Hellbound With You Chapter 326

325 0.00001 Chance


Kelly chuckled. She already knew what he was thinking.

"Come along, my prince." She reached out and Kai took her hand and let her pull him down. Kelly quickly clung onto him like a koala, stealing all the heat from his body, as she whispered. "Let's go crazy tonight, shall we?"

Kai held her waist and looked at her. "I don't think that's a good idea. If I lose myself, I might end up killing you," he said, worried. But Kelly's smile didn't fade.

"Geez have some faith in yourself, will you? And also, this whole thing has been bugging me. You said humans and vampires never work, then how come Alexander, a half vampire, exists?"

Kai fell silent with her question. "Alex's case is from thousands and thousands of years ago. We have no idea how that happened up to now."

"You didn't ask him?"

"Alex doesn't remember most of his memories before he became immortal, so there's no way to find out unless you travel back to the past. All we know is that all human and vampire relationships end tragically. He is the only half vampire that we know exists," he answered. He was being brutally honest, yet the heat between them wasn't subsiding.

Kelly looked a little affected by it but she still smiled in the end.

"Well, maybe, there's some secret behind that? It still means that there is 0.00001% chance that it might be possible."

"I don't want to give you any hope."

"Sigh never mind then. We'll talk about that next time. For now, let's" she ran her hands over his broad chest. "Let's experiment and find out where your limit is. How about it?"

Kai's eyes widened for a moment.

"Last night we did that what I think was close enough to sex and you didn't lose control, right? Tonight I want to know the things that we can do," she said seductively as her finger traced his lips.

Kai's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. And just like that, he said "Okay." He really had no strength left to say to no to this girl It seemed it was finally confirmed that he was just putty in her hands now.

With that, Kelly started to explore with her hands. She started by touching him all over, his neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen and back just trying to gauge his reactions to her touch. Once she finished, she put her hands behind his head and pulled him down for a rough, wild kiss. She just couldn't resist him at all!

After a few seconds, she went back to exploring, this time, a little further down. She hopped off him and pushed him until his back hit the edge of the pool and then her hands trailed from his chest to his groin. Kelly wrapped her hand around his already excited member, and she started to move her hands up and down along him.

Kai groaned and closed his eyes as she started moving.

"You're so good at this," he couldn't help but say.

"Well, the bunch of smuts I have read and the porn I have watched are a huge help"

His eyes widened in shock. Kai became distracted for a moment as her words registered in his brain. He was about to say something but thought better of it. Of course she would have read those kinds of books and watched those kinds of videos. This was Kelly, after all - the bold, shameless, enchantress.

"Hop up and sit on the edge of the pool," she suddenly instructed. "We know that doing this is fine because this is what we did last night so I want to try something else."

Kai looked at Kelly and he saw a glimpse of mischief in her eyes but they were quickly overtaken by desire. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her, it seemed.

Kai jumped up and sat down at the edge of the pool and Kelly paddled her way to stand between his legs. The pool wasn't too deep. In fact, it was the perfect height for her to do what she was about to do next.

Without wasting anymore time, Kelly freed his not so little brother and she licked her lips, as if she was about to devour a delicious meal. She looked up at Kai once more, gave him a wicked smile, before she lowered her head and placed him inside her mouth. The heat of her mouth felt so good and warmed him up real well. But then, she started sucking and licking and his body blazed like an inferno!

Kelly heard Kai's moan and she felt gratified. She liked it when he reacted to her like this. It made her feel good to know that what she was doing made him feel good too.

'Oh, heavens help me!' Kai couldn't help but exclaim inwardly. What she was doing to him right then was pleasurable beyond anything he had ever experienced before. Her tongue was playing havoc with his body right now, twirling and flicking and licking him, and then she would suck him like a lollipop as she drew back towards his tip. She kept a steady pace, her hands and mouth working together in unison to create that feeling of sexual desire within him. And it didn't take long for him to feel like he was climbing up towards the sky.

Kai gripped the edge of the pool hard until he felt some of it crumble into dust but he couldn't help it. She was driving him to the very edge with what she was doing right then! He tried to maintain his self control as he drew closer and closer to the finish line. He was determined not to lose control!

Kelly knew that he must be getting close to finishing. She could tell by the way his shaft twitched in her mouth and how tense his muscles were. She knew she was so close to giving him that satisfaction that she increased her pace and swallowed him deeper inside her mouth. She heard Kai moan and groan and finally, after one more time of swallowing him, she finally tipped him over the edge.

He didn't lose control but Kelly didn't see his eyes turn red as he exploded because he had closed his eyes.


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