Hellbound With You Chapter 317

316 A Deal

The heartbeats were slow and deep and they sounded familiar. Abi slowly opened her eyes. "Alex?" she uttered before she turned around.

"How did you know that I was here? Did you feel my presence?" Alex asked as he leaned in on her. He was surprised that she knew he was there because he had concealed his presence, intending to surprise her.

Abi blinked, stepping back as she answered. "I heard your heartbeats."

"Hmm that's pretty interesting. How does my heartbeat sound?" His hands landed on the window frame behind her, trapping her. "Did you hear the song it sang only for you?" he smiled and Abi gaped at him, speechless.

Was Alex always this good at flirting and hitting on girls?

Abi cleared her throat and, so that she would not be sucked in by his charm, she changed the topic. "Uhm when are we going to eat? I'm hungry," she told him. She hadn't eaten lunch because of what happened to him and she hadn't left his side since then so she was starving now.

Alex let out a quiet sigh and she picked some strands of her hair and played with them. "I'll let you eat but you should let me eat as well later tonight, okay?"

Abi blushed. She knew what he was talking about and she suddenly remembered their precious moments in that snowy place where he ate her for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a midnight snack. This man was still as naughty as ever!

A smile curved on his lips as he watched her pale cheeks turn pink. "You know what I'm saying right?"

"Uhm please. I am your maid. Not your pleasure t-"

"Shh I have never seen you as a toy."

"You only want my body."

Alex's shoulders dropped as he looked down. "Fine. I'll show you that I'm not just after your body. If I manage to contain my lust for you and not touch you for five days, would that be enough for me to show you I'm not only after your body?"

"J-just for five days?"

"Oh c'mon, little lamb. There's no sane man in this world who could contain themselves for longer than that, especially when I want you so much! In fact, that timeline is already close to impossible especially in my case because I'm crazy for you. We'll be together 24/7 for who knows how long. You'll be torturing me every single minute of every day! That's the world's most challenging battle I have ever decided to go through."

". . ."

"Now say yes, sweet girl. Let's make a deal, shall we?" he smelled the scent of her hair as his eyes looked at her seductively through his dark thick lashes.

Abi wanted to decline but for some reason, she suddenly felt a thrill inside her stomach.

"What if I agree and you fail the deal?"

"Hmm you can do anything you want with me," he said confidently, flashing her his all too familiar, heart-fluttering smile.

Abi swallowed because he seemed so certain he would not lose but then, a sudden mischievous thought sparked in Abi's mind. He was using this to show her that he was not just after her body? Fine she would teach him a lesson. Her Alex never used this method to prove his love for her, so she would teach him that this was not the right way.

"Okay, deal," she agreed. She would make sure that he would lose this game he created.

Alex smiled, biting his lips as he looked down at her. "So, are we going to start now, little lamb?" he asked and he let go of her. "Now, come. I have to feed you because I think you're way too frail," he added as he sized her up.

'I lost weight because of you, stupid.' She could only glare at him as they both walked towards Alex's place.

Somewhere in the city.

It was already past seven in the evening as Kelly and Chris found themselves inside a bar. The bar wasn't like the usual noisy bar Kelly was accustomed to. It was pretty quiet and harmonious. There was a girl singing on the stage and the people were quietly singing along.

Kelly wondered if everyone aside from them were vampires, but she didn't care. She wasn't afraid. She had loved this place ever since the first time she came here when she was a young kid. Kai said this place had more vampires than humans but it was one of the safest places in the world. It had the lowest crime rate in the world! This place was the most peaceful country she ever saw. And it was the place that Kai, the vampire prince lived in. How could she not like it.

Her thoughts drifted back to Kai, the man she loved, and she thought that these vampires weren't dangerous at all. As long as they didn't

Ugh! Kelly slammed her glass of beer on the table.

"Hey, why are you sulking? I am supposed to be the one sulking and being angry at the world like that," Chris told her.

"Shut up. You're not the only one who's heartbroken here."

"Oh. So this rich kid also got rejected, aye?"

"Yeah. That's right. At least you were able to confess properly. Unlike me!"

Chris laughed. "Oh, you didn't even manage to confess. But isn't it better that way?"

"Not at all, idiot. I was rejected before I could even say those three words!"

"Oh that's terrible then. R.I.P Kelly's heart. Haha."

"Shut up, childhood friend, or I'll beat you up!"

"Geez stop being so violent. That's why guys don't want to get near you. They're too afraid of being beaten up by you."

"I said shut up, damn it! Damn! I'm really itching to beat someone up. Can you volunteer?"

"Hell no! Don't you even dare. I'm a famous person. That would make headlines! I'm broken enough as it is!"

"I don't care."

"I care, geez. Go pick someone else. Anyone but me!" Chris even prepared himself to flee at the smallest sign from her. He had experienced this woman's wrath before. She was a pure amazonian, jungle lady. And since then, Chris had never seen her as a dainty woman again. He always imagined her as a bulky wrestler lady and she definitely scared him. Who the hell would stand a woman like her?

"Look. There's a guy much more good looking than me. Right there, he's been looking at you for a while now. I think he wants a beating. Now go. I believe that guy definitely wants a good beating from you," he coaxed her and even held her shoulders to make her face the man he was talking about.

He pushed her a little but to his surprise, the amazon suddenly froze as her eyes focused on the pretty man he was talking about.


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