Hellbound With You Chapter 336

335 Friends With Torture

However, to her surprise, Alex retracted his hand and ran his fingers through his hair.

The next second, he sat up and climbed off the bed.

Abi rose, surprised. "W-where are you going?" she asked and Alex glanced back at her over his shoulder.

"The bathroom," he said and headed there, leaving Abi frozen still as she watched the closed door.

Alex leaned his back against the door, throwing his head back as he shut his eyes.

Damn this was truly getting harder. This was thousand times more tortuous than him jumping into a literal furnace. The worse thing was that he was the one who put himself in this situation.

He couldn't believe that he, of all creatures on earth, was actually planning to just raise his white flag and accept defeat because he couldn't take it anymore. And what made things worse was that the girl didn't even do anything at all! She didn't even try to seduce him to make him give up! He somehow wished that she did that so that he could at least justify to himself that he was giving up because she forced him to. F*ck!

He found himself under the shower again. A very cold shower. He imagined that sleeping with her on the bed would feel like he was putting himself on a chopping block, just meekly waiting to be axed to pieces. It took everything in him to keep his sanity. The only thing holding him back was the thought that he would be proving to her that he was just after her body if he gave in now and that was the last thing he wanted to happen. He had to prove to her that he did not just want to sleep with her, although that was something he very much wanted to do, but he also wanted her to realise that he was serious about her. He thought about marrying her, for goodness' sake, but he couldn't tell her that! Words are just words anyway. He had to show her through actions of his intentions and that was why he had to win this deal he made, at all cost.

Alex's eyes fell onto his hardened little, big monster and his fingers closed over it. If this would make things easier for him, then he would do it. He closed his eyes as his hand moved back and forth. F*ck. He couldn't believe he was doing this! When was the last time he had had to do this to himself? Years, was the answer. He couldn't even remember being so aroused and not have someone there to satisfy his need. This woman was really something else! She was torturing him without even knowing what she was doing to him! He shook his head, briefly wondering why the hell he was putting himself through all this for her. Why was he doing all of this? It didn't make sense to him. This really was very out of character for him, so why?

The thought was fleeting as Abigail's image filled his thoughts. All the questions were long forgotten as he pictured her perfect body sprawled on his bed, completely naked. He thought about her scent, her warmth and the taste of her lips and skin, filling his mind with just visions of her and just like that, he was extremely aroused. He found it utterly unbelievable.

"Oh, Abigail what did you do to me?" he whispered to himself as he threw back his head. His hand slid up and down his length and his pace became faster and faster as he replayed the scene in the bathroom where he made Abigail wash his naked body in the shower. He tried to remember how her hands felt like, roaming all over his body, teasing him to the fullest. Then his mind jumped back to the scene on the bed where he had touched her wet sex, where he had tasted her sweet juices. He remembered how sweet she tasted, how her body had reacted to his tongue swirling over her entrance. At this thought, his mind went crazy and so did his little, big monster. His ragged breathing mingled with the sound of the falling water and as he imagined himself entering her slick, wet entrance, he finally let himself go. He stood under the shower for a long time, to stabilise his pounding heart and he finally opened his eyes, biting his lips hard.

As Alex's mind started working again, he wondered at how satisfied he felt just now. Previously, he never even bothered relieving himself this way because it never felt satisfying, but now, he actually felt good. Was it because he hadn't gotten off since Abigail appeared? No. That wasn't it. This was because the image of her in his head felt so real and was so damn hot. The effect she had on him was just too unnerving, just way too much and there was no cure for it. He seemed to have become addicted to her and he wasn't in any hurry to go to rehab.

He stepped out of the shower finally and wore a new bathrobe. He then grabbed a towel to dry his hair and he was rubbing the towel on his head as he stepped out of the bathroom. His eyes flew towards the bed and saw that the little lamb was already asleep.

His lips twitched and he quietly walked towards her.

Draping the tower over his shoulders, Alex's hands landed on the bed, with her between them. He gazed down at her and watched her sleeping face before a smile broke on his face.

"Such a little bad bad girl" he uttered. "You actually fell asleep while I was sigh it seems I really have to survive three more nights to prove myself to you. Sigh I am going to become great friends with torture," he added and he sighed again before he pulled away, dried his hair and finally laid down beside her.


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