Hellbound With You Chapter 291

290 Say I

Here he was, her drug, her antidote, kissing her like all he wanted in the world was her. Her resolve was melting, like ice cream being thrown on the fire. She was crumbling fast under his passionate kisses.

He pulled away but he didn't let their lips part. "C'mon, little lamb. Give in to me. Respond to me," he whispered against her lips before he kissed her again.

Abi gripped the sheets so hard that her knuckles turned white, to stop herself from reaching out to him and pulling him to her. 'I must not succumb! No! I won't give in! Abi, please. Don't let him win!' she screamed within her, trying to wake herself up from his spell.

He pulled away the second time around and Alex stared down at her face. There was a glitter of an unacceptable defeat in his eyes. Why was she not responding? How the hell was she able to resist him? What kind of creature was she?

"How stubborn." Alex groaned. But he didn't look like he was going to give up. His desire for her even intensified. "I will make you beg for me." he added and his lips landed on her neck. He kissed and sucked her there, at that sensitive spot just under her ear, as his hand travelled down.

Abi closed her eyes, trying to tell herself not to react. She withdrew into her mind to stop his kisses from affecting her. She thought that her revenge on him in the bathroom was nothing compared to this punishment. She hadn't even used her lips on him! This wasn't fair! He wasn't playing fair!

As Abi was cursing him inwardly for his unfair advantage, his hand had reached her abdomen. Abi tried so hard to stop herself from feeling that hand trailing down her body towards her...

And then he touched her flower, ever so softly. He caressed her until her body betrayed her. His fingers were slick with her juices less than a minute of his fingers playing with her.

"F*ck, your body wants me damn bad, little lamb. Listen to your body and tell me you want me."

Abi kept silent. She bit her lips from stopping herself from spouting out words like 'Yes, I want you,' or 'I have missed you,' or 'make love to me'. She could not say anything as he took her to the heights of pleasure with just his fingers.

"I will make you spit it out," he said, even more determined knowing that her body was at least responding to him.

The fire in his eyes intensified and in the next second, he slid downwards and replaced his hand with his lips and his tongue. He kissed her there softly, his tongue teasing her like never before. This onslaught took Abi's pleasure to new heights. She was breathing hard as she tried to resist but her body wouldn't listen to her.

Abi covered her mouth with her hand and she bit on it to stop her moans from escaping from her mouth. Her body had already submitted to him, her mind was the last man standing.

There was no way her body wouldn't react when he was doing this to her. Her body knew his touch. His hands were the only ones to have ever touched her like this. His hands were the hands that brought her to this new world of sexual pleasure. His hands were the only ones that could play a symphony with her body. It was simply too much for her body to resist.

Alex looked up through his eyelashes and when he saw her covering her mouth, he took her hands and intertwined her fingers with his before he continued the onslaught.

Abi bit her lips, hard. Her body was tingling, arching into him as her pleasure increased. Oh no! It was coming! That bubbling feeling in the pit of the stomach. No!

Just as Abi was climbing up to the climax, Alex paused, though he had no intention of ending it there. He hovered above her for a second, almost bursting from his desire. He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted her. He had just tasted her and now he wanted to bury himself inside her. "Now, tell me, sweet girl tell me you want me and I'll make you cum. Don't hold back, say it."

He sounded desperate. He was on the very edge, holding tightly to his self control and her words of surrender would be all he needed to finally break free.

But the damn stubborn woman shook her head and still refused to give in! Alex froze on top of her. He couldn't believe it. He had never been this desperate to get a woman and the first woman he ever wanted to this extent, was rejecting him, again! F*ck, this was driving him mad. She was driving him mad!

Suddenly, he rolled off her and jumped off the bed.

Abi was still breathing hard and it took her a little while to calm down. Once she felt her heart settle down somewhat, she sat up and looked for him.

Her eyes widened upon seeing him already dressed and standing by the door.

"W-where are you going?" she asked, a little apprehensive of what his answer would be.

He glanced at her and smiled. "To spend the night with my harem. See you tomorrow, little lamb," he said and before Abi could react, he disappeared from her eyes.

Abi dashed towards the door, still naked. She opened it and peeked outside but he was no longer there. What had she done? Did she push him away too hard?

Abi frantically called Zeke and told him that Alex had ditched her. She was in a panic! A myriad of emotions fought inside her. She was scared, worried, angry, distraught, all the while wondering if she had pushed him too far.

"Zeke!! He He's gone! I think I might have pushed him into" someone else's arms. Abi couldn't say the words out loud. She was devastated.


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