying. When he saw that, his cold aura immediately dissipated as he started to feel worried about her. It also helped his mood to know that she didn't go after Zeke because she wanted to go with him.

But why was this little lamb so close to tears over them leaving this place? He thought she would have wanted to leave after her experience last night. Why was she so invested in this?

"Tell me, little lamb, what are you thinking?" Alex asked, worried as well as a little curious too. He couldn't quite understand why she was so upset.

Abi sighed, as she stood up and faced him.

"I just don't get it. It's like we came here for nothing," she answered honestly.

"And why are you so troubled by it?"

Abi swallowed. "Well I" she paused, trying to think of what to say to him.

She reigned in her emotions because she couldn't give too much away. She couldn't tell him that she was worried and afraid for him, that they were here because they thought he was running out of time. The thought that she could lose Alex was too much for her. She didn't want to think about it at all.

Alex was running out of time. That was what Zeke said, so why would they go back without catching a single witch? And where did he come from anyway? He drove them to this place, dropped them off at some hotel and just left them to fend for themselves! He was supposed to be there to protect Alex, especially against the witches and yet, where was he when they were attacked last night? What if the witches had succeeded in controlling Alex? What then? And now, he arrived just to tell them Alex that he was being summoned by the king?! What the hell was going on?!

Abigail suddenly became angry as she thought about it all. She just couldn't believe that Zeke just left them open and vulnerable. For the first time, she actually wanted to cuss at him and call him all sorts of names. She was so emotional that she started to shake. She really wanted to hit something, or that particular someone!

Alex saw the change in her expression and his brows knotted.

"Abigail?" he pulled her attention back to him, looking at her suspiciously.

Abigail saw his expression and she immediately closed her eyes to try and compose herself. She opened her eyes again and answered him, her voice a bit more steady than before.

"Well, Zeke was in such a hurry to get here like this witch hunting shouldn't be postponed so I just don't understand why he suddenly wants us to go back immediately. And I" she paused and peeked at him. "I heard you don't listen to the king so I am wondering why you seem to be more obedient now." She deliberately added that last bit to distract him from and it seemed to have worked, thankfully.

"I don't. But..." He paused. "It might be about something more important."

Abi was not convinced. What was more important than saving Alex? However, she didn't say anything more.

She walked to the other side of the table and sat on her chair. She felt a lot calmer again and now that she was less emotional, her mind started to work overtime, trying to find answers to all her questions. She just couldn't shrug the unease in the pit of her stomach and no matter how hard she thought about it, she just couldn't understand what Zeke was doing.

Alex noticed that Abigail was staring out into space again and he couldn't take it anymore. How could she ignore the great Alexander! So, he suddenly stood up, walked around the table. He then slammed his hands on the table, earning a look from here and he took advantage of that and stared directly into her eyes.

Still holding her gaze, he asked, "Why do I feel like you don't want to go back yet? Could it be that you want to stay with me a little longer?"

Abi was speechless. He really had a knack for making her brain stop. She could only stare at him as her mouth opened and closed. She had no idea how he got that idea but then again, she had no idea how his mind worked anymore.

"It's okay, Abigail. We can take our time going back to the city. We can even stay here for another night," he drawled, activating his seduction mode again.


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