Hellbound With You Chapter 307

306 Princess Or Piggy

"No. Call her Mrs. Qin."

Zeke: ". . ."

Zeke pinched the skin between his brows. "When did she even become Mrs Qin?"

"Well, just now. She'll be my future wife." He smirked at him and then in the next second, he became serious again. "So give her the respect she deserves and address her as Mrs Qin, understand?"

"Oh, so Alexander the great actually wants to marry now? And what's ever more newsworthy is that he wants to marry a human maid of all girls he can choose from in this world?"

"Well, isn't it time for me to settle down? I'm sick being single! I have been single for thousands of years!"

". . ."

Zeke silently sighed. When did this man become so annoying? Was he actually being serious right now?

"Great. Yeah, Alex. But I personally think you're getting way too ahead of yourself. Does the girl even like you?"

"She will. Soon," he declared, confident. "So don't even think about hitting on her, Zeke. You will just get rejected and then I would be forced to say 'I told you so' as you nurse your broken heart."

What the hell is he even talking about now?

"What if she's already married? Did you think about that?" Zeke rebutted.

"She's not! She isn't wearing a wedding ring," Alex said proudly, as if he had actually done his research on the matter, as if that was the one and only thing that he needed to look for to come to that conclusion.

Zeke threw him a disbelieving look before his poker face took over. "Enough with this nonsense, Alex. I have an important matter to tell her. She needs to know about the journey we just decided to go on because there's someone out there who wants to take her home."

Alex's face darkened. The dragon seemed to be ready to devour whoever this 'someone' was.

"Don't even think about it. The guy is important to her. You will make her hate you if you touch him so control yourself."

"Important to her" he echoed. "How important?"

"Her childhood friend, I hear."

Alex's face brightened. "Oh just a little childhood friend." He leaned against the wall, looking relieved that this 'someone' wasn't a threat.

Zeke could only shake his head and finally entered.

"Your friends are coming," he told Abi and Abi finally remembered Kelly and Chris.

She looked for her phone and found it dead on the table, literally.

"I killed it. It was noisy," Alex butted in as he leaned against the door.

Ah, this man

"You will deal with them. Make sure that your friend Chris won't make a scene," he instructed like a king.

Abi turned to Zeke and nodded at him. Abi knew what he was trying to say and she knew she should be the one to deal with this. She understood that she had to send Kelly and Chris home

"Okay, I'll go speak with them."


Meanwhile, Kai and Kelly were walking down long corridors and down many flights of stairs when Kelly started mumbling. "How the heck did you carry me up all these stairs? No wonder you're so yummy. This is like a daily gym routine just to get to your room!"

It was an old castle so there were obviously no elevators and her heels were starting to become her mortal enemy.

"I didn't carry you up these stairs. I jumped up to the veranda from the lower levels. It was much faster that way," he said casually as if he was saying the sky was blue and the grass was green. Kelly looked at him with an impish look on her face as a great idea popped into her head!

"Hmmm, well then, can you carry me and jump me down from here?" Kelly asked, her eyes full of mischief.

"Sorry, but you're walking today," Kai said. It was too risky to be doing that kind of thing in broad daylight but he didn't tell her that.

"Well then, how about you just carry me? You don't have to do any jumping." Kelly tried her luck again. This time she tried to pull a sad face at him, poking out her bottom lip like a little child pulling out all stops to get her parents to buy them that doll she really wanted.

Kai looked at her face and just shook his head. How could he say no to that face? Besides, he knew there were still a lot of stairs to go before they got to the ground floor.

He sighed and asked, "Princess or piggy?"

Kelly looked at him, a little confused at his question. What?

"Pick one. Princess or piggy?" He asked again.

"Princess, of course! But what does that have to do with anything?"

Instead of telling her, Kai answered by picking her up, princess style. She was taken by surprise but she immediately wound an arm around his neck. She smiled, feeling pampered. They walked down the stairs like that, with Kai tirelessly carrying her, until they arrived on the ground floor, where he gently placed her feet on the ground.

Kelly stood up but didn't take her arm away from his neck. Instead, she used it to pull him closer to her and she gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Thanks, my charming prince," she said before she gave him a wicked wink.

The two eventually found their way to the courtyard.

Abi was sitting on one of the benches, all alone. Abi looked a little worse for wear and Kelly immediately felt worried. She half ran towards her friend to make sure she was okay.

"Abi, are you okay?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Kelly," Abi replied and she even managed a smile.

They sat on a bench as they waited for Chris to arrive. Zeke had given the order for Chris to be allowed to come through.


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