Hellbound With You Chapter 302

301 Were Just Vampires

Kai was silent. It seemed there was no more way out of this. Now that he confirmed that she really remembered everything, Kai was starting to feel uneasy. No, it was worry and fear. And he could tell he was worried about her. Because Kelly was in danger now. What should he do? This was his fault. He shouldn't have let her catch him last night. It seemed that his worry about her backfired on him and now he had put her in an even more dangerous situation.

He finally stared at her eyes and he could see anger and a little fear in them. There was no more way out but to tell her. "I'm sorry" he muttered again, causing Kelly to grit her teeth.

"Stop apologizing, you damn prince, and just tell me what is going on! If you won't speak then let go!" she pressed, struggling futilely again.

"That's right. We're the ones behind it all. We erased your memories so you would forget about us."

Kelly was speechless as she shook her head in disbelief. "How?"

"We used a special incense to cast a spell on you guys."

A forced smile escaped her lips. "What now? Are you saying that you guys are wizards? What is all this b*llshit about spells?"

"No. We're just vampires, not wizards."

Kelly's eyes narrowed at him, obviously not believing his words. She gazed deeply into his eyes. She thought that he was just procrastinating, saying something so outrageous to distract her from the issue at hand. But she was having none of it. But he looked so serious and there was no sign of him lying at all.

"Stop joking around, Prince," her lips slightly trembled. There was no way this was actually happening right now. Vampires were not real. They were baddies that Hollywood made up to increase their ticket sales. There was just no way but what other explanation was there for all this and his super human speed just now and this strength? Radioactive spider? Alien?

Kelly's mind was starting to race as her thoughts began analysing, building theories to try and explain what she just saw but nothing made sense. Science couldn't make sense of it.

"I am not joking," Kai said with as much seriousness as he could muster, which made Kelly waver.

"So, you're saying that you and Alexander Qin are vampires?" she asked. Her voice now turned quieter.

"Yes. Not just us. Most of us in this country," he answered before he let out a sigh and let his body fall on top of her as if he was exhausted. "I'm sorry for putting you in this situation, Kelly. I know this is hard to believe. We are not supposed to be known to the world. And you knowing all this now puts you in danger. That's why I am telling you all this. Because I want you to understand and keep this a secret. This is the only way to save you. Act like you don't know a thing and act like you don't remember a thing. Can you do that?" he whispered.

Kelly slightly shivered because of the graveness of his voice. She was still processing if everything he was saying was real but him speaking with all the seriousness in the world made her stomach churn. How did things end up like this? Was she still dreaming?

He pulled away but his face was still close to hers. "Listen Kelly, I will let you meet Abigail right now, but you have to promise me that you will act like you know nothing."

"And if I won't?"

"I'll have to force you to stay in this country and you will never get to go back home again."

"And if I refuse?"

Kai stared into her eyes before he answered. "They would execute you."

His answer made Kelly gulp. She took a deep breath and forced a smile. "You know I still don't believe you. Like who would"

Kelly trailed off as Kai's eyes slowly turned red and his canines grew. "Believe it, Kelly. This is your only choice," he begged, his eyes pleading. "I don't want anything bad to happen to you and I don't want to imprison you here. Just act like you don't know a thing, please, and you will be fine okay?"

His eyes slowly returned to normal again and Kelly didn't know why her heart skipped a beat as she looked at him, and it wasn't because of fear. Her heart ached as well for a reason she didn't know.

"Darn. So you creatures really exist, huh?" She finally gave in. There was no more use denying things.

"Unfortunately, we do exist." He smiled. "And you're supposed to never know that."

"Because you guys enjoyed the fact that we thought you guys were nothing but fictional?"

"Not really. It's because we can't" Kai trailed off. Kelly waited for what he had to say when a phone disturbed them.

Kai gazed down at her. "I'm going to let you go now but please don't yell. Vampires can easily hear your voice if you yell like that," he urged and Kelly could only nod.

Kai moved away from on top of her and Kelly reached out for her phone. It was Chris.

She cleared her throat and answered the phone while Kai was watching her.


"Damn it, Kelly. Where the hell are you two? Where is Abi?"

"Chris, stop shouting! Abi and I will not be going home today. We will take another plane so you go back first."

"No, I won't go back without Abi. Where is she? Tell me, or I'll report to the police that she's missing."

"Relax Chris!" Darn. How was she going to deal with this guy? It seemed that the only way to calm him down was to let him see for himself that Abi was okay.

"How can I relax, Kelly? I've been looking for you guys since last night! And now I am in some weird room. I won't go back home until I confess to her."

Oh man.


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