Hellbound With You Chapter 331

330 Not Enough

Abi stepped back but her back hit the door. Oh no, what should she do? What was the right thing for her to say?

As Abi tried her best to think of something, Alex moved even closer, close enough for his cool breath to touch her skin. "Tell me, little lamb," his eyes searched hers for answers through his thick eyelashes. "You're starting to like me now, right? You're falling for me now, right, Abigail?"

His words rendered her speechless. But she was glad that that was what he was thinking. It seemed she didn't need to worry about him getting suspicious of her actions because all this Alex could think about was how to get her to like him, to love him. Silly silly Alex!!

Averting her gaze from him, Abi could only bite her lips, not wanting to answer him. It was better this way. She couldn't afford to get him all suspicious now, especially when she just saw how stubborn he was. He was scared of nothing and that was why Abi was worried.

"A-alex we're going to get drenched. Let's go inside," she said, avoiding his question. The rain hadn't had a chance to drench them yet because Alex was very fast. But because the balcony had no roof, the rain was falling directly on them now.

"Well," he pulled away, smiling mischievously. "You get inside scaredy, little lamb. Stay safe while I go catch that witch," he added, causing Abi's eyes to widen.

He then turned and before he could reach the railing, Abi crashed to him from behind, wrapping her hands tight around his waist.

She didn't see the smile that broke on Alex's lips as she did that. He just wanted her to touch him. Even Alex knew that it would be futile for him to go back without knowing the appearance of the witch in disguise. Unless, of course, he just gathered all the people who were present at that place and killed them one by one until he found out who among them was the witch. But that method was something even he didn't bother doing in this era anymore. He was pretty tired of it, of all these pointless killings. It was not because the vampire's law prohibited it - he was always exempt from having to follow their laws - but to Alex, killing the powerless humans was something he wouldn't do anymore because it was an unfair battle. Besides, why would the great him bother killing the good ants just to find the stinky rat? Ridiculous!

"Don't, please. That witch might have left already. She wasn't there anymore. Let's just stay here and wait for Zeke's instructions, okay?" she coaxed him, tightening her grip on him.

Alex sexily bit his lower lip to stop himself from smiling. Damn, he liked this. Teasing her was the best entertainment he ever found in this life.

After clearing his throat, Alex turned and faced her. She didn't let go as she looked up.

"Little Lamb, are you saying that we should stay in that hotel and just sit around waiting for Zeke? Wouldn't that be very unfair for me?"

Abi creased her brows. Huh? What was he talking about?

"I am talking about our deal, Abigail. I am determined not to lose and that was why I wanted to hunt rather than be stuck with you inside a room for who knows how long! It's too risky and torturous at least for me, since I am not even allowed to touch you," he explained, rendering Abi speechless once again.

She was perplexed, and she didn't know how to respond because all her brain could think of was the danger, the fear and her will to never let him go. She was here, worrying about his safety, while here he was, only thinking about their deal, calling it risky and torturous. Oh god, Alex

"It's okay, you can always ask me to touch you, remember?" was what left Abi's mouth. She immediately regretted it but it was too late. In her desperation, she had blurted out the one thing that would make him stay.

As expected, a wicked smirk curved on Alex's face as his eyes glimmered with excitement.

"Oh, that's right I almost forgot." He licked the raindrop from his lips. "Well then, why don't you convince me to stay? A hot kiss on the lips would be enough to stop me from leaving," he added, causing Abi's lips to part in disbelief.

"Okay, I will give you ten seconds. If the kiss doesn't come, I apologize in advance, little lamb, but I'll have to go and hunt." He smirked before his gaze turned serious. Oh god, how did it end up like this?

"One, two" he started counting, gazing down at her with his oh so seductive look.

Abi knew he was doing this on purpose. He was truly cunning, a sly fox. He was attacking her when she was not ready, when she was worrying about something and couldn't think properly. How could he do that in this situation? She had underestimated this guy's shamelessness!

"Nine te "

"Fine!" Abi could only surrender. If only she was gifted with superhuman strength, she would definitely have used it to tie him down.

She tiptoed and slammed her lips on his, eyes open, because she didn't want to get lost in him again. She had to stay alert.

She pulled away after five seconds. But as expected, he wasn't pleased at all. "My condition is 'HOT KISS', little lamb. Do you even call that a kiss? Kiss me until I am satisfied or I will go," he threatened again.

This guy was just so damn unbelievable.

But Abi couldn't say no right now. This moody, cheeky Alex was becoming unpredictable. What if he really left if she said no? She really couldn't take that chance.

Thus without a choice, she pulled him in and kissed him. Alex opened his lips for her, inviting her in. Oh damn, he was seducing her again.

She didn't delve inside and just kissed his lips, but once their mouth parted, Alex complained. "Not enough, Abigail. Not hot enough at all."

Damn it, Alex if she did more than this she would

Abi couldn't do anything but listen. The drizzle that fell on them was starting to feel warm and Abi recalled her first kiss, under that artificial rain he created. The memories started to fill her head and the emotions started to rush out. Oh how she missed him how she missed his lips, his tongue, his mouth

And before she knew it, she finally delved inside his mouth and kissed him like a wild, little beast.

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