Hellbound With You Chapter 321

320 Mistake

"But in one condition."

She looked at him in anticipation. Was he going to try and renegotiate their deal? Somehow, Abi could already tell this man was up to no good but it didn't matter what his conditions were because she was determined to have those rings. She was willing to do anything to get them.

"What is it?"

"Tell me you'll agree first," he said as he flashed his killer smile.

Abi hesitated. "That's not nice. You should at least tell me the condition first."

"Well, fine I changed my mind. I'm not giving them to "

"Fine! Okay. I'll agree as long it's something I am capable of doing. Happy?" Abi panicked for a moment and she immediately agreed. She tried to convince herself not to agree with his ridiculous request but these were their wedding rings and she really wanted to keep them with her. Those rings symbolised the most memorable moment of their life. Those rings symbolised their love for each other, all the experiences they had gone through together and all the promises that they gave to each other. Those rings were one of the most important things to her, to them.

She couldn't help but glare at him. This Alex was really pushing her to the edge and she couldn't help but want to punish him for playing with her like that, especially when she saw him flashing that mischievous triumphant smirk of his.

"I can't believe you actually agreed so quickly, little lamb. Did you actually want to have these things that badly?" he narrowed his eyes, curious as to why she actually agreed just like that.

Abi pressed her lips tightly. She realized that her actions had given her away. She was being too obvious. "Yes. That's right. The jade ring is beautiful, who wouldn't want it?"

Alex's smirk faded and a flare of wonder and curiosity flared in his eyes. "You really are such a peculiar girl. You refused me when I said I would give everything in the world to you, yet now you're doing all this just for a little old ring."

"Because I don't want everything in the world, Alex. I don't need them. There are only a few things I want in my life."

Their eyes locked and silence reigned between them for a moment. "And I'm not among those few things, right?"

Abi didn't answer. She didn't know what the safest thing would be to tell him. She couldn't refute it and say that it wasn't right because she knew he would lock on to that like a dog with bone. She knew that if she said that then the man would probably take it to the extreme and hound her to no end and then she would be in a world of trouble. But then again, she couldn't say that it was right because that would have been a lie and one that had the potential to hurt them both. That question really stumped her and the silence dragged on as she tried to find an answer that wouldn't backfire on her.

Gladly, Alex straightened up and didn't wait for her answer. He stepped a little closer to her and he leaned over her until their faces were only inches apart.

"Okay, this is my condition, little lamb" he started and Abi almost swallowed.

Could it be that he was going to ask her to divorce him, my 'husband'? She did say that she would do it as long as it was something she could do.

"Touch me."

Abi: ". . ."

For a second she felt relieved that he didn't ask her to divorce this runaway husband but after the initial relief, Abi felt dumbfounded. 'Huh?'

"Our deal is that I can't touch you for five whole days. Doesn't that mean that it's okay if it was you who did the touching instead?" He raised his hand and put the necklace on her, being very careful not to touch her skin. Alex had realized within these few hours since he made the deal that this deal would be more than torturous for him. He knew that it would take all of his self control and restraint to win this deal but only just now realized that this just might be an impossible task. How the hell was he going to survive five whole days without any body contact with her? He thought that he might have a chance, that he could at least bear it, if he could hug her and cuddle her.

He had been thinking about what he should do about this since they first made the deal. That was why he was glad this chance just magically showed up. It seemed lady luck was on his side tonight.

With a playful smirk, Alex straightened but he didn't avert his eyes off her. "I have chosen the easiest task, little lamb, in exchange for these rings. You should be thankful," he said and he climbed on the bed.

He laid down on the bed, relaxed, as if he had finally solved all his troubles and now his mind was calm enough to get to sleep well, and sleep well he would.

"Now come, my sweet maid. Let's go to bed." he said, folding both arms under his head. "Touch me," he then said, as if she had already forgotten the deal they made just less than a minute ago.

Abi finally moved and laid down on her side of the bed. He did make a good point, there. Their deal was that he wasn't allowed to touch her, but that didn't mean she couldn't touch him. But because he wasn't specific with the instructions of how he wanted her to touch him - this reminded her of all those times he had asked her to do something and she did the wrong thing because he wasn't very specific - she decided to literally follow his words like her old self and turned to her side and just poked him in the cheek. She then lay down on her back again, drew up the covers up to her chin and closed her eyes to get some rest.

Alex looked at her. "What are you doing?"

"I touched you, like you asked me," she answered matter of factly as she opened her eyes and turned to look at him.

A throaty chuckle left his mouth.

"Fine. I will let that be since you look really cute right now," he said as he faced her and felt her ear turned a little hot.

They stared at each other and then Alex lay back down and turned to his side facing her. Not even five seconds later and he closed his eyes and gave her another set of instructions.

"Move closer, little lamb. This time put your arm around my waist," he instructed clearly as he smiled invitingly and Abi knew she could no longer get away with her plan. With a soft sigh, she turned to face him and she placed her arm over his waist.

Alex bit his lips the moment he felt her heat envelope him. Abi yawned. It had felt like a very long day for her and now all the events that took place finally caught up to her.

"Goodnight, Alex," she said sleepily. Alex felt the urge to tuck the stray strand of her behind her ear but he forced himself to keep still, his eyes contemplative.

The next moment, the girl closed her eyes and fell asleep in no time, leaving Alex wondering once again if he had made a grave mistake in asking her for this condition.


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