Hellbound With You Chapter 314

313 Reward

Abi gasped and jolted backwards but Alex's hand was already on her nape holding her in place. He was smiling, showing her that mischievous smile of his. There was no sign of the previous weakness she had seen in him and he was acting like nothing major happened.

Clearing her throat, Abi blinked and tried to think of something to say to explain the sneaky kiss she was about to steal.

"I was just trying to give you a peck as thanks for saving me," she explained.

Alex fell quiet for a while as he surveyed her face, but in the next second, he stared at her lips and swallowed.

"That's right. I just saved you with everything I had. You have to reward me, little lamb. After all, without me, you'd be dead by now," he uttered, his breath hastening as if he couldn't wait anymore for her to kiss him. "You should be more generous and give me more than just a peck," he added as his finger traced her luscious lips.

Abi could clearly see his desire for her and she felt good goosebumps. She had seen that look on her Alex's face before. She remembered it clearly.

"O-okay," she answered and Alex's eyes widened in disbelief. But a triumphant smile was quick to replace the shock.

"So it happened? You did fall and I caught you and now you have fallen for me, right?" he asked with a confident and joyful look.

Abi looked away. "I am not sure I just I just want to reward you."

Alex bit his lips seductively as he pulled her closer. "It's okay. Just a little bit more and you'll submit yourself to me," he whispered before he sat up and leaned against the headboard.

He licked his lips as his eyes became intense.

"Come, little lamb. I can't wait to claim my reward," he uttered and Abi took a silent breath before she crawled on the bed towards him.

Alex watched her every move and just like that, he was seduced. All she did was crawl towards him and it seemed that that was all he needed. 'Damn,' he cursed within him, stopping himself from pinning her down. 'Calm down, Alex. The little lamb is finally coming for you on her own. Don't you dare scare her now!'

Once Abi stopped before him and knelt on the bed, Alex breathing hitched. F*ck. This was it. She was going to kiss him!

Her eyes locked onto his as her hand landed on his shoulder.

"Wait. Don't you want to position yourself into something more comfortable?" he told her. His voice was velvety smooth and sexy. She knew what he was up to and she let herself be seduced. She just wanted to stop thinking and just feel him. Even for a short moment.

So without a thought, Abi lifted her leg and trapped Alex between her legs. Alex had always asked her to do this before, if he wanted her to kiss him. She knew he liked this position and it seemed he still liked it even now.

She watched Alex's lips part in surprise with her bold move. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down. His eyes smoldered with desire. That was right. Both of them wanted this, needed this. They had been apart for way too long. They had missed out on each other's warmth so much, each other's lips.

As if she was running out of time, Abi didn't waste any more second and bent to capture his lips.

The instant their lips collided, sparks flew around them. Alex didn't even wait for a second for her to do the kissing. He was way too starved for her to wait. His hand moved around her waist drawing her closer as his other hand held the back of her head.

Their lips crashed against each other passionately and damn wildly. And she knew! She knew exactly how he wanted her tongue and lips to move. It was as if she knew everything that he wanted, all his desires. And he couldn't help but delve deeper inside her warm mouth. Sh*t, this was too good. Her mouth was the heaven he never tasted.

"Oh, Abigail" he groaned, not letting their lips part as they caught their breath. "Why why do you taste so good?" he uttered and kissed her again. He started to suck her tongue, taking Abi back to the last time when they had kissed passionately like this. She started to feel that familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach, that familiar feeling of desire. Her hands wrapped around his neck as her knees gave in and she sat on him.

Alex pulled her even closer, the hand on her waist gripped her hard, pressing her towards his body. Her softness brushed against his chest and his hard, raging, little big monster stood tall and mighty under her.

Oh no, they were both losing themselves. This was supposed to be just a kiss a reward for him saving her.

"Oh f*ck, Abigail. I want you. Right now. I want to f*ck no let's make love." Alex didn't know why he changed his mind and used those words. 'Make love', he didn't know what that was. He was very familiar with the word 'fuck' because that was the word he used all the time when he talked about what he did with women in bed. Never had he used the words 'make love' nor even thought about it in all his years of existence.

Oh no, he had said it. Those words Alex used to always say and he even slipped and said the word 'f*ck' like how her old Alex had done. Abi didn't know what to do or say. She was intoxicated. She wanted him so much. She missed him to her bones. And her body longed for him, for his touch, for his lovemaking.

She wanted to just say yes because that was what she truly wanted but


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