Hellbound With You Chapter 290

289 Seductions And Threats

Abi's eyes widened in shock when her knee connected against his groin. Her action made him take a step back, but more from shock than pain. A small, measly human actually kneed the great him of all the creatures in this world?!

And while Alex was at a complete loss for words, the little brazen lamb dashed towards the door and left, leaving Alex almost gaping in disbelief.

He took a sharp breath. His hands were on his hips as he looked up the ceiling and the next moment, the sound of laughter echoed inside the bathroom.

Still leaning against the bathroom door, Abi flinched as she heard his intimidating laugh. Oh god, had she gone too far? He was not a normal human. That mustn't have hurt him that much right?! So why did he step back like that? Now he was even laughing like a demon?

Abi was nervous. She knew that he wouldn't hurt her - she was confident judging from his reaction towards Zeke earlier - but he might use emotional torture instead to punish her. And if he did that, she knew that she might not be able to hold back her thirst for him!

Taking a deep breath, Abi told herself to relax and hold her ground but as she breathed out, the door suddenly opened and she fell backwards into the bathroom. Luckily, her reflexes saved her as she quickly held onto the door frame to keep herself from falling.

She turned to see Alex standing tall, still wet and naked. His expression was unreadable.

Suddenly, he lifted her up, over his shoulder like a sack of rice and headed towards the bed. She had no idea what he was planning to do but she felt that whatever if was, it would not bode well for her.

He put her on the bed and then tore her wet clothes away, shocking Abi. Oh no, did she awaken the dark dragon?!

He then pinned her down on the bed, with her body between his knees.

"Little lamb, do you realize that your life is in my hands right now? If anyone found out that a measly woman just dared to knee me, especially in that, hmmm, special place, your head would fly away from your body so quick you wouldn't even know it happened. Even Zeke can't save you now, you know that?" he told her, still exuding his sexy vibes, seducing her despite him spouting threats at her. His hand went to her neck and cupped it delicately. "Also, I can kill you right here, right now if I want to and just tell Zeke you attacked me first. I wouldn't even have to lie because that is what happened, after all."

But Abi didn't even flinch. He said those threats without any emotion in his eyes so she knew that the situation she was in was quite dangerous. She knew that he could easily do as he threatened and that would be the end of her but, even so, she was unshakable.

"Fine. Kill me then," she challenged, tilting her chin up as a show of defiance. She was not going to show him even a little tinge of fear. She lifted her hand, grabbed his wrist and pulled it towards her so that it was pushing against her neck. "Now do it! Do it!" she yelled, causing Alex to freeze once again.

His lips twitched. He couldn't believe that nothing was actually working on her. Seductions and threats were utterly useless. What was she? Who was this woman?

Before he knew it, his other hand moved towards her face and he caressed her cheek. "Tell me, what do I need to do for you to want me?" he asked.

Abi was dumbstruck. She didn't expect that at all. She was trying to rile him up, to make him more angry, but somehow, it backfired on her. But at least he wasn't threatening her anymore! But, why was he suddenly saying something like this?

Her eyes surveyed him, full of questions. His tone at that moment was gentle - it was almost the same as Alex's gentle voice when he made love to her - and his aura was somewhat warm. She was about to reach out a hand to touch his face but in the next moment, after looking confused about what he just said, his voice became cold as ice again.

"Don't worry, little lamb, I won't kill you, nor will I let anyone kill you. Death is too easy an escape. What I am going to do is punish you for doing that so you won't ever do it again." He smirked and then his lips found their way to her mouth.

Her lips were slightly parted from the shock so he easily gained access inside her mouth. That moment when she thought that her Alex had shown up had broken her defences and she didn't get enough time to build them back up before he started his punishment.

Oh no, his tongue his mouth this warmth Abi had missed and longed for this so much - to kiss him once again.

His kisses were deep and hot, hotter than she could remember. Ah, damn it! She wanted this so bad! She had been dreaming of this moment for many nights. Their time apart felt like a century to her. In just one month, she had gotten used to him being around. She had gotten used to waking up everyday, expecting to see his face, expecting him to be waiting for her to train her, to feed her, to fulfill all her wishes. But most of all, she had gotten used to his kisses, his touch, his body and the way it felt when they were making love. Alex had told her that he was an addict, but Abi realised that she was also addicted. She was addicted to him and each day that passed without him by her side felt like the longest day of her life. She craved for him so much, wanted to find him so much that she nearly broke.


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