Hellbound With You Chapter 334

333 Different Reason

After smashing the last witch on the floor, Alex straightened up and looked back at Abi. The moment he saw her looking up and holding her breath, he cursed and the next second, he picked the witch on the floor and used her as his wrecking ball to hit the witch on the rooftop, holding Abi's gaze.

The witch was hit by her comrade's body and she dissapeared. Alex had been holding back, trying not to destroy the entire house into pieces but at that moment, he didn't hold back at all. How dare this witch try to manipulate his woman!

Alex immediately moved towards Abi. It seemed that she was still in a trance.

"Breath, Abigail," he told her as he touched her face.

When the girl didn't respond, Alex's eyes narrowed. That witch must have been quite powerful since she actually managed to do this to Abi within just a short period of time.

"Fine, I'm going to kiss you to wake you up. This doesn't count," he added and the next second, his lips were on hers. He pried her luscious lips open and delved inside. When Abi was still unresponsive, Alex pulled her into his arms and he sucked her tongue hard.

Abi snapped and she pulled away coughing and gasping for air.

What the hell was that? What happened to her?

"Tch! Now I'm starting to worry about you, little lamb. Zeke actually took a clueless one like you to join the hunt. It is a common knowledge in this country never to stare into a witch's eyes, Abigail. Yet look what you did," he said as he held her. "Are you alright?"

Abi's breathing slowly stabilised and she looked at him.

"A-are they gone? Are you alright?" she asked him and Alex's lips curved up. He couldn't help but feel good seeing that the first thing she was concerned about was him.

"Didn't you see how magnificent I was?" his voice was again filled with mischief. Couldn't he be serious during situations like this? "Tch. We need to find another hotel to spend the night in," he added as he looked around.

The pretty hotel room was ruined. "Alex what if they follow us again?" she asked, worried. She didn't understand what was going on. They were supposed to be the hunters but here they were, being ambushed. And this Zeke had disappeared into thin air.

"Nope. They won't."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Those little stinky rats simply came to pay us a visit. They knew they couldn't win against me. In short, they came for a different reason. Perhaps to confirm something?" he explained and Abi's brows could only knot again.

The event that happened was still like a jumbled nightmare. She couldn't believe she actually saw real witches and they didn't look pleasant at all, like how some of the books she read portrayed them.

"Confirm something? That you are here?"

"Nope. They already knew we were coming before we even arrived. There must be something else they were looking for," he answered and bent down to look closer at her. "Or maybe, those witches were just curious about the beautiful little lamb who's following me around."

"P-please be serious. Why would they be curious about me? You're the one they want! And where is Zeke, anyway? Why has he not showed up yet? It's been hours!"

Alex pulled away and tilted his head as he looked past the broken window.

"Hmm don't worry about that guy. He must have left us here alone."

Abi's eyes widened. What the hell! Was he serious? And why was he saying that in such a carefree manner?

"H-huh? Please don't be ridiculous. This was his plan. There must be another reason why he isn't back yet! Wait. Could it be that the witches caught him?!" Abi exclaimed. She couldn't accept what Alex said, that Zeke brought them here and left them alone, as if they were some contestants of a survival game he just dropped on a poisonous island and left to survive by themselves. Even though Zeke was such an unfathomable guy, she was sure he wouldn't do something like this! Something must have happened to him and that was why he wasn't there.

Alex let out a short chuckle. "Oh well, don't worry about that. Zeke is the last person I could ever imagine being caught by a witch. I would really laugh my ass off if that actually happened," he said before he stretched out his hand towards her. "Now come. Let's go."

"Where? Are we going to chase after them?"

"You want us to chase them?"

"No! I We should go get some reinforcements, don't you think?"

"Reinforcements." He echoed. "Sigh, little lamb you have no idea we're not going after them, not when that witch managed to do that to you."

"She did something to me?"

"She did. And that's why you need to rest."

Abi wanted to ask more but he was right, they had to leave this place first.

"H-how about this place?"

"The people here are used to this. Although this must be the first disturbance they have had in the last fifty years. They will fix everything and the kingdom will compensate for it."

As they left the house, Abi still felt uneasy. She was still confused as to what was going on. What was really their purpose for going to this place? Why did it feel like something was off?

They landed on another house near the falls.

The place seemed to be expecting them because the lights were already on but Alex told her that these places were kept prepared by the locals once they heard the news that a royal vampire was arriving at the village. They always knew that something would happen.

The house was smaller than their hotel but it was just as beautiful. It was made of wood and there were flowers all over the house. This was like a garden type villa.

Alex went to shower because he had touched the witches while Abi changed her clothes again, despite not being able to have any contact with them.

She lay on the bed because she felt tired. Did that witch suck her energy or something? There was just too much she didn't know. And she didn't understand why Zeke was doing this.

"What are you thinking?" Alex's voice jolted her. He was already lying beside her.

Turning to face him, Abi let out a quiet breath.

"Alex I want to know more about about vampires and witches. Can you tell me more?" she asked and Alex raised a brow.

"Abigail. What fun is there in knowing about those stinky little rats? I'm more interesting than vampires and witches, I assure you."

". . ."

Oh God, this guy


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