Hellbound With You Chapter 287

286 My Sweet Maid

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Alex climbed off the bed and he started to unbutton his shirt right before her. He was deliberately doing it almost in slow motion while he gazed down at her. He held her gaze, eyes smoldering with sexiness.

She couldn't believe it. This man was already trying to seduce her! He was watching her every expression but Abi had already developed an immunity to his sexiness, or so she thought. Unfortunately for her, she still couldn't help but stare at him even though she had feasted on his body many times before. She wanted to touch him, so damn bad. She had been longing for him for the past three torturous months of his absence.

"Little lamb" his voice pulled her back to the present. She was lost in her thoughts for a moment that she didn't notice that Alex had paused from unbuttoning his shirt for a while now.

Alex was mystified. The woman was staring at him and his perfect chest but he couldn't see the lust and admiration in her eyes as he had expected. In short, she was not affected. This realization made Alex smirk. He didn't undress himself like this anymore in front of any woman because he had seen how the women drooled and wanted to jump on him whenever he did that. That was why all those women did this job for him now. And yet, this little lamb was acting like it didn't affect her!

"You are my maid. Isn't this one of your jobs?" he added, spreading his arms out wide as she gestured for her to come and undress him.

Abi glared at him as she stood up. While she was deep in thought, she hadn't actually been watching him because if she had, he definitely would have seen a reaction from her. She closed her eyes and that damn scene was brought to the surface again. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as her anger resurfaced with the images. She was still angry at him after all, and she was going to punish him, damn hard.

Halting a step away from him, Abi silently reached out and began to unbutton his shirt. If she was doing this as the old version of herself, before she met him, she would surely be as red as a cooked lobster by now and almost hyperventilating. But she was no longer that nave Abigail. She had grown, blossomed even, and he was the one responsible for her sexual growth. Even though this man's effect on her didn't subside even for a little despite them being apart for a long time, Abi had learned some self control, to not show what she really felt. This, too, was something she had learned because of him. When she returned home after her operation, she had had to learn to hide her emotions because she knew it would just needlessly worry her family. So yes, in the most painful way, he taught her this as well, when he disappeared and left her all alone.

"Done," she said as she let go of his shirt. She took a step back as she looked into his eyes. She looked very determined and very serious. She thought that if she looked at her job as being a nanny, rather than a maid, then that would make things easier for her.

"What do you mean by done? How about this?" he pointed to his pants with a mischievous smirk on his face. "My sweet maid, don't make me wait and do your job properly and obediently," he added, his voice became even huskier.

Abi could only do as he said. She knew that Alex was doing this on purpose. He was purposely trying to seduce her. But she was hard as steel right now, certainly because of the anger that was still lurking in her chest.

She reached out for his belt and unbuckled it when suddenly, Alex's hand landed on hers, halting her. She looked up and their faces almost collided. Abi almost gasped. This man was really really doing his best to break her right now.

She was glad he didn't have the ability of sharp hearing or he would have heard just how hard her heart was beating right then.

Abi immediately pulled away. She was determined not to fall for any of his honey traps. Nuh-uh. She wouldn't give him what he wanted. She would make him suffer until she was satisfied!

"Please don't interrupt me while I am doing my job." she told him like a stern little boss, causing Alex to let out a throaty chuckle.

What was wrong with this woman? How was she so brave? More importantly, why was she not lusting on him?

Alex was faced with a dilemma he had never encountered before. He could only watch as she unbuckled his belt so seriously like she was undressing a mannequin.

Her hand finally touched the button of his pants and as her fingers grazed against his abdomen, he subconsciously swallowed.

She then held the small zipper and as she pulled it down, they both froze for a moment. Abi's eyes widened in surprise, seeing that he was already hard.

Looking up at him with wide eyes, Abi couldn't find a word to say because Alex seemed to be even more surprised than her.

The look on his face almost made Abi smile triumphantly but Alex suddenly held her hand again. "Now look what you did, little lamb. Because of your intrusion, my little monster is now all pent up and raging," he said and Abi glared at him again for casually reminding her about that earlier scene.

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