Hellbound With You Chapter 292

291 Come Back To Me

"Don't worry. I knew he would ditch you. I just spotted him. I will look out for him tonight so have a rest for now. Also, prepare yourself because I am going to have to punish you tomorrow."

Abi swallowed.

"I have to punish you for real to show him the consequence of his actions. I am doing it so that he will not ditch you again. It will have to be something on the extreme side, so sleep and prepare yourself for the worst."

He sounded menacing. Zeke's words somewhat pushed down her devastation because fear suddenly kicked it out of its throne for a second or two.

"Are we clear?"

"Yes, I-I understand." What else could she say? If she had to go through hell again to bring her husband back, she would walk down there barefooted, with a smile on her face. "Zeke," she continued, "can you make sure he doesn't he doesn't go to his to his ha" Abi broke off. She couldn't say it. She couldn't ask this man to stop Alex from going to see another woman. She just couldn't.

"Okay" Zeke surprisingly said. "Don't worry, that guy doesn't have a harem." He knew what she was going to ask. He wasn't an idiot. After the display she put on earlier, he had learned his lesson. If he was going to work with Abigail, then he would need to take her feelings into consideration.

"Thank you, Zeke," she said from the bottom of her heart. Abi was so thankful that she felt like crying.

Abi put the phone down and went to the bathroom to take a proper bath because she needed to clear her head so that the sadness in her heart wouldn't eat her alive. Having Zeke's assurance somehow calmed her down a little, but it didn't stop the clawing pain in her heart.

She dried herself and went to his wardrobe to pick one of his shirts and a pair of boxer shorts. She didn't have any other clothes and the maid's uniform was now torn to pieces. She forgot to tell Zeke about those. She would have to do that tomorrow.

She wore them, changed the sheets, and settled herself there. She was a little nervous about what tomorrow would bring her but she noticed that Alex's eyes would only show that familiar hellish glare of his everytime she nearly got hurt; like when she was nearly bitten by Zeke and when she pulled his hand to choke her. Maybe Zeke's plan would work.

Abi knew that Zeke needed to punish her, or else his words would mean nothing to Alex, leading him to ditch her even more.

But was it true that he didn't have a harem? Then why did he say that? She didn't want to think about that anymore. She had to trust in Zeke's words, his promise that he would stop Alex from doing that kind of thing.

Abi walked towards the table and picked up the rings. They were all put together in a necklace. Did he put these all together and wore it before he left her?

Seeing those rings reminded her of their wedding day. She lay back on her bed and closed her eyes, trying to remember everything about that day. She remembered how happy she felt as she put on her dress, knowing that in a few hours time, she would bear the title of Alex's wife. She saw his handsome face, waiting for her at the end of the aisle and the thing that she remembered the most was the look in his eyes as he watched her walk towards him.

His eyes were so full of love for her, so full of happiness.

Abi grabbed the pillow and cried to her sleep. She missed him so much.

Alex was sitting on the castle's highest rooftop. His eyes were focused on the dark space between the moon and the stars above and the lights on the ground.

His eyes were blank. The cold wind caressed his skin as his robe danced along with it. He sat there, one knee bent and the other, dangling.

He seemed to be deep in his thoughts and he stayed like that, as still as a statue, with only the wind, stars and moon keeping him company.

After a long while, he stood up and jumped down.

He went back to his room. Although he had said he was going to his harem, he had no intention of actually going anywhere. He wasn't in the mood for anything like that anymore. He didn't think that he would be in the mood for anyone apart from her anymore.

He pushed the door open silently and walked over to the bed. He stood next to it, on the side she was sleeping on and he saw that she was wearing his shirt and his boxer shorts. He shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't believe she was seducing him even in her sleep. "What a maid. Are you really a maid? You didn't just wear my shirt without permission, you even wore my damn"

He had no more words left. Ever since this maid barged into his room, his world had turned to chaos. He somewhat found it hard to believe that she was a real maid at all!

He changed into his pajama pants and lay down on the bed beside her.

He turned to face her and attempted to touch her face but his smirk faded after he saw traces of tears in her eyes down her cheeks, as she held the rings in her hand.

His brows pulled together. Why was she holding on to those?

Alex stared at them. Those rings were hanging around his neck but he didn't remember anything about them. He remembered the jade ring but the other two were enigmas. He couldn't remember where they came from or how they even ended up in his possession. They were just strange, as strange as this woman before him right now.

The next moment, she stretched her arms out and wrapped it around him, pulling herself close to him.

"I miss you so much. Come back to me... Please..." she uttered in her sleep and Alex didn't know why his heart suddenly skipped a beat.


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