Hellbound With You Chapter 335

334 Vampires And Witches

Abi just stared at him and had no words for him anymore. She was quite amazed at how hard Alex was trying. If he didn't make a deal with her, she was certain that he would be all over her by now, touching her and teasing her to no end. But now that he couldn't touch her, he had been teasing her verbally much more often than ever before. She didn't know how many times she had become speechless from all his cheesy pick up lines and all the teasing that he seemed to have perfected in such a short period of time. His words were much more provocative than it used to be. Although Abi knew he was just such a natural flirt, this Alex right now was truly getting more and more unbelievably mischievous.

However, Abi was not going to give in. She turned her back from him, ignoring him.

Alex bit his lips, unable to accept that the girl had actually turned her back from him. How was this happening? Did he really not attract her at all? This was tougher than he thought.

Suddenly, he wanted to go and find that man she married and skin him alive.

"Fine. What do you want to know?" he relented. It seemed his flirting wasn't working so Alex decided to behave for now. Maybe he could find out her interests by letting her talk more rather than rendering her speechless all the time. Maybe his flirting was a bit too much for her. Maybe he just needed to tone it down a little. Maybe he just needed to learn how to hypnotise people so that he could just hypnotise her into liking him. So many thoughts and possibilities ran through his mind.

Damn, he couldn't believe he was doing all this just to get this hard-to-get maid of his to like him!

Abi's lips curved up just in time for her to see it when she turned around to face him again. Her heart swelled, relishing the thought that Alex still relented to her quite easily, just like his old self.

"You said the witches already knew we were coming before we even arrived. That means that these witches can really see the future, right?"

"Not really. They cannot see it; they just somehow know when things would happen. The witches could watch us, even now, if they wanted to. They can watch people having conversations through their magical devices. They can't hear the voices but they can read lips well. That is how they knew about our plans. Every plan that has been voiced out will be known by them. And that is how they find out what will happen next. They don't only watch one person, they can watch even a hundred all at once," he explained, causing the sleepy Abi to become fully awake.

"So that's why the witch was in that dungeon. They found out about Zeke's plan to punish me by sending me into the dungeon and so they waited for me down there."

"That's right."

Abi swallowed. It seemed the witches were really powerful. If they knew everyone's plans, they would be one step ahead and have time to devise a counterattack. In fact, they must have already prepared themselves well enough when they found out that the three of them had planned to come to this little town. Was this the reason why Zeke never told them about the plan?

"T-that's kinda amazing. They're such a tough enemy."

"Well, this is the reason why the witches have survived up to this day."

"Do witches have long lives like vampires?"

"No. Their lifespan is the same as humans. Only the pure blooded witches live longer, although they don't live for as long as the royal vampires. The witches usually pass their powers to one of their offspring when they die. That's how there are still powerful witches around to this day."

"Why do vampires and witches hate each other?"

Alex smiled. "What makes you think we hate each other?"

"When you guys talk about them, you all make it sound like they are your mortal enemies."

Alex lifted his hand and made it his pillow. "Vampires and witches are both just superstitions to humans. We were not really enemies to begin with. We had no reason to fight each other, but because of my existence, vampires and witches somehow ended up being enemies. Vampires became superior because of me, because I became an immortal and a strong one at that, creating a huge power gap between us and them. As a result, some vampires ended up treating the witches as an inferior species and some started to abuse them. That happened thousands of years ago and I was one of those who used them for their powers. They became something like slaves, servants for vampires. The vampires wanted to own a witch, like they were some kind of pet, for their own gains. That's how the witch hunt started. But as time went by, the witches also learned to fight. Some witches managed to manipulate their owners and the tables turned. They started to learn more and more spells and curses and since then, vampires and witches never lived together in peace again. Of course, vampires are still superior, but witches are still powerful, if not sneakier than before."

"So that's why they want you gone?"

Alex nodded and his hand moved to tuck the stray strands of hair that fell on Abi's face. But he stopped centimeters away from her skin. "Now that I've answered your questions to the best of my ability, I deserve a reward, don't you think, Abigail?"he said, changing the subject. His eyes glimmered with desire as he looked at her. There it was again. The flirt was back.


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