Hellbound With You Chapter 306

305 Truly Madly Deeply

Abi could only press her lips tightly. She was speechless. How could he start seducing her right after he made her cry? He was simply impossible!

She averted her gaze away from him as she told herself to calm down.

However, Alex sat beside her. He rested his elbow on top of his bended knee as he leaned his head on his knuckles. His eyes were still smoldering towards her.

"Anyway, little lamb" he pulled her attention back to him. "What's your name?" he asked and Abi momentarily shut down.

Great. Her husband was just asking for her name and she almost forgot to breathe. She suddenly remembered the very first time he had asked her for her name, their first ever encounter in that cold, dark garage and how back then, this man was as cold as a glacier.

Abi almost laughed out loud. She couldn't believe she would feel this way just by him asking her name again. It was a strange feeling. All she knew was that she felt a tinge of pain and joy collided inside her at once. That was right. She was glad to know that he might start using her name again. She would at least finally hear her name come out of his lips again.

Staring at his eyes intently, Abi took a deep breath and answered him. "Abigail."

"Abigail" he echoed. There it was, her name. He momentarily fell silent as if her name had stirred something inside him. "Abigail" he uttered once more and Abi felt her heart race as she watched him tilt his head. He looked like he was trying to recall something as he uttered her name, something that was trying to claw its way to the surface, to his consciousness, and Abi held her breath, hoping against all odds that he would.


"That is a beautiful name," he simply said. He smiled at her but Abi's shoulders subconsciously dropped. "As beautiful as you," he added, flirting with her again.

He bent forward and whispered in her ear. "You can call me Alex, Abigail." He was obviously and purposely blowing his warm breath into her ear and he was way too close. So close that their noses were about to collide. "I want to hear it. You, calling my name."

"Please uhm you're too close"

"Okay, I'll back off if you call my name."

"You said no more threats."

"But this isn't a threat, Abigail. It is merely a request. A mutually beneficial one where we both get what we want." The smooth-talking man tried to persuade her.

Abi clenched the blanket under her hands. He was certainly trying to seduce her and it was working. She had dropped her guard a little and now she had to force herself to behave and not lean towards him and kiss those damn teasing lips. If he didn't back off soon, her desire and longing for him might take over and betray her.

"O-okay, please back off, A-alex" She finally gave in and thankfully, Alex kept his word and backed off as he said. He bit his lips sexily. F*ck, why did his name sound so sexy when she said it? Just her uttering his name turned him on. He truly, madly, deeply wanted her. He was already thinking about all the things he could do to her to make her call out his name as he pleasured her.

Gladly, before he could say or do anything more, a knock pulled his attention away from her. His lips twitched at the unwanted interruption, obviously pissed.

He stood up and walked over to the door, not bothering to hide his menacing aura for the unfortunate soul to feel as the door opened.

"What is it?" he asked, his voice cold and unforgiving as he glared at Zeke. Ever since his maid declared that he liked Zeke, he started to look at Zeke in a different light. No, this guy had turned into an enemy in his eyes.

Alex had stopped considering anyone as an enemy. He didn't have anyone whom he called an enemy since he turned himself into an immortal. Maybe it was because feuds and wars were no longer interesting to him; they all just seemed like petty squabbles between petty individuals. There was no point because he was basically a cheat. Of course he would always win against any of his opponents because he would always be the last one standing, alive. Nobody was strong enough to go against him, with the exception of this vampire before him. In all his existence, Zeke was the strongest opponent he had ever met. If this guy was an immortal like him, or if he wasn't an immortal, then things could have been more exciting.

Zeke was exceptionally strong and he was close to being on par with Alex when he was in his best state. In all honesty, he was the only one who could awaken the rotting demons inside him to bother having a fight.

He remembered that he used to make fun of him when he was younger, riling him up to no end, just so the young Zeke would lose his self control and fight with him. It was all for entertainment, all those times they fought, and he had never thought of or saw Zeke as someone he should be wary of. As far as he could remember, he had never had any negative feelings towards this man. But now, everything was different. All because of her. Abigail. And now here he was, glaring at this man who was as close to an equal as anyone could be, feeling displeased by his mere presence.

"I have to speak with the maid." Zeke ignored the menacing, dark, cold welcome he was greeted with and got straight to the point.

"Her name is Abigail," Alex immediately corrected, surprising Zeke. His eyes flew towards Abi on the bed.

"Okay... Well then, I need to speak with Abigai "

"I didn't say you could call her that," Alex butted in quickly, refusing to let Zeke finish saying her name. Only he was allowed to say her name.

Zeke was speechless. He felt it, Alex's animosity and jealousy. His eyes narrowed as he looked at Alex closely. He had changed from his cold, uncaring person. He now seemed very protective of Abigail as if he had accepted these unknown feelings he was having instead of fighting against them. What happened? He seemed to be acting a little like the old Alex but he could tell that Alex still didn't remember Abi.

"So what exactly do you want me to call her? Should I call her little lamb?"

That made Alex's glare become even more razor sharp. The saying 'if looks could kill' was a very appropriate description of Alex's expression at that moment. He bent forward and whispered to Zeke.

"No. Call her Mrs. Qin."

Zeke: ". . ."

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