Hellbound With You Chapter 304

303 Impossible

Kelly got the answer and she was speechless.

"That's why" Kai spoke, still looking out the window. "Our law forbids vampires to have romantic relationships with humans. Alex is the only exception as well" he trailed off as he slowly returned his gaze towards Kelly.

He didn't know why his heartbeat became even louder, as if he was scared to see her reaction. But this was what he wanted to do and the only thing he could do for her. To tell her the truth.

Her eyes were locked on his. Her gaze was piercing. Kai had always thought Kelly was attractive and there was something in her that was pulling him in but he always forced himself to ignore her. He had been going a bloody good job until last night, when she said she like him.

No, stop. He told himself and averted his gaze away from her stare as he moved.

"Please go and get ready. I'll ask someone to bring some clothes for you," he said and he walked towards the door as he brought out his phone while Kelly's sight just followed him.

So he was saying it was impossible for them. Yes, this was him telling her that they couldn't go any further. Because it was dangerous and forbidden. She thought and a bitter smile flashed on her face. She couldn't help but want to laugh.

So this was it? The chase was to end here?

Kelly closed her eyes and she felt like her heart had become 100 times heavier. Oh no, what was this feeling? Was she devastated? Why? Because she liked him? No, it shouldn't be this heavy if she just liked him right? She had liked someone before and she was not devastated when he eventually got married to someone else. This was differ wait oh damn, holly cow was she was she in love?!!

The realization made Kelly's eyes almost bulge out of their sockets. What the hell! This was bad!!

Her eyes flew towards Kai. He was only standing there with her back to him, speaking to someone on the phone, so why did her heart started to accelerate? No one ever made her heart flutter like this. And last night, she remembered the heat, the feelings and she thought that was just her body craving for the pretty prince. But now

Suddenly, Kelly slapped herself, jolting Kai.

"H-hey, what are you doing?" he immediately jumped towards her and held her face. Damn pretty boy. Why did he need to be so concerned about her now? Damn it! She suddenly wanted to throw tantrums. She couldn't believe this. She realized she was in love with him the very moment he said it was impossible for them. Ha.ha.ha. Oh my goodness Kelly.

"I want to go berserk," she told him, causing Kai to blink.

"Hey we just talked about it "

"I never agreed."

"Kelly, please."

"Kiss me or I'll scream."

Kai almost choked. He was lost for words. He froze there and he didn't know what to do. Why? Why was she still asking him to kiss her?

He watched her close her eyes and his eyes fell on her lips. No, he couldn't, he shouldn't! He was about to turn away when he realized something. Was this a goodbye kiss? Was she asking him for one last kiss?

That thought made Kai feel like a needle was poking his chest. Why? Was he sad? It seemed he was, yet the only thing he could do was curse within him, close his eyes before his lips landed on hers.

Their heart thudded louder than usual as their lips collided and Kelly's arms were immediately wrapped around his neck. She opened her mouth and his tongue slid inside. Suddenly, they were in a heated kiss, passionate and wild, kissing like there was no more tomorrow.

They found themselves on the bed, kissing nonstop in the broad daylight. For some reason, neither of them wanted to stop. Their bodies were getting hot as their tongues continued paying tag with each other. It was intense and they couldn't figure out why they were doing this.

Gasping for air once their lips parted, their eyes gazed at each other with desire. They both never desired anyone in their lives like how they felt at that moment. Why? Why were they feeling like this now?

Kai was the first to snap and his hand covered her lips. Perhaps to stop himself from kissing her again. This was not good

A knock on the door disrupted his jumbled thoughts and he climbed off her.

The clothes he asked for had arrived and he held them as he walked back to the bed.

"You can wear this for now," he said and Kelly silently took them.

She stood up towards the bathroom but suddenly halted halfway there.

"I just want to confirm one more thing," she said, not looking back. "You are saying that it's impossible for us, right?"

Kai stared at her back with a sad look. "Yes," he answered and all she said back were the words "I see."

The moment the bathroom door closed, Kai lifted his hand and ran his fingers through his hair and tugged them as he plopped on the bed. Damn. What the heck just happened? Did he just have the best and worse morning of his existence?

When Kelly stepped out of the bathroom, her expression was normal, as if nothing had happened. She then received a call from Chris saying that he had arrived.

She let him know she was on her way before she ended the call.

"I need to see Abigail. Chris is going to want to see her for himself otherwise he won't leave quietly. He's a huge star so he definitely has the power to make trouble for you guys if he thinks you have hurt her or are keeping her against her will," she said.

Kai understood what she was trying to say - that Abi needed to be there to tell the man herself that it was her choice to stay. He then took his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

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