Hellbound With You Chapter 303

302 Just Superstitions

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"What? You guys are still in the palace?" Chris sounded so shocked.

"Well, yeah. How about you? Where are you?"

"I tried looking for both of you to take you home but once the party was over, the guards pretty much kicked us out! My manager and I were drunk despite just sipping the wine and now I'm I think I'm in a hotel."

"Oh, that's good then. At least you're still alive. Maybe a good lady vamp out there picked you up like what happened to me."

"Huh? Lady what?"

Kelly abruptly glanced at Kai and his face was dark and grave, hearing her slip of the tongue. "Haha. Nothing. I'm talking about beauties. Perhaps a beauty picked you up and took you with her. But anyway. Don't worry, Chris. We are both okay. Just a little hungover."

"Okay, I'm going back there and pick you both up." Chris sounded quite frustrated.

Kelly understood his frustration so she said "A-alright."

"I'll call you once I'm there."

"Okay. See you soon."

Kelly hung up and turned to Kai. Her expression became serious as she looked at him. He was as beautiful as always, having the appearance of a delicate pretty boy that she liked. She couldn't help but smile, thinking about those times that she had beaten this man up and teased him to no end. She even remembered how she swore to protect him from bitches but damn what the hell this guy was actually a vampire?

Pressing her temples as she took a deep breath, Kelly surveyed herself. She still didn't know what to do or say to this man now.

The silence dragged on and Kai finally moved. "You go and get ready now. Your friend will be here soon so you have to go and "

"Wait." She looked up. "So Abi's husband, Alexander, is a vampire as well? Although that doesn't excuse his behavior!"

"Yes, he is. The reason why he is acting like this is because..." Kai paused, wondering how best to explain what happened to Alex to her. "He kind of lost his 'humanity' after Abi's surgery. Long story short, Alex was attacked and they used Abi as bait and he got hurt from trying to save her. This is the result. That part of him that loves and cares, he lost it all so that's why he is like this. He doesn't remember being with Abigail at all. He had no memories of her or you or her family."

"Geez that's intense!" She said, once again shocked by this new knowledge. She fell silent for a while and then she shook her head. She supposed she could somewhat understand it now but still, she couldn't help but feel somewhat angry that all this was happening to her best friend. However, there wasn't much she could do or say to make it better. "So my best friend married a vampire who loved her but has forgotten all about her. But Abi knows everything, right?"

Now that Kelly thought about it, she realized that Abi must have known their secrets. Maybe not everything but since the beginning, despite how she told her that that Alexander Qin was dangerous, she didn't listen and even ended up marrying him. She also never told her anything about him.

"She already knows."

"Great." She bit her lips. "So, you guys can marry humans, huh."

"We can't. Alex is an exception."

Kelly creased her brows. "Why? Why is Alexander an exception? And why can't you?"

"He's halfblooded. We pure blooded vampires can't be with humans because it's dangerous for them."

"Dangerous are you saying that I'm in danger right now from being with you? Do you crave for my blood? Is that why you've been running away from me?"

"We don't crave human blood that much anymore. Vampires in this era have learned to live without tasting even a drop of human blood. We have laws too that everyone needs to follow to stay hidden from the world."

What he said silenced her. God knew how many books she had read about vampires. Yet now this was really unbelievable

"It must be hard for you guys to live in the modern world."

"Why would you say that?"

"Well, it's hard to hide nowadays with all this new technology coming out. Unlike the nineties and before where you guys didn't need to hide that much."

A small smile curved on his pretty face as he looked away. "Not really. I think this era is the best time for us."

She pulled her brows together, unable to understand why he would say that.

"Of course, it's a bit harder now but it's easier at the same time, because the modern world doesn't believe in things that science can't explain. To this modern world, we are just superstitions. Even if someone would see us with their very own eyes, do you think the world would even believe that person if they yelled out to the world that we exist? They will just smile and call that someone a fool."

"Then why do you need to execute me?"

"Because you are different from those people who just 'saw' us. You know too much and most importantly, you broke the spell. You also have connections that is enough to make people pay attention towards us. We consider humans who break the spell as threats."

She fell silent again before another question came out from her lips. "You said it's dangerous for a pure blooded vampire and human to stay together yet you said you guys don't crave human blood anymore. Is the danger you're talking about different from what I'm thinking?"

Kai let out a quiet sigh. He stared intently at her and he could see her eyes fill with curiosity. She was not scared at all. She even looked like she was fascinated by this new thing she discovered. Kai wondered if he was doing the right thing, explaining all these to her. Yet, he found himself answering her every question.

"There's no danger actually as long as the human and the vampire avoid intimacy."

"Intimacy" she echoed. She remembered how he just kissed her just now and no danger arouse. But then, the memories from last started to flash in her head. They were basically very, very intimate except"Sex?" she uttered and Kai looked away, not meeting her gaze.



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