Hellbound With You Chapter 312

311 Falling

'F*ck. What was going on? What was happening right now?' Alex whispered inside him. His body was losing its strength and he felt like his breath was being pulled away from his body. He had never felt like this before. In his countless years of existence, Alex had forgotten what it felt like to be on the brink of death. He had forgotten how it felt to be helpless and powerless because since he became an immortal, he had never gone through that experience again. He had become invincible.

But at that moment, he felt it. This was that feeling of helplessness, of dread and apprehension that he had long forgotten. His body felt like it had turned into ice. The warmth was no more as if something was sucking it out of his body. Every nook of his body ached with pain he never felt before. What was this? Was his immortality fading? Was he going to die now? But that was impossible, and why would his immortality leave his body?

He tried to push the girl back because she kept holding on to him. He knew he was going to fall because he couldn't even keep his feet on the ground without swaying. His body felt like it was going to crumble into pieces.

He smirked as he told her to let go. He didn't know what was going on. All he knew was that he was going to fall down from here because he no longer had any strength left in his body. He had become useless, as if the only thing left in him was his consciousness.

"Hold onto the pole" he said one last time as he looked at her face.

What the hell. What was that expression on her face? Was she worried? About him? No, she must just be scared to be punished by Zeke again. These words could only float inside his head because he couldn't even move his lips anymore. 'Sh*t. What is this? Am I going to finally die now that I've found someone I truly want? Damn, this is funny'

He felt like he was floating. When did the last time he felt anything like this? He couldn't remember. He thought about that time when he jumped into the furnace to kill himself. His body burned and he felt the pain as the flames licked every inch of his skin but he had never felt like he was close to dying. All he felt was pain. He never felt helpless or powerless despite standing in there all day. Which was why he knew that this time was different. He didn't know if this was what dying felt like but he didn't know what else it could be. Was this finally it? Was he actually going to find the death that he had sought for many, many centuries?

Alex lips curved up slightly. If he had the strength right then, he would have laughed out loud because he couldn't believe that he might really, actually die. If he was indeed dying right then, wasn't he supposed to just smile and savor it? Savor the feeling of drawing one last breath until that final moment came?

He felt his body sway like a leaf blowing in the wind and in the next moment, his feet were no longer touching the roof as his body fell backwards. As he was falling, he decided that he would close his eyes and wait for what would come next. He wanted to know if he was really dying and if he was, he would just smile and let it happen. However, instead of closing, his eyes widened. 'Sh*t! Why? Didn't I tell you to hold onto the pole and wait for Zeke?!'

Alex cursed inside him. The little lamb did not follow his instructions and had actually jumped after him and now they were both falling, hard and fast, to the ground.

'F*ck! She was going to die! Even if he made sure to shield her with his body, at this height, there was no chance of her surviving. She's just only a frail human woman she would die. Why? Why didn't she just let go of him and hold onto the pole like I told her?! Why did she jump with me? Did she have a death wish?'

The smile on Alex's lips had long faded. His brain that was filled with thoughts of dying was immediately replaced by panic and desperation. What should he do? He couldn't let her die! He wouldn't!

Those were the words that he could only utter inside him. He refused to let her die because he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if she died. It would be all his fault if this little spark of life disappeared from the world. His world.

With that, Alex found himself reaching out, desperate to his bones. All he could think about was his need to save her. He reached out for the strength that had long left his body and for the breath that was still being sucked away from him. He had never been in this kind of situation. This desperation was something alien to him.

He became desperate to bring back his strength, to rise from death's grip so that he could save her. His mind had no other thought than to save her, to not let her die, to keep that spark going even if he had to sacrifice the one and only opportunity that he might have to meet the god of death.

He willed his body to move, to comply with his instructions. He growled and screamed inside him as he imagined how she would die once they hit the ground and his cold body began to burn. The inferno inside him ignited and it burst out like a thunderbolt.

The next second, he felt his strength burst back and he immediately moved to wrap his arms around her frail body when they were just meters above the ground. He turned just before they hit the ground the ground shattered under him as his feet landed on the ground with a big crash.

The dust from the impact rose up and surrounded them as Abi looked at him. Her heart that had stopped beating since she jumped after him to save him, finally began to beat again.


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