Hellbound With You Chapter 284

283 Heartbeats

Alex slightly tilted his head. "Maid," He echoed and his eyes finally realized that she was indeed wearing a maid's uniform. "So you the future king of the vampires actually danced with a human maid and even brought her into your room, eh, Zeke? It seems you finally learned to break the stupid protocols of your family."

"Don't change the topic, Alex. Listen, from today onwards, this woman will be with you at all times," Zeke said before his gaze fell on Abi. "Follow him wherever he goes, if you fail to do that, you will be punished, understand?"

Abi gulped. Seeing the serious warning in Zeke's eyes immediately made her understand that he was not bluffing. This guy would probably really punish her.

"What's the reason for all of this, Zeke? Why do this now? Are you that afraid that I will escape?" Alex asked, finally moving away from Abi and walked towards Zeke. "And what's with the punishment thing? You really think a human maid can manage to follow me everywhere? She must be a glutton for punishment if she accepted those terms."

"Well, she could if you let her. But if you want her to be punished, then that's a different story."

Zeke's response silenced Alex. Even Abi looked at him in surprise.

"Listen. I've been observing you lately. The thing that happened to you a while ago, I know you're thinking about it. I believe someone is trying to manipulate you."

"Witches, again?"

"Most likely. You should know how powerful these witches are and how good they are in disguising themselves to be one of us. They are willing to do everything in their power to manipulate you, to turn you against your own kind. You know that I will never let that happen."

"So, you're giving me this maid to watch me?" He pointed to Abi. "Why? She's just a human! Wouldn't it be better if someone more powerful did the job?"

"This human has the ability to easily identify a witch. Humans have the innate ability to sense danger around them and she will be useful in that respect. She knows the feeling of fear she gets from us vampires so she should be able to tell when someone is pretending to be one of us. I definitely can't watch over you all the time and you always seem to make the human butlers, maids and soldiers that I order to follow you, disappear. That's why I chose this girl instead, since it seems you definitely wouldn't make her disappear."

"And how are you certain that I won't make her disappear like the others?"

"Because you didn't let me harm her. That's enough for me."

"Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that. Especially since this little lamb looks really stubborn." He smirked, glancing over Abi.

But Abi didn't flinch at that malicious smile he showed her. Her mind was busy trying to steel herself for her role. Now that she knew what her job was, she was not going to let any other woman touch him again. She swore to herself that she would do everything to keep those sleazy women and evil witches away from him.

"You go and fix yourself, Alex. I will have some words for your maid first," Zeke told him before Abi followed him outside the room.

Zeke shut the doors and looked at her.

"He won't hear what we're going to talk about?" she asked, curious why Zeke had to speak with her outside. Well, she thought that vampires could hear someone's voice even when they were far.

"Alex doesn't have the hearing ability. That's one of the abilities he doesn't have because he's not pure blooded. The fangs and the eyes are pretty much all he has in common with pure blooded vampires," he explained briefly before his eyes focused on her. "Now, I hope you understand your job."

"Yes, but, what you said about humans sensing witches. Is that true?"

"No. That was a lie I spun to convince Alex to let you follow him. However, you are special. Your hearing ability is far more advanced than a normal human, possibly even more than most vampires as well. Each creature has a slightly different heartbeat, vampires, humans, animals, witches. To someone without your skills, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The difference is that small."

"Different heartbeats?"

"Yes. But therein lies the problem. If you hadn't noticed the difference, that means you hadn't been using your abilities enough. The problem we have is that you haven't honed your skills over time. You will have to train yourself while watching over Alex."

"I okay. But how will I know what a witch's heartbeat sounds like?"

"You don't. That's why you will need to learn the heartbeats of everyone and everything that is familiar so that you know when it is unfamiliar."

Abi nodded because his words made sense. It was like playing the game of 'which of these things is not like the other' but still, trying to listen and learn and memorise the different heartbeats, sounded like a mission and a half. However, at least she now had an idea of where to start.

"Also, I think it is a good idea to do anything you can to rile him up to gauge his reactions. Maybe if we brought out that side of him often, it might help him regain his memories."

"Okay. I understand."


Zeke opened the door again and Alex was on the bed, already dressed up.

"So, this maid will also stay in my bed, right?" he said as he pulled Abi into his embrace.

"I repeat, she's not here to pleasure you. She's here as your maid," Zeke just said and as if he knew for certain that Alex would follow his word to the letter, Zeke turned around and left.

"Tch! What a boring man." He smirked and suddenly, he pinned Abi against the closed door.

"Did he touch you?" he asked all of the sudden.

Abi blinked up at him. His eyes were still blank but there was something different about him. She knew this feeling too well. Alex's possessiveness.

He bent down and his lips brushed against her ear. "Tell me, did Zeke touch you while you were in his room? Where did he touch you? Huh?"


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