Hellbound With You Chapter 337

336 Silver Witch

Abi found herself in a dark place. She rubbed her eyes and when she looked around once more, she realized she was in a dark, dark forest.

The forest was cold and dense. She couldn't even see the sky because the tall trees blocked her view of it. The place was simply eerie. What was she doing in this place?

Abi was jolted by the sound of flying creatures. Birds?

She looked up again and saw bats hanging on the trees. 'Witches!' she thought and she shivered. Had she been abducted by witches? Was that how she got here?

Abi started to run. She began yelling for help because the bats started to chase after her. "No! Don't come!" she screamed, but the instant she looked back, the bats were right behind her. She fell on the ground as the bats flew over her fallen body. They flew in a circle above her, leaving her paralyzed with fear.

She screamed, calling for Alex but no words came out of her throat.

"No one can hear your screams, little girl," a sweet voice echoed.

Abi looked up and she saw that woman; that silver haired witch she saw standing on the rooftop of that hotel.

When she began to step closer to her, Abi crawled backwards. 'No, don't come!' she wanted to yell, but couldn't. She suddenly felt breathless.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you," she said, once Abi was cornered against the tree trunks.

"What do you want from me?" Abi asked, terrified.

"Do you want your husband to remember you again?"

Abi opened her lips but she didn't know what to say. Of course they already knew! But why? Why was she asking her this?

"Do you want to save him?" she asked again. "Your husband is running out of time. If you want to save him, come to the black forest. Alone. If you come with someone or tell anyone about this, you will lose your chance. This is your last chance to know everything, Abigail, to save him. This is the only way. If you don't come, you will lose him, forever. I will be waiting for you," she said and

"Abigail! Abigail!" Abi opened her eyes and saw Alex looking at her with worry in his eyes. "Are you okay?"

He was holding her shoulders as if he had been shaking her for a while now. Abi's eyes looked around and she saw that it was already morning.

Her eyes fell back on Alex again and as if her mind finally clicked that she had had a nightmare, she suddenly hugged him tight. That was just a nightmare. But was it? It felt too real. And those words

"Let me get you some water," Alex pulled away and went to get her a glass of water.

Abi gulped the water down like she hadn't had a drink in days, but her mind was still stuck on her dream. She couldn't forget the words the silver witch said.

Alex reached out and tucked her hair behind her ears. "Was it a really bad nightmare?" he asked and Abi dropped her eyes as she nodded.

"It's okay, it was only just a nightmare. It isn't real. Besides, you have superman right next to you, so there is nothing to worry about," he started to tease her again, trying to take her mind off the nightmare. However, it didn't seem to work. Abi still looked shaken, so he tried another tactic. "The food is ready," he told her and finally, Abi moved. She excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Abi took some time inside the bathroom. She sat on the covered toilet seat as she thought about her dream, trying to determine if she should treat it seriously or not. She didn't know what to do. Should she go? Was it a trap? Should she tell him about it?

In the end, she decided to keep it to herself. When she came out, she walked outside and saw Alex in the garden, waiting for her. A table for two was set up beautifully in the scenic front yard, overlooking the white majestic falls.

"G-good morning, Alex," she tried to act normally as she sat across him.

"Good morning, my sweet maid," he replied, flashing his signature mischievous smirk. Her eyes moved towards the food and she was immediately distracted. She felt weak and tired so seeing the delicious food made her drool.

Alex started putting food on her plate and the girl didn't hesitate to dig in. it was happening again. This familiar feeling. He didn't know why he did that. He couldn't remember doing that for anyone, putting food on someone else's plate, and yet it felt so natural. And she was acting so naturally as well. She was his maid and she knew who he was. Yet his actions didn't seem to have surprised her. Even he was surprised with what he was doing but she was not. She was acting like this was normal and it was intriguing him to no end.

"Alex I think we need to look for Zeke," Abi said to him while he was just enjoying giving her food.

"Hmm of course. We'll go do that. I will treat it as our second date."

". . ."

Speechless, Abi stared at him seriously. "Please be serious. I really think something might have happened to that guy. What if that silver witch seduced him and now he is confined somewhere because they manipulated him?"

Alex laughed, amused. "Zeke? Being seduced?" he shook his head. "Rest assured, that won't happen, little lamb."

"And why are you so sure that he won't be seduced? Have you seen that silver witch? She is she is so beautiful!"

"Not as beautiful as you, little lamb. Believe me, you don't have to worry about that guy being seduced. He's around somewhere, alive and kicking."

"I don't know why you're so confident he won't be seduced at all! Wait" Abi's eyes widened as she leaned towards Alex. "I-Is it because Zeke is Zeke is gay?"

There was a short silence before Alex burst into laughter.

Abi bit her lips at what she just said and Alex's reaction. However, what she heard next made her gulp and run over to Alex.

"Who are you calling gay?" Zeke suddenly piped up.

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