Hellbound With You Chapter 320

319 Rings

"Okay, can we have a proper date tonight, my Prince?" Kelly asked when their lips finally parted. He was glad that she pulled away because he found that he just couldn't.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked her and Kelly showed him a playful yet expectant smirk.

"I want you to show me your powers," she grinned, cupping her fists as she looked at him with excitement.

"You said you wanted to have a proper date."

"Well, don't vampires have their date on top of trees, under the lover's moon?"

Kai was speechless. "That's the kind of date you want?"

She nodded like an old monk and Kai couldn't help but smile.

"Alright, but you're gonna have to unglue yourself from my torso first."

Kelly, the koala, finally let go and she climbed off the car.

Kai followed and he squatted on the ground in front of Kelly. She immediately hopped on, piggy back style, before he could say anything.

"Ahhh! I'm so excited," she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Don't girls like to have romantic, expensive dinners or things like that on their first date?"

"Oh c'mon, baby boy, what's the fun in doing all that boring stuff! I have a vampire boyfriend so, of course I would rather do new and fun things that no mortal human man could ever give me. Oh wait you are my boyfriend now, right?"

Kai: ". . ."

"Silence means yes. Okay. Got it." She craned her head over his shoulder to look at him. "I'm ready for the ride of my life, my man," she added as she kissed his cheek. She didn't see it but his ears reddened when she called him 'my man'.

Surprisingly, it tickled him and he liked it.

"Hold on tight."

"Yes, boss!"

And thus, he jumped. Kelly screamed from excitement so Kai landed on one of the street posts. "Don't scream. I told you, vampires can hear you."

"But it's amazing! It's like riding on a roller coaster!"

"Are you scared? We can go back to the car and "

"No, no, no!" she protested before she leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "I love roller coaster rides, baby, especially when you're the one I'm riding."

Kai coughed. Damn. Was she really trying to seduce him right now?

Trying to hide his reaction from her, Kai jumped again, causing the girl to cling tightly onto his neck and shut her mouth. He leapt from post to post in a very fluid manner. He was slow and graceful because he wanted her to enjoy the experience. Kai knew this was wrong. He knew he was being selfish. He should be pushing her away instead of pulling her in. Even though she chose to take this leap, it was his responsibility to keep his ground and say no because he was the one who knew better. Only an impossible future was for them at the end of this.

But he just couldn't say no to her. Maybe he had been longing for someone to love too, for someone to stay beside him no matter the danger it brought. He didn't know he was this kind of person. He didn't know he was this selfish and starved for someone's affection, for someone who would tell him that she loved him despite it all.

At that moment, there was only one thing in Kai's mind and that was to make her happy as long as he could until the day came when she would finally get tired of him. When she couldn't stand the kind of relationship they agreed on, he thought that she would eventually leave him. He was surprised at the tinge of pain he felt as he imagined that day, but he told himself that it was alright because he was still thankful that someone at least fought for him. He would still be thankful that he had crossed paths with this interesting girl that was hugging him right then. All he wanted was for that time to come slowly so that he could prepare himself.

Kai landed on top of the tallest birch tree which overlooked the city.

Kelly's mouth was opened wide.

"Haha. I feel like I'm a heroine in a movie." She giggled.

"How was that?"

"Inexplicable. I wished I could yell and scream at the top of my lungs! Darn. Can you imagine riding a roller coaster and not being allowed to scream your heart out?!"

"Well I never rode one so"

"Geez you don't have any idea how uh, never mind. Anyway, was that your fastest speed?"


"Aww. So you're being so considerate of me?" Her gaze turned sexy. Kai had let her stand on a tree trunk with her hands wrapped around his neck. "I think I should reward you for being such a good boy," she added and she kissed him again.

This time, their kiss was more passionate. Slow and sensual. Kelly was not a wild beastess anymore and her kiss was soothing, as if she was telling him that it was okay, that everything will be okay and he needed to just enjoy the flow, live for the moment and not worry about tomorrow.

Back in the palace.

Abi was busy packing. Her luggage from the hotel she checked in at had just arrived. Zeke told her to just take the bare necessities because they would be going to the mountains and remote villages.

Alex was just sitting there, like a good boy watching her. He was really doing his best, it seemed, to win the deal.

Abi ignored him until she finished everything. Finally, everything was ready. She looked at him and their eyes met. She wanted to start pushing him to break the deal but it was already late and they had to wake up early for the journey. The plan was for the three of them to leave the palace without notice.

Taking a deep breath, Abi decided to back off for now. She needed a proper rest, too.

"Are you still not going to sleep?" she asked. "I am a little tired now."

Alex tilted his head as he glanced at the bed. "Go ahead. I'll join you later." He sounded pretty calm.

"Okay." Abi then sat beside him, ignoring his gaze on her. She was about to lie down but her eyes caught sight of the rings again, creating a lump in her throat. She felt hurt seeing these precious rings just being left there like they were just a cold display. "Uhm Alex you said you don't know who owned these rings, right? Can I have them? I will give them back to you when you find the owner."

Alex's eyes finally moved away from her face. That was right. Those mysterious rings. Those rings were as peculiar as her.

"Why do you want them?"

"Because, uhm I feel bad that they're being left there all alone."

Alex stood up and walked over her. He picked the rings and leaned by the table, facing her.

He held the necklace and let the rings hang between them.

His eyes smoldered. "Okay, I will give them to you." he said. "But in one condition"


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