Hellbound With You Chapter 333

332 Vivid

She finally turned the blow dryer off and the room became quiet again. Peaceful even. Alex opened his eyes reluctantly. That felt really satisfying.

"Abigail," he called out, throwing his head back to her that Abi was forced to catch his head and let it fall on her lap. She looked down and their eyes met.

Sparks seemed to fly and Alex's hand seemed to have a mind of its own. It started to reach out towards her, to touch her face. Damn. He should stop this. He needed to stop because he needed to prove to her that he didn't just want her body. But as much as he told himself to stop, his hand kept reaching out to her, wanting to touch her, to feel her skin. It was like she had hypnotised him but she didn't even do anything!

His hand inched closer and closer but before his fingers could touch her face, a loud, shattering noise pulled their attention.

Alex immediately got up, alert and ready to attack, if needed. The noise sounded like glass windows shattering.

Abi was quick to cling onto Alex's arm as they both walked towards the veranda. The rain had stopped and the full moon had started to rise, replacing the sun.

The moment Alex held the door knob, Abi quickly stopped him.

Because she could now hear it. Their heartbeats. The strings of violet in colour, the fast paced and high pitched heartbeats. They were here and it wasn't just one. She could hear the heartbeats coming from above and below them as well to their right and left. They were surrounded.

"A-alex" Abi's voice slightly trembled. "T-they're here," she added, gripping him tightly.

What she whispered in fear made Alex smile. His eyes turned gold as he opened his lips. "Bring it on, witches," he said and in the blink of an eye, the glass windows, the solid roof and walls shattered in one go as four women with long hair emerged.

The blissful hotel room suddenly looked like a scene from a horror movie. The witches were dressed like normal humans but they had black lips and their skin were white and grayish, like corpses. It seemed that they didn't bother trying to disguise themselves anymore.

"Just stand here and don't move, my sweet maid," Alex told her and then, an unexpected kiss landed on her forehead, distracting her for a moment.

But that single moment was enough for Alex to escape her tight grip.

"That kiss is an exception because it's something I needed to do in this dire situation," he said, even winking wickedly at her.

And then, there he was, suddenly appearing in front of a witch and smashing her head against the wall. The witch seemed to have cast a spell and turned herself into a bat. Did it not die?

Abi was frozen in shock as she watched Alex effortlessly dealing with them barehanded. He was still smiling and his fiery golden eyes made him look like the devil. Every time he landed a hit, blood would splash out from the witches but then their body disappeared and turned into bats where they would quickly make their escape and fly away.

However, more and more of them arrived. Abi was bombarded with all their heartbeats at once that she couldn't tell how many of them there actually were! It seemed to her that once Alex dealt with one of them, another one would take their place! How many of them were there?!

These witches were keeping Alex busy. His main priority was to keep these witches from Abigail. He wasn't going to let any one of them touch a single cell on her body.

Abi could only watch as he fended off all these witches from her, from him. After seeing how powerful Alex was, how the witches couldn't even touch him, the fear inside her heart somehow subsided. But that relief didn't last because Abi suddenly heard a very loud heartbeat, a stronger one than the rest of the fast, high pitched ones that bombarded her. The colour of this woman's heartbeat was a dark and vivid violet. Abi shivered because she somehow knew that this particular witch was different, stronger and more powerful than these weaklings around them. She followed the trail and it was coming from above them! She immediately looked up and she saw the owner of that heartbeat standing up there on the rooftop, looking down at them through the hole that one of her minions created - and yes, Abi could instantly tell that all these other witches were just minions, sacrifices, compared to this woman.

This particular witch was dressed in a white, flowing dress and she didn't look pasty like the others. Her long silver hair flowed down her back, dancing in the wind and Abi just watched, mesmerised. If Abi didn't know any better, she would have confused that woman for a goddess; she was that beautiful. The air around her seemed to sparkle, drawing power from her. It was like air itself was drawn to her, like a moth toward the light. Was she the queen of the witches?!

The witch's eyes were glued onto Alex like he was the trophy that she had long coveted and the way she looked at him made Abi's heart thud against her ribcage. Oh no! This was bad! If she was the queen, then she could take Alex away from her. NO!!!

The moment Abi thought that, the woman's eyes moved towards her and their eyes met. Abi subconsciously held her breath. Oh god, her eyes she felt like this witch's gaze was sucking her breath away.

Abi couldn't even blink or look away. She was rooted to the ground, as if she had looked into Medusa's eyes.


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