Hellbound With You Chapter 283

282 But I Like I

Inside the room, unaware of the commotion going on just outside his doors, Alex was standing like a statue by the bed. Two women were with him, one behind him and one in front of him. The woman behind him was removing his shirt as she kissed his back while the other one was kneeling on the floor, kissing the man's perfect abs as she slowly removed his belt.

The scene was scandalous but that man was unresponsive. His blank eyes were focused on the floor and his hands didn't bother to move to touch any of them. He was utterly distracted since the moment that woman in black appeared before him. Her scent, the warmth of her skin and her voice They were still lingering in him like a spell.

His thoughts were also focused on the strange thing he did to Zeke a while ago and how his body had refused to let go of her. Something was off and he couldn't figure what it was. He picked these two women to accompany him to stop himself from going back and snatching her away. He had never reacted like this before. Was he like this because she was the first thing Zeke didn't allow him to have?

The woman behind him wrapped her hands around his waist, tiptoed and craned her head to kiss him when suddenly, the door opened with a bang.

The women looked at the door with wide eyes. Who dared to do this? Even the king would never dare to burst through Alexander's doors without him giving them permission!

The moment they saw a human in a maid's uniform standing there, they were dumbstruck. This was unbelievable. It was totally unheard of for a lowly human to act this way! How dare this measly human! Was this suicidal little mouse lost? Even so, she was not going to get away with interrupting their time with the great Alexander!

Their fangs lengthened, ready to jump on her and kill her for ruining the moment but they didn't move. They wanted to see Alexander kill her with his own two hands instead. They both snickered at the unfortunate soul who was about to become mincemeat. What a foolish creature.

They waited for Alexander to strike her mercilessly, with a disdainful smirk on their lips. But the man remained standing there like a frozen statue, as his eyes zeroed in on her.

It was dim inside the room and the bright light from behind the door hid her face, but Alex immediately recognized that scent. Her scent.

As if he didn't even care that a woman was right before him, Alex moved. He turned around and had the woman not fallen to the side, Alex would have trampled all over her.

Alex ignored the two women as he walked slowly towards Abigail, stopping one step away, in front of her. He bent down slightly so that his face was on the same level as hers.

He stared at her face as he inhaled her scent. So this was the face behind that mask, he thought and his fingers moved to hold her chin and tip her head up so that he could take a closer look.

"Why are you here?" he asked as his eyes roamed beyond the door. "Did you change your mind? Zeke too rough for you, is he?" he added, not minding how sharp her gaze was on him.

She didn't answer. She just clenched her fists tightly at her sides as her eyes continued to blaze with anger.

Alex licked his lips seductively. The source of his distraction was here and he couldn't believe how his body was reacting just by her presence alone.

"Alexander, let's cont " One of the women just slipped her arms around his waist but Alex caught them and pushed her away.

"Leave!" He ordered, his voice firm and indisputable.

"But we're not" The other woman started to complain but when Alex's eyes turned golden as he looked at them, the women gulped. They immediately moved, eyes red, and they bared their fangs and hissed at Abi as they passed by her before finally stepping out the door. There was a promise of retribution in their eyes for interrupting their night and Abi couldn't help but shiver even through her anger.

When the women were finally out of sight, Alex's gaze flew back to her.

"Now answer me. You came here because" His finger traced her face, from her temple down her cheeks to her neck, when Abi suddenly slapped his hand away. She was not going to let this guy have his way with her! No matter how much she longed for his touch she would make sure not to give in. She was angry, so angry she could die. For the first time, Abi wanted to beat him up and scream at him at the top of her lungs!

Alex seemed shocked at what she did. As far as he could remember, no woman ever pushed him away like that. They always, always came at him like leeches.

"You didn't just barge into my room, now you're even pushing me away what a bold woman." A smirk accompanied his words as he leaned in on her again. "Playing hard to get because you know I wanted you? That's not a very good idea for a fragile little lamb like you but I like it," he whispered sexily, taunting her.

Abi's heart skipped a beat when she heard him call her 'little lamb' again. She closed her eyes as her ears savored those words. Even though she was still furious at him, she couldn't help but tear up as she heard her nickname being spoken by him. Abi nearly gave in but luckily, the lights were suddenly turned on, flooding the room with its brightness.

Zeke then entered the room nonchalantly.

Alex looked at him, not moving an inch away from Abi.

"I didn't bring her here to be those women's replacement," Zeke said. "She's here to be your personal maid, not some kind of pleasure toy for you." He pressed with a serious gaze.

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