Hellbound With You Chapter 325

324 You

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She turned him around and jumped on his back and Kai could only shake his head and chuckle as he did her bidding and took her to his 'lair'.

He landed on a large deck in front of a very beautiful house in the middle of the forest.

Kelly's mouth hung open as he put her down.

The house had a masculine vibe to it because of the dark tones that it was painted with. It looked a little like a lego house, with its straight, angled shapes, but the shapes worked. It was a beautiful piece of architecture.

The lights inside the rooms were on which illuminated the two storey structure. The walls facing her were made of glass, and she could see straight inside the rooms on the bottom level. There was a bedroom on the right side of the house and a large kitchen/lounge area on the left. In the middle was a small, open area with a couple of outdoor lounge chairs overlooked out the deck to the forest. There was also a built in pool to her left which sparkled under the lights.

There was a second storey but she couldn't quite see what was up there. Nonetheless, whatever was up there would surely be as amazing as what she saw on the ground floor.

"Oh gosh, is this your villa?"


Kelly lips turned 'o' as she peered inside, trying to take a better look. 'As expected of this prince,' she thought. Kai then moved towards the door and Kelly followed closely behind him. He opened the door for her and she walked inside. They had come in through the left hand side of the house which had the kitchen and lounge area. The kitchen was huge and amazing and shiny and she wondered if it had ever been used before. She then walked towards the lounge which had a couple of lounge suites and a small coffee table. The window looked out at the pool. The set up was very well thought out, with a smooth flow from the kitchen to the lounge. As she looked around, Kelly could tell that this was definitely a bachelor pad. The room had a minimalistic feel to it. It was neat and tidy and very organised.

She looked back at him with a sense of wonder. She had thought that his house would be like those cold, ancient castles but he actually had a very modern place. This pretty boy really had such an unexpected preference.

"Do you often stay here?"

"No, not really. I only come here when I want to be alone. You are too noisy so I couldn't take you back to the castle. That's why I decided to bring you here instead."

Kelly smiled as she licked her lower lip. "Oh that was a very good decision, baby boy."

She looked around and her face became serious as her gaze found their way back to him. "How many girls have you brought here with you?"

Kai stared back at her. "This place has just been finished recently, so just one. You." Kai didn't break eye contact with her as he said that last word and a tingle ran down her spine. She instantly thought that her prince was obviously trying to seduce her so she walked up to him and wrapped her hands around his neck.

"Kiss me," she whispered and Kai didn't hesitate. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body close to him before he lowered his head to kiss her. They kissed for what seemed like a long time until Kelly moved away to take a breath. That kiss literally made her breathless.

She cleared her throat before a sexy smile formed on Kelly's face. She had been eyeing that swimming pool since they first got here and she thought it would be the perfect way to wind down after their date.

"I want to swim in the pool. Let's go together, shall we?" she said as she stepped back from him. Without waiting for his response, she grabbed his hand and started pulling him towards the pool. She stopped just a meter from the edge and then she turned back to face Kai. She then started to unbutton her shirt, slowly, one at a time, holding his eyes with hers.

Once she was done with her shirt, she then unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and again, slowly undressed in front of him. There was no hesitation in her eyes or in her movements. This girl was as confident as ever. She kicked her pants off and then her hand went to her hair. She pulled her hair tie off and then ran her fingers through her hair, shaking them loose and letting them fall naturally over her shoulders. Kelly was standing in front of Kai in nothing but her underwear, showing off her lean and sexy body and Kai could only swallow.

"Your turn, Kai. Or do you want me to undress you?" Kelly asked, breaking the spell that Kai was under.

Kai let out a sigh and he undressed himself, not sure that he would be able to hold back if she touched him at that moment, and Kelly just smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

She turned around to walk towards the pool and Kai tried not to look at her backside, trying to be respectful, but the demon in him was too much to control and he ended up watching her, admiring her cute little bottom.

He watched her walk towards the pool and in the next second, she jumped in, just like that!

"Whoa! It's cool and I love it," she said loudly. "C'mon Kai. Join me. Fast!" she called out to him. Her voice somehow made this dead-quiet house feel alive.

Kai approached the small pool. He was in his boxers as he walked to the edge, looking at her.

"Are you not cold?" he asked.

"I am," she replied and Kai creased his brows.


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