Hellbound With You Chapter 300

299 Kelly Being Kelly

Inside Kai's room

The moment Kelly woke up, her eyes immediately fell on the delicate looking creature beside her. He was as dreamy as always but Kelly couldn't quite enjoy this view so early in the morning. It was because all the memories she had forgotten all came back to her.

She knew it was strange and millions of questions began to pop in her head. Why did she suddenly forget about this prince and everyone connected to him?

Kelly remembered it all and her head felt like it was going to burst. She remembered how Abi was looking for Alex that they and she and even Abi's family forgot about Alex and the others. She realized it wasn't just her who lost the memories, it was all of them, except Abi. And the only memories that were erased were the things that were related to them, Alexander Qin, this prince, and that Ezekiel Qin. She wasn't an idiot to think that it was amnesia. It definitely wasn't. This was peculiar, something that was supposed to be impossible.

Looking at the sleeping man again, Kelly couldn't help but think about all the silly possibilities. Could it be that this prince and those other two were magicians or hypnotists? Kelly slapped her head. This wasn't good. Things were just getting too much for her especially when she had this damn hangover.

As she ran her fingers through her hair and tugged them slightly, Kelly's mind then shifted onto something else and her curiosity and confusion was slowly diverted into anger.

She glared down at Kai with a dark expression and when she saw him start to wake up, she climbed up over him and waited for him to fully wake up. He suddenly sat up and she looked into his eyes and then

"Where's Alex!?" she growled at him. At that moment, she really, really, really wanted to beat that guy up for everything that Abi had gone through in the last few months. She had seen her best friend lose her light, her happiness and joy, all because that man had left her! And after marrying her, too!!! What a douchebag! How the hell could he marry Abi and then just ditch her just like that?! The nerve of that guy! There was no way in hell she was going to let him get away with that, even if he turned out to be the most powerful underworld mastermind!

Not only that, Kelly had heard other women talking about Alexander at the party last night, saying how they wished he would pick them to be with him for the night and how lucky those other girls were that he had picked! WHAAAT???? All this time, this guy, who was MARRIED to her best friend, had been whoring around behind Abi's back, while Abigail had been at home, feeling miserable?? This was an unforgivable sin in her books! She was going to have to find Abi and take her away from this godforsaken place where they could all burn in hell and she would happily throw the first burning match to send them there! That insect didn't deserve her Abigail and oh, how she wanted to squash him under her foot like the despicable bug that he was.

She couldn't help but go on a rampage. She had many questions about why her memories of that damn Alexander Qin and this prince and everyone else had disappeared, but she didn't have time to question that when there was a much more important matter to take care of - to beat the hell outta that womanizing bastard and take her Abigail away from here!

"Tell me where Alexander Qin is, Prince! Right now!" Kelly demanded. She figured that wherever Alex was, Abi would be there too.

Kai sat frozen, just staring at her furious face and when he didn't say anything, she leaped off the bed and ran straight towards the door, screaming at the top of her lungs, "ALEXANDER QIN!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU HIDING, YOU BASTARD? COME OUT!"

Kai was a blur as he rushed towards the door to shut it before Kelly could take a step outside. Letting her leave while she was like this was asking for trouble. But keeping her here would also cause him a lot of trouble Sigh. He supposed he would have to play the knight and sacrifice himself.

Before Kelly could retaliate and pummell him to hell, he immediately picked her up like a sack of rice and put her over his shoulder, feeling thankful that she had stopped trying to scream the castle down. He then strode towards the bed again but he hadn't even taken two steps before her fists were smashing into his back at full force as her legs kicked the air in front of him.

"Argh!! Help me!! Help me!! The prince is trying to kidnap me so he can have his way with me!!! Help me!!!"

Kai was stunned, yet again! What the hell was this woman spouting out now? He immediately plonked her on the bed and very quickly put his hand over her mouth to stop the screeching noises that were coming out from it. At this rate, every damn vampire in the castle was going to go after her for waking them up with her shouting!

But of course, Kelly being Kelly, she obviously fought against him like a trapped animal. She twisted and thrashed on the bed, trying to remove his hand from her mouth. Kai was a little worried, because he obviously didn't want to hurt her but if she kept this up, she would only end up hurting herself.

So he removed his hand from over her mouth but she started to scream again! However, in the next second, her screams were stopped by Kai placing his lips over hers. He didn't know what else to do so he figured he would do something she would never expect. And this was it!


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