Hellbound With You Chapter 299

298 A Journey

"Zeke" he gnashed his teeth in anger. Did he ask her to jump down knowing that there was a witch inside?

Before Alex could attack him again, he diverted Alex's attention to Abi. "Carry her. I need to check on her. Also, I didn't know there was a witch down there," he explained and Alex's eyes fell on Abi again.

"If you're lying, I'll kill you," Alex threatened and Zeke could only sigh, still surveying Alex's face to see if he remembered something.

Abi had lost consciousness when Alex lifted her up again, causing him to panic.

"Zeke!" he called out. "She's"

Zeke turned and walked over to them. He checked her pulse and was relieved to find that she seemed to have just passed out.

"She just passed out, Alex. No need to worry," Zeke assured him and Alex's expression became a little better, although he still glared at Zeke with an expression filled with his murderous intent. "Go settle her down on your bed and change her clothes. I will check on her later after I deal with the witch."

Zeke then turned and followed the guards. He knew he was in trouble. He had messed up. He wondered what Alex would do to him after this. Are they finally going to have a real fight soon?

"Tch! How troublesome," he muttered to himself but when he looked at the witch he was following, he narrowed his eyes. It seemed this little wench of a witch was actually a step ahead of him and he was intrigued as to who this witch was who was powerful enough to actually foresee his next moves.

Zeke found Alex sitting beside the bed, keeping watch on Abigail. It seemed this guy didn't wait for him anymore and called a human doctor to check on her.

"It appears that the witch managed to enter the dungeon last night and waited there. She and her clan foresaw all this." Zeke broke the silence as he leaned against the door.

But Alex was silent. He just stared at the sleeping girl for a long while before his calm words left his mouth. "Tell me, Zeke. What the hell are you aiming for?" he asked and then he stood up. He walked over to him silently, but with sharp murderous eyes. "I knew you were up to something since the moment you asked me to attend the banquet last night."

Zeke sighed. But then, his expression changed. Zeke looked at him with a villainous look. "Well what do you think? You think I'm doing all this for no reason? You know I don't play mindless games, Alex. And what about you? Did you finally find out what was going on with you?" he retorted, serious as ever.

"I don't fucking know!" Alex hissed. His anger was leaking out. "I felt like I just experienced some kind of dj vu when I jumped down the hole to save her and I don't know why. All I know is I hate it when she gets hurt and I wouldn't even hesitate to rip anyone to death, even if it's you, if something happens to her!"

Zeke groaned, exasperated as he ran his fingers through his hair. Goddammit! So he still didn't remember anything! He knew that it wouldn't be that easy but Zeke was getting impatient now, especially when the witches already knew about Alex and they were now taking their moves.

"Now tell me. Who is that girl? I know you know. Tell me or you'll regret it."

A smile curved on Zeke's lips. He stared at Alex for a long while before he finally decided what to say. "Fine, I'll tell you what you want to know. But I have one condition," he negotiated. "You will help me hunt for a certain witch."

Alex looked at him like he was an idiot, causing Zeke's lips to twitch. "She's no ordinary witch, Alex. And I'm telling you, we might be able to solve all these mysteries if we catch her. I am certain she knows exactly what was going on with you. And that was why she sent a witch to abduct your maid."

What Zeke said made Alex's brows crease.

"She knew you had become obsessed with the human. I could tell they were aiming to take her as bait to catch you. That witch just tried to control her in that little period of time she was down there. It was a relief that the maid was strong enough to resist that witch's power. Even vampires wouldn't have been able to," he explained. "And isn't it more fun if we go out and hunt them than waiting for these witches to come to us?"

Zeke had been thinking about this for a while now. He couldn't confine Alex inside this palace and he wasn't safe here anymore. The witches were just too sly there was no use hiding from them because playing hide and seek was their forte. The only way to beat them was to stop playing their game and go to them.

"Also, we are taking her with us," Zeke added as he glanced at the sleeping girl. "She'll be a huge help for us."

Alex was silent for a moment before he asked Zeke again. "And what would a human like her do? Wouldn't she just be a burden? Wouldn't she just slow us down?"

"Don't underestimate her, Alex. You have no idea how strong-willed that little human is." At least, your current self right now doesn't know it. "She has an exceptional ability to recognize witches in disguise. And isn't it better for you to keep her by your side as we go on the journey? That way, you can make sure she is safe." Zeke smirked but Alex just glared at him again.

What happened today made Alex realize that Zeke was dangerous for the little lamb. Alex managed to defy this guy in the dungeon but he wasn't sure if he could do that again. In short, all he could do was to listen to this guy but not trust him at the same time when it came to his little lamb.

And now that he thought about it, going on a journey with her might be a good thing. He would certainly make the little lamb fall head over heels for him if they worked on something together.

"Fine," Alex finally agreed and Zeke smiled within him.

"Good. You must tell her once she wakes up. We are heading out first thing tomorrow," Zeke said and he finally left the room. He was relieved that Alex agreed damn fast. It seemed using Abigail worked wonders again.

Zeke's eyes then turned serious as he walked back to the underground prison cell where the witch had been detained. He had a bad feeling about this. These ominous feelings he had since Alex came back without memories had been haunting him for a while now. He just felt that something bad was going to happen and if they didn't move now something worse might befall them.


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