Hellbound With You Chapter 301

300 Look At Me

The instant the warmth of his lips penetrated her senses, Kelly finally stopped struggling. The arms that were pushing him away became anchors instead as she pulled him closer to her. This was the first time this guy had initiated anything like this so even though he was only doing this to stop her from yelling, Kelly found herself kissing him back. Damn, why did his lips taste so delicious? Why did this pretty guy turn her on this much? She felt her body relax as she responded to his kiss. She was no longer tense and wound up.

Kai felt her body relax under him and he inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. 'Thank goodness!' He might actually be able to talk some sense into her now,' he thought. Kai pulled away tentatively, as if he was getting ready to apply his new 'Kelly's bomb diffuser technique' in case she started screaming again. Thankfully, or not, he didn't have to, but she did look up at him with many questions in her eyes, ones that he would probably have to answer at some point.

"You're not going to scream anymore right?" Kai asked, just to make sure.

Kelly shook her head but the anger in her eyes started to ignite again. She wanted to tease him and kiss him again but she knew this guy was just trying to divert her attention from the real problem. Thus, she pushed her naughty devil inside her to behave for now and become serious. "Tell me, prince. Is it true what I heard last night? That Alexander Qin has been taking other women to his bed despite him being married to Abi?" The question she asked was very serious and his answer could have major repercussions.

Kai didn't know what to say. The short answer was yes but if he said that outright, they would be back to square one, back to him dealing with the raging dragoness that was Kelly.

The silence dragged on and Kelly finally snapped. She narrowed her eyes, grabbed his collar and pulled him closer to her. His silence only meant one thing and to Kelly, it was a 'yes'. She couldn't help but fume in anger. This was unforgivable.

"Has. Alex. Been. Sleeping. With. Other. Women?!" Kelly emphasised each word so that Kai would get the message.

Kai sighed. He was again defeated by this woman. Even the tried and tested technique didn't work on her. So Kai caved in and prepared himself to answer her question. "I will answer your question but can you promise me that you won't go on a rampage?"

"No," Kelly said, as straightforward as ever.

"Can you at least let me explain?" Kai asked, trying to get her to compromise a little.

Kelly didn't answer but her face started to darken, telling Kai that he better hurry up and spill the beans. "Yes." He could only say and before he could begin to explain, Kelly's eyes burned with anger, causing him unable to speak because he knew it might be useless at the moment.

That man didn't know how Abi survived these last three months without him. How dare he do this to her! She was going to break his goddamn twins!!

Finally losing her temper, Kelly pushed Kai and she flipped him so that he was now on his back and she was on top of him.

The raging tigress had unleashed her badass strength and Kai could tell that he wouldn't be able to stop her anymore without using force.

He couldn't let her create a scene here because Alex wasn't the Alex she had met before. If she went and confronted Alex, that guy might kill her without hesitation. Damn, what should he do? If he let her go, this girl might

Before Kai could even decide, his body had already moved faster than his brain. As Kelly ran towards the door like an olympic sprinter, Kai was forced to use his vampire speed to chase after her. Kelly felt a woosh of air as Kai passed her, beating her to the door again. This time, Kelly definitely saw his super human speed and she couldn't help but gape at him, distracting her from her rage.

"How did you" her eyes wide in shock and confusion.

When Kai didn't answer, Kelly reeled and she subconsciously took a couple of steps back. Her face was full of shock and disbelief.

She stared at him and then her instincts suddenly told her to run. She eyed the door but she just took a few steps when she felt like she was flying. The next second, she found herself back on the bed, pinned down by him.

Kelly's eyes widened in shock at how much strength this guy had now. Her hands were held by just one hand so why couldn't she even move them? His grip was suddenly unbreakable, like actual shackles, making it impossible for her to escape.

Subconsciously, Kelly swallowed. For the first time, she felt a chill run down her spine because of him. She normally felt this chill around that Alexander Qin and now, she was feeling it from this cutie pie as well? Although the ominous feeling was dramatically lesser and subtler than Alexander and that Ezekiel, Kelly couldn't help but look at him with the same doubt and trustless gaze.

Realizing what he just did, Kai slowly loosened up his grip on her. But he didn't let go and remained in that position, not giving her any chance to escape. "I'm sorry" he said. His apologetic eyes were sincere. "I can't let you go and find Alex."

Kelly gazed up at him. Her eyes were as serious than ever. "Why?"

"Because you might"

"Because what?! He'll kill me? Or is he going to erase my memories again?" she asked. Her voice was mocking, as if she was laughing at herself for even asking these stupid questions.

She saw him look shocked for a moment but he averted his gaze.

"Look at me and answer me! Are you guys behind all this? You guys made me forget, no, not just me. Everyone else except Abi. Everyone forgot about all your existence. Why? I mean, how? How did that happen? How did you guys even do something like that?"

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