Hellbound With You Chapter 324

323 Take Me

Dear readers, today's chapters are all about Kelly and Kai. I don't have any plan to write a spin off for them so please don't expect it.

Don't worry, we will go back to our Abi and Alex tomorrow onwards so enjoy Kelly and Kai's moments now ^^.


Meanwhile, at the capital

Kelly groaned as she woke up. She opened her eyes but then she quickly closed them again as she put an arm over them to shield them from the brightness of the sunlight. With her arm still blocking the sun from her eyes, she slowly opened them to see that she was inside a large room, lying down on a huge black bed. She noticed that this didn't look like Kai's room at the castle but then her mind was instantly diverted towards the man himself!

She looked around, looking for Kai, but found that he wasn't there. She slowly stood up, noticed the big shirt she was wearing and a big smile formed on her face. She was about to fall back on the bed to reminisce about her hot date last night when her stomach protested.

It was already past noon and she was famished. Deciding to get up and search for some food instead, she walked out the door and was instantly met with a delicious aroma of food, making her stomach grumble even more. 'Feed me,' it complained.

Kelly followed her nose which led her to the kitchen and while the aroma of the food was very enticing, it wasn't nearly as yummy as the sight that met her. Her delicious Prince charming was standing by the stove, wearing a cute apron, stirring something on a pan. At that moment, he really looked like a very doting, domesticated husband.

Aww, she couldn't help but imagine him as her husband and her heart swelled. Without calling out to him, she quickly ran towards him and gave him a tight hug from behind as the things that happened the night before flashed in her head.

Last night

"I don't want to go home yet," Kelly said as Kai carried her on his back. The darkness had truly settled at this point and Kai had been intending on dropping her off to her hotel room, sooner rather than later.

"Let me stay with you for a while, please?" Kelly asked when she felt that Kai was thinking of finishing up their date.

They were on top of one the tallest buildings in the country and the view was magnificent. The lights that were scattered throughout the city made it seem like the sky was now below them instead of up above. Kelly looked down at the scenery and sighed inwardly as he continued trying to persuade Kai to let her stay.

"I'm on vacation anyway so it's not a problem for me to stay for a while. Please?" she negotiated. However, there was an undercurrent in Kelly's tone, as if she was hiding something or running away from something.

Kelly also had her own life changing secret. What was waiting for Kelly back at home was her engagement to some man she didn't really know.

Her family was quite wealthy and she was the only daughter. Over the past three months, her grandparents had been busy setting her up on a lot of blind dates with sons of other wealthy families. She was now 23 and her grandparents were very unsubtly telling her to get married and give them their great-grandchildren. Kelly was the only hope of the Yang family. She stood to inherit the huge amount of wealth of the Yang family, being the only grandchild, but only under the condition that she marry the man her grandparents chose for her. It sounded stupid but her family was the typical, wealthy, traditional type where money and prestige mattered. Even her parents couldn't escape its claws and Kelly herself was the product of that arranged marriage.

She knew this was coming. And being the only daughter, she knew she couldn't escape it. She had made a deal with her parents to give her a year of freedom, a year to do whatever she wanted and after that time, she would go home and take on the responsibilities of the sole heir of their family's line. That burden was hers to bear.

She felt like the whole world was on her shoulders and she had just barely finished school. Was she supposed to grow up straight away and take all those responsibilities at such a young age? Was she going to even be able to live a little? She had all this money but she couldn't even do what she wanted with it! She knew the kind of life that awaited her, the kind of life she would have to live to fulfill her family's wishes and the thought of it scared her a little.

And so, she made a deal with her parents.

Kelly had spent the year doing whatever she wanted. She partied hard, travelled to all the places she wanted to see, met plenty of people (as well as beat up many more) and it felt amazing. For someone who had been living like a caged bird, that year of freedom was like air to a drowning man. The freedom of being able to fly as high as she could felt exhilarating. She wasn't looking for anything in particular. She just wanted to do as many things as she could with that small window of time she was given.

But that one year was about to end and as that deadline drew closer, she found the fruit she didn't even know she had wanted, and what was worse was that this delicious fruit ended up to be the forbidden one.

As she thought about it more, if Abi hadn't insisted on coming back here, she wouldn't have remembered this prince. If she hadn't come here, she would have been at home in some party, all dressed up and dancing with the fianc that she would have just met.

"Why don't you want to go home?" Kai asked, putting her down gently on the rooftop.

"Well, I want to stay with you a little longer. I finally reeled you in and am just about to eat you up so it'd be really silly of me if I leave you before doing that. So I will stay here for now, whether you like it or you love it." She grinned at him with such confidence.

"Are you sure? Your family might "

"Don't worry about them, my man. I'll deal with them tomorrow." She winked at him. "Now, take me to your lair!"

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