Hellbound With You Chapter 286

285 Her Turn

Abi just stared up at him. Her body slowly relaxed, maybe because she finally let out her anger. Or maybe, she softened up again, hearing these words he was saying, calling himself a monster like it was a fact.

She almost reached out to hug him and tell him he wasn't a monster, that she had never seen him as a monster, but she refrained herself.

"No. I'm not scared of you," she told him almost insolently, causing him to narrow his eyes. "I just hate cheating, womanizing bastards" she continued as her eyes wandered around.

"Cheating" he echoed. "Why would you say I'm cheating?"

Abi blinked and said nothing, her brain somewhat shutting down from her slip up.

"Speak," Alex commanded.

Abi found herself in a dilemma. Oh no! How was she going to get out of this? Of course Alex wouldn't think he was cheating if he had no partner, no wife to cheat on!

She had slipped up by calling him names and now she had to think of an excuse, something that would make sense! She couldn't very well tell him that it was because he was a married man. Her eyes wandered around again and her eyes caught some objects sitting on top of the bedside table.

There was a necklace with a couple of rings on it, sitting there. Those were their wedding rings and her engagement ring. Upon seeing them, Abi's heart squeezed so tight that she could hardly breath. She almost cried.

"Aren't you married?" her voice became weak as she spoke, not tearing her eyes off the rings.

Alex creased his brows and followed her line of sight.

"Those were wedding rings, right?"

She looked at him and their eyes met.

"You thought I was married because of those?"

"Well yes."

He bit his lips and looked at her in disbelief.

"Those aren't mine. And I am certainly not married," he said, sounding so sure of himself.

"Then whose are they?"

He looked at the rings again with a frown on his face.

"I don't know."

For a moment, Abi saw something flicker in his eyes as he looked at the rings. She didn't know if it was something good but she felt something tug at her chest.

She thought that maybe she wasn't the only one suffering. That Alex, despite completely forgetting about her, was fighting his own battles as well. She was the reason why Alex lost his soul and forgot about her. All this happened to him because he wanted to save her. Maybe her Alex knew this would happen. Maybe right now, he was somewhere in there, fighting as hard as she was to free himself from this nightmare. Abi could only believe in that thought, that they were both still fighting for love.

"So" Alex spoke, breaking her internal thoughts and making her focus on him again. "You actually screamed at me and told me you hated me because you thought I was married?" Alex said, now looking at her like he was about to punish her.

She swallowed. "Well, I hate womanizing men, too" she reasoned out, looking away. She was trying her best not to pull him in and kiss him, given their intimate position right now. "So I still hate you."

He smirked. "What a brazen, little lamb."

"Stop calling me a little lamb! I have a name," she said, trying very hard to distract him from his current train of thought.

"Hmph. I will call you whatever I want to call you!" he answered, not taking the bait. "Haven't you realised yet that I can do whatever I please to you, whether you hate me or not?"

At his words, Abi returned her gaze on him. She threw him a fierce, challenging look before she replied.

"What. Are you going to force yourself on me?"

"You do see me as a monster, don't you? Don't worry little lamb, this monster is all about pleasure. There would be no pleasure in forcing you" he bent again and whispered. "I will make you come to me and submit yourself to me instead." A small smile played on his lips, as if he was so confident that Abi would relent to him. After all, he was used to women falling head over heels over themselves just to get close to him. If he actually tried to attract a woman, he was sure he would succeed in winning them over in a blink of an eye.

So with that, he lowered his head to kiss her, but to his surprise, Abi quickly turned her head away, not giving him an easy way to get through her defences. She wasn't going to give in to him!

This time, it was her turn to make him come to her and chase after her and submit to her, wholly.

Alex chuckled at the very first rejection he received. Somehow, he finally found something interesting in this damn boring world. He was going to seduce this little lamb and he couldn't wait to see the day she would willingly come to him and beg him to touch her. He had no doubt that she would.

"Please get off me," she then told him, steeling herself for the backlash that she would no doubt receive from him, but to her surprise, the man obediently got off her and plopped himself beside her.

He faced her, nonchalantly leaning his head on his palm as he looked at her.

Abi rose and her feet just reached the floor when he spoke again. "Your job is to watch me twenty-four seven. Meaning, you should sleep with me in my room, be with me when I bathe and things like that, no?"

There was a taunting vibe in his voice as he said that, as if he was more than certain that Abi wouldn't last.

"Now I'm going to take a bath. You should come with me, little lamb, or else you will be punished," he told her, flashing her a triumphant smirk.



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