Hellbound With You Chapter 309

308 Earthquake

"I love you, Abigail." Chris confessed. Chris held his breath subconsciously as he waited for her to say something.

At long last, he finally said it. Those four little words that he had been holding in his heart. He had planned for a grand confession, an unforgettable one, but he had no choice now that it came to this. He hadn't expected that Abigail would end up wanting to stay in this country. The thought never crossed his mind at all. He had everything planned out in his head. The moment they landed back in their country, he was going to drive her home and ask her for a romantic dinner out. He would have booked out an entire restaurant so that only they would be dining there, set up a fireworks display just outside the window and then he would hold her and say these four little words to her.

His heart thudded against his chest. He had received many, many confessions since he became a famous actor but now the tables had turned. Now that the shoe was on the other foot, and he was confessing his feelings, he realized just how much courage it took to say those three words to someone you really liked. He hadn't really thought about romance or relationships before he met Abigail again because he had been too focused on his career. He thought that it wouldn't have been fair to go into a relationship if he couldn't pour 100% of himself into it. So he stayed single, much to the delight of all his single fans.

At that moment however, a layer of sweat was starting to form on his forehead as the seconds ticked by. How overwhelming it was waiting for her response. He really, really hoped that her response would be positive, that she would say that she liked him - even that, he would be content with - which would lead to both of them going home together and maybe starting something.

But Abigail looked shocked and her body froze from his words. She could only stare back at him silently.

Chris had been such a good friend to her. They had been friends since they were little and he certainly was an important friend to her because of that, but that was all she felt for him - friendship. Abigail never felt anything more than that towards him because to her, he was like the brother she never had. And she never thought that he liked her romantically. She thought that he was just being a good friend.

"C-chris" she finally opened her mouth. She looked down at their hands and she pressed his palms before looking up into his eyes again. She had to give him her answer now. She didn't want to hurt him but she thought that the best thing for her to do was to squash down any hope he had of ever being with her, because that would just be too cruel. It would be cruel to leave him hanging, to have him think he still had a chance. The best thing she could do was to make him give up on her so that he could start the process of healing and potentially find the right person for him. She had to do this because she knew that she would never be able to be with another man after Alex. Even if Alex didn't remember her for the rest of their lives, she would still choose to be with him. Because he was the one she loved. He was her soulmate and no one could ever take his place in her heart, no matter how much they might try to.

"Chris, I "

Before Abi could even form a phrase, the ground slightly trembled followed by a rumbling noise.

"Damn! Earthquake!!" Kelly yelled as she quickly dropped down to the ground while Abi's first reaction was to look around, searching for something or someone.

Her eyes widened when she saw that one of the huge pillars by the corridor was falling down. And he was right there, Alex. He was far away but Abi could see his arm stretched out and his fist was positioned at the spot where the pillar was originally standing. Did he just punch the pillar?

Abi finally felt that familiar chill. His head was turned in her direction like he was looking at her - no, he was glaring hard at her. She began to feel bloodlust in the air and Abi was immediately worried about Chris.

Oh no, this was bad She had to do something or Chris might

"That was just a weak earthquake but one pillar actually fell? It seems this castle is really old and unstable," Chris said, staring at the falling pillar.

While he was distracted, Abi quickly retracted her hands away from his. She stepped back, pulling Chris's attention back to her.

Chris looked at her and she saw the expression on her face. His heart stopped beating as he realised what her answer was going to be before she even said the words.

"Chris, I'm sorry but I cannot return your feelings. You are like a brother to me and I just don't feel that way about you. I'm sorry. Please go on without me. I won't be going back," she said before she turned around and ran away.

Chris stretched out his hand but his body felt like it was suddenly made of stone. He couldn't seem to move so all he could do was watch her running away from him. He looked down and clenched his fists. Damn, he was actually rejected by her.

"Let's go, Chris. Let's just honor her wish, okay?" Kelly coaxed him. She knew that Chris was in danger because she literally watched that Alexander Qin smash the pillar with his bare hand. She knew the man was angry and who knew what he would do to Chris if he stayed around?


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