Hellbound With You Chapter 332

331 Deja Vu

The cold rain didn't help to even just dampen the fire on Alex's body. Her mouth the way she tasted was just how could she taste so good? How did this woman make him react like this?

His hands were on the railings, gripping them tightly because he wasn't allowed to touch her. This might have been a bad idea. This was a torture for him! He wanted to pull her to him and devour her. He had never felt this crazy about a woman's warmth, about a woman's kiss and touch. And again, something in his mind told him that there was something in her kisses. She was so wild right now, as if she had given in to her carnal desires but each kiss, each touch from her were filled with so much emotion and it made him feel like she really wanted him, like she longed for him.

Oh, f*ck he wanted more more than this he couldn't get enough he wanted to kiss her forever and eventually become one with her he wanted her so bad so bad he could die

But the divine bliss that he had been given a taste of didn't last much longer. She eventually pulled away and her lips left his. They were both taking shallow breaths as they looked at each other.

"That was hot enough, Alex. Now let's go inside," she ordered. How could she be so composed after that? Did she not feel the same thing he felt? Couldn't she feel the chemistry between them? How was she so easily satisfied with just that?

"Not yet Abigail, I want more," he told her, looking very serious. His playful smile was nowhere to be seen this time.

Abi's eyes slightly widened. "Y-you're being too greedy. I am not your ahh, what have you done!!"

Alex followed her line of sight and saw that the metal railing he had been gripping was crumpled like a piece of paper in his hands.

"Oh, don't worry about this. I'll compensate the owner," was all he replied, not sorry at all.

Abi was about to scold him but then, she sneezed. That finally convinced the stubborn man to go inside.

"I saw that there was a hot water swimming pool at the back. Come, little lamb I'll teach you how to swim," he said. His wicked smile had made a comeback.

The look in his eyes made Abi feel that it was a bad idea to go with him but if she said 'no', this man would certainly go there alone.

Left without a choice, Abi could only follow after him.

The pool looked very appealing. The narrow and long rectangular shaped pool looked very inviting especially when she saw the steam coming from the hot water. The steam of the blue water made Abi just want to jump into it and relax her tensed nerves. The last time she went and dipped herself in a relaxing hot spring was back in that Snowy mountain and thinking about that place somehow brought back the memories of their time there.

"Don't just space out right there. Come join me." Alex's voice pulled her from her reverie. He was already in the water, standing there, revealing his drool worthy upper body while his lower body was covered by the blue water.

Flashing an inviting smile, Alex stretched out his hand for her. Abi could only reach out and she let him help her into the pool.

Once Abi dipped into the water, she closed her eyes, just letting herself soak in the blissful warmth of a natural hot water. Her body loved the way her muscles relaxed as the heat seeped into them, softening all the hardened nerves that had accumulated over the past three horrible months.

Alex just sat there, leaning against the edge of the pool, watching her. He had just realized that having her touch him and kiss him was another mistake. If he wanted to survive four more days, he would have to stop having Abi touch him, or kiss him or whatever else his body wanted. He was damned if he did, and damned if he didn't. But at this point, he thought that this was the lesser of two evils. Alex could only shake his head over how foolish he was in suggesting such a ridiculous deal. It seemed he had overestimated himself when it came to this woman.

"Ah, that was nice!" Abi's face was almost sparkling in pure bliss as they both climbed out of the water.

Somehow, he was glad he stopped himself from teasing her otherwise she might not have been able to enjoy her relaxing bath.

"Do you want me to dry your hair?" Abi offered when she saw Alex drying his hair with a towel. She had said that out of impulse, because she had always liked drying Alex's soft hair.

A smirk flashed on Alex's face. "Sure," he said, just before he berated himself at easily succumbing to her. Where was his resolve to not let her touch him anymore? He looked out the window and imagined that he saw his resolve on the back of a flying pig. Alex sighed inwardly and obediently sat on the edge of the bed, in front of Abi.

Abi knelt on the bed behind him and started drying his hair. She had definitely missed this. She had missed these mundane, everyday things they used to do.

Alex closed his eyes. His face looked peaceful and relaxed. He was wondering why even something small like this felt so nice to him. Everything she did always felt extraordinary no matter whether it was drying his hair, or holding his hand, or kissing him, and at this moment, he had a feeling of deja vu. In fact, he noticed now that he may have felt this more and more often with her, even a while ago when she kissed him on the veranda. But Alex shrugged those feelings off because there were other girls in his life before that kissed him under the rain so he thought that this must be the reason why the scene seemed familiar. But this, he could not remember anyone else doing this for him before. So why did this feel like this wasn't the first time?


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