Hellbound With You Chapter 285

284 I Hate You

Pinned against the door, Abi gazed up at Alex with wide eyes. She was surprised. These words he was saying right now almost made Abi tear up. But she bit her lower lip and held her ground. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to show him any weakness.

The image of standing with those women flashed in her mind again and her anger clouded her eyes once more. She thought that the talk she had with Zeke had somewhat calmed her raging emotions but it seemed she was wrong. It seemed it was only biding its time until it was prompted to be released again. With a blazing fire in her eyes, she looked straight back into his eyes and responded.

"So? So what if Prince Zeke touched me? He is the crown prince. Who would dare say no to him? What if I said he touched me all over my body? It still wouldn't matter because it has nothing to do with you!" she said fiercely. Her voice was cold and sharp. This was the first time she ever spoke to Alex this way but she couldn't help it. Her anger was getting the better of her. He had no idea what it felt like to see him with those women - the pain and the feeling of betrayal hurt her like nothing had ever done before. Standing up to him was the least she could do!

As Abi was mentally preparing herself for the oncoming fight, telling herself that she did well and that she needed to give him a piece of her mind, but that didn't last long. She was once again shocked with what Alex did to her next.

She did not anticipate what he was going to do next and the next thing she knew, she was being thrown onto the bed.

A little yelp escaped her lips as she landed and bounced softly on the big bed. When she stopped bouncing, she looked up and her heart suddenly accelerated. She pulled herself up and looked at him. His eyes he looked angry. His ominous dark aura was filling the room.

But Abi had long gotten used to this. She had felt this aura many times when she was living with him. What he did wouldn't even make the hair on her skin stand anymore. She had gained some kind of immunity towards it.

Alex jumped, from where he was standing by the door, to the foot of the bed. He then climbed up on the bed and crawled over her, still with that look in his eyes.

He pinned her down, securing both her hands above her head.

"Little lamb, why are you lying?" he asked.

There it was again, the pet name he gave her. Why did he have to keep saying it? Abi's anger and determination slightly wavered but this time, she determinedly shook her head to clear those hypnotic words away. Besides, that wasn't the main point of focus right now. The bigger question was how did he know that she was lying?!

He bent over until her lips touched her ear. "I didn't smell your scent on Zeke," he whispered the answer to her question, as if he had read her mind. Seeing the shock on her face, his lips curved up into a mischievous smile. "Are you just trying to rile me up, huh? Little lamb?"

His finger began to trace her lips. "Answer me or else"

"Or else what? You're going to punish me?" she retorted. Abi just couldn't forget that scene she walked into earlier. No matter how much she justified it, her anger, her jealousy and the pain just refused to subside. "Are you going to hit me? Go ahead then! Do it, you damn cheating womanizer?!!" she suddenly burst, yelling at him.

Alex paused, blinking in confusion. It seemed it was his turn to be surprised. He stopped moving as he observed her face. Her eyes were glistening. Was she going to cry? Why was she so angry with him? Why did she think he would hit her? And what did she just call him? A cheating womanizer?

Alex understood none of it. He didn't understand why she was so angry, why he was letting this human push him away and treat him like this.

"Get off me, I hate you!" She started to throw a tantrum. "I hate you, I hate you!!" she screamed and Alex just froze there, completely paralyzed.

Her words 'I hate you' kept echoing inside his head like a spell causing chaos inside his body. He was so shocked that his grip on her wrists loosened up and Abi was able to free her hands from him.

What the hell was going on with him? He had felt all the people's hatred of him for countless years. He was despised and feared. The fear and hate in every single person's eyes when they looked at him had become completely normal to him, so much so that he had come to enjoy their misery. So how and why did he find this woman's words so unacceptable to the extent that he just froze there and let a measly human maid scream at someone like him? What did this woman do to him?

Unable to understand anything, Alex snapped and bent down again. His face hovered above hers. He had to know. He had to find out why!

"Stop yelling and tell me why you hate me!" his voice thundered, causing Abi to look up at him. Screaming those words out somehow made the pilling frustration and anger inside her feel a little better.

She looked at him intently as she steadied her heavy breathing. He looked frustrated. His blank eyes finally held some kind of emotion, though subtle, in them. The look of confusion.

Abi gulped. It seemed her unplanned outburst had an effect. Or maybe her screaming at him that she hated him riled up something within him?

"Tell me, is it because you're scared of me? Because you know I'm a monster? Because you think I would make you disappear like everyone who served me?" he asked, with a menacing voice.

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