Hellbound With You Chapter 315

314 The Only Exception

The arms that were wrapped around Alex's neck moved to his shoulders as Abi slowly pulled away from his. She wouldn't give in to him. Not yet. Not when he still didn't remember her.

Abi didn't know why but there was a voice inside her telling her to be strong and keep her ground, as if giving in to him was the last thing she should do, as if giving him what he desired right now would be something that she would regret. She didn't know why but the almost uncontainable heat and longing that were eating her right then was still not enough to make her heart and mind fully submit to him.

The last time Abi had given in to him was when they went on that romantic trip for two to the snow because during that time, she knew from the bottom of her heart that he loved her so very much, almost as much as she loved him. This was different, because even though her feelings for him were still the same, his feelings for her were not, because to him, she was a woman he just met yesterday.

"I I'm sorry I can't" she uttered and the fire of lust in his eyes was immediately snuffed out. His gaze at her turned serious as his jaws clenched hard.

"Alex, I am already married," she added and surprise took over Alex's dejected look. 'What did she just say? Was she serious right now?'

His eyes narrowed, but he still did not loosen his grip on her. He surveyed her face and a coquettish smirk flashed on his face. "Do you really think I would let you go if you told me that?" he told her, a faint mocking tone evident in his voice.

"It's true. I have a husband," Abi stared deeply into his eyes, letting him know that what she was saying was the truth. There was a tinge of sadness in her voice as she said those words. "H-he left me" she trailed off as her voice shook with bottled emotions. She looked away and her eyes caught sight of their wedding rings again as she continued. "But I'm still waiting for him to come back to me. I love him. I love him so much. He's the only one I want to be with."

She felt Alex's grip on her waist finally loosen up. "But you said you liked Zeke?" His deep voice echoed and Abi returned her gaze to him. His eyes now looked icy, obviously displeased.

"I I just like him as a person I didn't say I loved him," she explained, making Alex's eyes narrow again.

Abi then moved to climb off him when suddenly, Alex pulled her back to him and pushed her down on the bed with him over her, their bodies pressed together in an intimate position.

"Please let go. I am telling the truth. I'm a married woman. You can't "

"I don't care," he replied, surprising Abi to her bones.

"You you don't care?" she glared at him. "Do you really get every woman you want even if she has she has "

"Don't get me wrong, little lamb. I have no desire to steal another man's woman. And normally, I would not go for married women at all but" he cut her off as the back of his fingers trailed on her skin. Abi was relieved for a moment but what he said next made her bite her lips and glare at him in disbelief. "But you are the only exception. Besides, your husband" his voice hardened as he said the word 'husband' before he paused for a moment. "That bastard left you because he obviously did not see the treasure that he had. Since he left, that means your marriage is over, is it not? Let him go, little lamb, and forget about him. His loss will be my gain. I will make you forget about him."

Abi shook her head and struggled to pull away. She couldn't believe he was asking her to forget himself. There was no way she could do that.

"Fine," Alex finally let go and he climbed off the bed. He stood by the bed as he towered above her. He bent down and a wickedly sexy smile was curved on his lips. "It is only the first day, little lamb, so I guess I will take it easy for now. But I will definitely make you fall for me and get over him. You will be mine soon. Your body your soul and your heart," he declared and before she knew it, he planted a kiss on her forehead. It was the kind of kiss he had never given anyone else before so he was surprised at this small action that seemed so natural for him to do. But seeing the effect of that single kiss made him smile inwardly. "Now stand up my sweet maid, we're going to Zeke's quarters," he said as he turned and walked towards the door.

Abi got up and off the bed, straightened her clothes, before she followed him out the door.

Once they arrived at Zeke's quarters, Abi was left in Zeke's room while the two went to the study. Abi was certain that Alex would talk to Zeke about the things that happened to him so she really wanted to tag along. But she knew she couldn't and Alex didn't want her to come so she ended up waiting in the crown prince's room instead. Well, Alex also insisted that she stay there because it was the safest place for her to be in.

Zeke had informed them earlier that the witch who was currently imprisoned in the dungeon, had disguised herself as one of the guests last night and that she also had an accomplice. This accomplice could be disguised as a royal maid or a guard and who knew what that witch would do if they encountered Abigail on her own. That was why Alex didn't want to leave her in any random place that just anyone could enter.

His thoughtfulness over her safety made Abi's heart swell. In that respect, he hadn't changed at all. He was as protective of her as always.


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