Hellbound With You Chapter 319

318 The Most Selfish Line

"K-kelly I "

Once again, he was cut off. This time, she kissed him, in that oh so intimate position, in front of many eyes. Kai was again losing it. Why did she have to be so bold? Her boldness was driving him insane!

His hand moved on her shoulders to pull her away from him before before all hell broke loose.

But Kelly activated her koala grip. She refused to let go. "I won't let go. I will kiss you until you agree to become mine."

Kai saw everyone's eyes on them. He knew they could hear what she was saying so without a choice, Kai stood up, with Kelly the Koala still clinging on him. He carried her out of the bar like he was cradling a baby - a big baby.

Once they reached the car, Kai put her down in the passenger seat but the hooligan Koala still wouldn't let go. He sighed and walked towards the other side and sat on the driver's seat with her.

He dialed a number on his phone, ignoring the girl cradled in his arms. "I will leave the man to you. Make sure to watch him closely," he said on the phone and when someone said 'yes', he ended it.

"That was a girl Who is she?" she asked.

"One of my female cousins."

"Oh. So she's royalty as well? Why would she be the one following Chris around and not some vampire guard or cop or something?"

"She volunteered. She's a fan of that Chris guy."

"Oh, so she's his stalker? Is she cute? Cute stalkers can get away with being a stalker. Wait, where are we going? Are you bringing me back to the palace?" Kelly smiled coquettishly.

"To the airport," he answered, eyes looking straight towards the road.

Kelly's smile instantly faded. Uncaring that they were in a moving car, Kelly kissed him. The car immediately slowed and Kai somehow managed to park it safely on the roadside.

"Kelly!" his voice thundered as he pulled her back. This was the first time this prince yelled at her. He closed his eyes and looked down, feeling guilty, when he realized his tone. "Please I already told you it's not it's not possible for us."

"You never know unless you try, prince."

"They tried Kelly. Someone I knew tried and it ended in disaster. So please listen to me. This is for your sake."

"So you're pushing me away not because you don't love me but because I would be in danger, right?"

Kai couldn't reply. Not because he didn't love her? He didn't know. All he knew was that he just couldn't leave her alone. And he couldn't resist her. His heart right now sped up abnormally every time she kissed him. Since they left his room this morning, he had this feeling deep within him that he didn't want her to go.

"It's okay, baby, don't be scared." She cupped his face and smiled. "I don't mind being in a relationship without sex," she added, making Kai close his eyes and throw his head back. "Well, I am lusting after you so I might not be able to stop myself from doing naughty things with you but doing naughty things like what we did last night didn't harm me, no? So it's fine, right?" She grinned as Kai opened his eyes again and looked at her.

"Don't worry too much, baby," she whispered as she licked his lips. "Let's give each other a chance, shall we? Let's just test it. If if we're really not meant to be then I will give up. But right now, I don't want to give up without even trying."

Kai knew this was a bad idea. He had seen it before. Doing this would only cause more heartache and if it ended badly, that ending would be brutally painful. So why couldn't he say no? Why couldn't he push her away? Why did he why did he suddenly want to be selfish now?

In a way she was right. A sexless relationship might actually work No! Damn, what was he thinking?

Kai buried his head on her shoulder. His silky hair rubbed against Kelly's face and she smelled his fresh and yummy scent. He was like a spring flower she wanted to smell all day, all night.

"If I say 'no', what will you do?"

Kelly froze and didn't respond. She was silent even when Kai lifted his face and looked at her. She just stared at him, unmoving like a doll.

Kelly didn't really think of a plan B, of what she would do if he had rejected her. When she decided to confess to him, she had only meant to do it so that she would have no regrets. But as she said those words, she realised that she didn't want to just leave things like that. She wanted to at least push and try and do everything she could to make it work so that even if it didn't work out in the end, she could look back and tell herself that she had done everything she could possibly do. At that point, she would move on without looking back, without regret. Maybe.

The silence dragged on. It was deafening and the intensity of her gaze was something Kai couldn't bear.

"Fine." he gave in. "Let's try..."

A smile broke on Kelly's face and she hugged him. "Oh gosh! You really are such a sweet, cutie pie. This is why I fell in love with you." She kissed his cheek. She looked so happy and relieved and excited.

"Thank you," she whispered and then, her lips found his. She parted his lips and he let her in and in just a matter of seconds, the car started to be filled with moans from their intense kisses. She was just so good at this whole kissing thing and it didn't help that he was very attracted to her too. She pressed her body against him until there was no more space left between them.

She was like a merciless wildfire, burning him. Even his guilt didn't escape. It felt crazy but it seemed he wanted to be burned by her. And for the first time he uttered the most selfish line he had thought in some time, 'come what may'.

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