Hellbound With You Chapter 282

281 Not A Big Deal

Abi could only zip her mouth. This man had always been a man of few words since the first time she met him and tonight was actually the first time she heard him speak so much. Did he get tired talking suddenly or did he just feel that she was being annoying?

They headed to the northern wing of the palace. This part seemed a little different from the rest of the palace. The floor was made of black marble, with bits of white lines dotted every now and then, in the shape of lightning strikes. Many statues of black dragons of different shapes and sizes were lined on each side of the hallway, like pillars. The high dome ceiling was magnificent. The background was dark gray but throughout the length of the hallway, there were bold colours of red, yellow and black, bringing the intricate carvings to life. The carvings seemed to be portraying one man's journey to victory over dragons. It made Abi wonder if that was the illustration of Alex's story.

Another thing that differentiated this hallway was the fact that it was probably the most guarded part of the palace, seeing that there were guards stationed throughout the corridor every few meters or so.

Was this where the king and queen resided? She so badly wanted to ask but she held back. There was no point making this guy more annoyed than he already was.

The hallway ended at a set of large double doors. Zeke forced them open and walked in. Abi followed him and as soon as she looked up, her lips parted as she saw the structure that met her.

A huge golden throne, sitting in the middle of the circular room, greeted her as she walked. It sat up high, on top of a round, black stage. It looked to have been made from large golden scales. Two large wing-like structures extended from the sides of the throne, making it seem like the throne was sitting on a dragon's back.

Abi could not take her eyes off of it. She had never seen anything like it!

She then looked around some more and she saw that there were many luxurious couches situated around the room, all facing the throne. The heavy velvet curtains added to the royal feel of the room and Abi was convinced that this must be the Vampire King and Queen's wing.

"Is this the King and Queen's?" She could no longer stop herself from asking. Was she going to be their personal maid? Why?

"No. This is Alex's."

Abi was surprised but at the same time, the feeling of unease in her stomach disappeared. She was glad to know that she wouldn't be serving some other royals. Whew, it looked like her fate might be far better than the characters she had read in books. Well, she didn't mind working, doing chores as a maid, if she could stay by Alex's side and save him. She would do anything.

Zeke led her around the room to the huge golden double doors. As they got closer, Abi's heartbeat accelerated.

Zeke knocked on the door but there was no answer from inside and the door remained closed. He looked at her. "Someone is in there with him," Zeke told her, making Abi forget to breathe for a while. "Don't worry. This kind of thing is not a big deal. He doesn't have any affections towards those women. It's all simply for pleasure," he added after seeing the shock on Abi's face.

She clenched her fists tightly. How could this not be a big deal? Alex was a married man! He was her

Abi was losing it. She knew that Alex didn't remember her anymore, that to him, she had never been part of his life. He doesn't have any memories or emotions towards her anymore but still she couldn't accept this. She could never accept something like this!

"Abigail." Zeke called out, forcefully pulling her back to reality. "Control your emotions and try to understand the situation as best as you can. Don't let your emotions take over. Think with your head. Just think that Alex, right now, is not your husband. You can't break down just because of this. You know that Alex would never touch anyone other than you if he was not in this state." Zeke stressed.

He could see how devastated she felt about this revelation. He wouldn't say that he understood what she was feeling because he really didn't. All he knew was that humans were fragile. He knew that something like this was enough to destroy them.

"Let's go back for now. We will come back here tomorrow." He could only abort the mission. He couldn't let this woman break before her job could even start.

However, Abi suddenly moved and hit the door with both fists and she kicked it with all the power her little legs had.

"Open this, Zeke!" she suddenly ordered, causing Zeke's eyes to widen for a moment. He was not certain if he should let her do this. Wasn't it better for her to leave now so she wouldn't see anything? Why did she still want to go inside?

She hit the door again. "I said OPEN this DOOR!" she yelled at him. Pain clouded her eyes but her voice was as determined as ever. It seemed this stubborn creature was really hellbent on making a fuss. And did she just yell at him?

He looked around and was glad that no one saw or heard, or else, she would immediately be dropped in the dungeon.

"Fine. Don't you dare go there just to cry and break or else I will throw you out of this country," Zeke warned her. Coaxing someone had never been his strong point but he knew that somehow, this woman was strong in her own way. Maybe, these cruel realities she was facing would make her even stronger.

"I won't!" she pressed, glaring at him so fiercely, like a little beast.

NOT A BIG DEAL?! This was a HELLA huge deal to her!

Zeke almost smiled. For a moment, he thought that Alex was in trouble.

He then opened the huge door and without wasting another second, Abi stepped inside.


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