Hellbound With You Chapter 327

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After he had calmed down from the fireworks, Kelly looked up at him and said, "Maybe it's fine as long as I'm the one to do the movements?"

However, Kai didn't hear her as he looked intently at her. In the next second, he pulled Kelly out of the pool and jumped up the deck on the second storey, where he walked through the door and placed her on top of the bed.

"Now, it's my turn," Kai said as he crawled on top of her. He kissed her passionately, his hands roaming all over her bare skin, making Kelly shiver but not from the cold. After spending a few minutes on her lips, he trailed down south, sucking and licking her each of her breasts, giving them the same amount of attention as he gave her lips. Then, he went further south to her abdomen, over her belly button until he reached her core. He tore her flimsy underwear off and paid her back, in full.

He licked her there, starting from the bottom to the top, stopping for a bit at her bud and sucking on it. She was already wet, the silky, creamy wetness that only desire could bring. She tasted so good. He then delved his tongue inside her entrance, exploring it as he licked and sucked her juices. He savored her like a famished man.

He continued his torturous manipulation of her and her mind was blown. Every touch caused her to shudder from the sensation, every lick caused her body to twitch, every suck caused her body to arch towards his mouth, begging for more.

Kelly clutched the sheets with her hands, her knuckles almost white from it. This felt so good.

Kai didn't stop, his mouth playing with her, making her want more. As she started to feel that feeling build up inside her, her hand went to his hair, clutching at them, wanting to move him away but also wanting to push him closer, deeper. She wriggled under him but he didn't let up. He licked and suckled and kissed and in the last moment, when he knew she was about to finish, he slid two fingers deeply inside her, sending her flying up to the sky.

Kai pulled his fingers out and went to lay down next to the sweating Kelly. They were laying down, breathing hard as they tried to catch their breaths.

After some time, they finally got up and Kai dragged Kelly to the shower to clean up. The steam from the hot shower surrounded them as they washed each other. However, it seemed that the heat had somehow energised Kelly because she suddenly turned to him and said, "I want to do more naughty things to you my man."

Straight after saying those words, Kelly's hand went to his penis and she started stroking him again whilst kissing him, the hot water from the shower still pouring over them. She didn't know if she would ever get enough to this man. Her body had never reacted like this before and she wondered if this was because she loved him. Did these sexual sensations feel so good, so intense because she was in love with the man who evoked them?

Her train of thought was disrupted when Kai picked her up and headed back towards the bedroom. They both ended up back on the bed where they kissed more passionately than before. It seemed like they just both couldn't get enough of each other. Kai was half on top of Kelly as they kissed and his hands once again explored her naked body. Just as he was about to touch her there, Kelly rolled over and pinned him down instead. She climbed on top of his and sat on him like a cowgirl.

"This time, you're not allowed to touch me, okay?" she instructed.

Kelly followed Kai's lead and started to kiss him all over his body. He was so muscular and toned and hot that Kelly wanted to kiss every inch of him.

Trying something a little more daring, Kelly settled herself on top of him. He wasn't inside her but they were both naked and their most private parts were touching, skin to skin. She wanted to see if this was okay too, so she started to ride him. She moved slowly at first, forward and back, as she rocked on top of him. She saw Kai close his eyes and she knew that this felt good for him too.

This sensation was pure ecstasy. Even though he wasn't inside her, the way their skin rubbed against each was just sensational. The friction between them was so good, so intense that they both got lost in the sensation. She kept going, increased her pace and pressure and in no time, both of them were drowning in that feeling of pleasure. They climbed up higher and higher and just before they were about to enter the realms of euphoria, Kelly said, "I love you, Kai!"

Kai sat up and embraced Kelly as they both erupted with pleasure.

But then, at that same moment, Kai's eyes turned red and his canines grew.

As Kelly was falling back down from the high, she felt his grip on her tighten and in the next second, she felt his lips on her neck and his canines grazing her skin.

"K-kai?" she called out. He didn't seem to hear her. Then she felt his canines dig into her skin.


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