Hellbound With You Chapter 281

280 Annoying Questions

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Abi subconsciously covered the wound on her neck as she flinched back. She remembered what Alex had said to her, that she would die if she went with Zeke. Why did he say that? What did he mean?

Noticing her reaction, Zeke tore his eyes off her neck and looked into her eyes.

Abi found herself holding her breath. She had read stories about vampires and how drinking human blood would make them crazy. Was he going to attack her now? Was it too much of a temptation for him? Did his throat burn from wanting to drink her blood?

Abi started to subconsciously take a step back when Zeke suddenly twitched and glared at her.

"Do you think I'm some kind of uncontrolled idiot who would lose his mind upon seeing human blood?" he said, his tone still as unfriendly as ever.

Abi bit her lips and looked down, looking sorry that the thought ever crossed her mind. Of course he wouldn't go berserk over some human blood. This guy was the definition of Mr. In Control. She looked back up with her apology written all over her face. His words made her relax because he was acting like himself again - his cynical, calculating and disdainful self. She was glad then, that this guy wasn't some third rate vampire who didn't know how to control themselves.

"Well I Alex said I would die if I go with you. Why did he say that?" she asked, slowly putting her arm down to her side. It seemed the bleeding had stopped anyway - it was only a small puncture wound.

Zeke moved and walked towards the bed as he spoke. "Because a royal blooded vampire can't sleep with a human. Well they can, but the human might die," he stated so nonchalantly as if he just said something mundane like 'ice cream will melt down the ice cream cone if you don't eat it fast enough'.

But those words made Abi frown in confusion and curiosity. "The human might die? Why?"

"The vampire will crave for blood as they mate. It is a part of sexual pleasure for vampires to bite each other and drink each other's blood while mating. This isn't something that we can control, because while mating, we let go of our thoughts, the anchor that stops us from going wild. We let our instincts take over to feel the full height of pleasure."

Abi's eyes widened in surprise. "B-but Alex never "

"Alex is not pure blooded." He glanced at her as he picked something from on top of the bed. "He has human blood. His mother is half vampire," he added, causing Abi to fall speechless. She remembered Alex's story - that he became an outcast because of his lack of ability, that he wasn't like his family.

Before Abi could ask again, Zeke stood before her.

"Here, go and get and get changed. The bathroom is right over there," he told her as he pointed to the direction of the room.

Abi took the clothes and looked at him before obediently following his order.

She locked the door of his bathroom and saw that the clothes he gave her looked like a maid's outfit. She had seen some of the palace maids before when she and Kelly visited this palace for the first time. The little, gothic-like, maid outfit made her swallow. Although it was a nice and conservative dress, Abi didn't expect that the job Zeke was talking about was actually being a palace maid. Was he going to make her work like a maid in the palace? Like cooking and cleaning? Or was she going to be a personal maid? Did they even have those? Abi wasn't sure.

Abi couldn't help but think about the stories she read, where the maids who served the princesses and princes were treated badly. Was she going to experience something like that too? Was that part of his plans?

Abi bit her lips before a sigh escaped her lips. She hoped that that kind of clich plot wouldn't happen to her. Surely she would be more useful doing some research on finding ways to get one's soul back or some such task?

It didn't take long before Abi stepped out of the bathroom. Zeke was still there, standing by the window with his hands in his pockets. He was smoking.

Abi was surprised. This was the first time she saw this doctor, no, this vampire, smoking. He looked even more intimidating and shady with the wisps of smoke floating around him.

"I'm done," she said to pull the man's attention. Even though she definitely could tell that Zeke already knew that she was looking at him.

"Do you like your outfit?"

"Well, I think it's decent enough," she said as she looked down to see how the clothes fit on her.

Zeke put down his cigarette on a small ashtray before he turned and looked at her.

"Let's go." Zeke walked past her and headed to the door as Abi followed him from behind. Abi wondered where he was taking her now. Were they going to the maid's quarters? Was he going to introduce her as a new servant of the palace? Was he going to leave her on her own after that?

This floor seemed empty. It was so quiet it almost felt eerie. She wondered if vampires were just normally quiet creatures or there was actually no one else on the floor but them.

"Uhm do you vampires sleep?" Abi asked as they walked.


"Oh, that's surprising. I thought vampires didn't sleep."

"Well, we do. Don't believe all the stories you hear. Not all of them are true. Then again, not all of it is false, either."

Abi contemplated his words for a second and started to ask more questions, curious as ever to know more about them.

"Is everyone in this country a vampire?"


"I see. Who's bigger in number? Vampire or human?"


"Does all humans here know that vampires exist?"

Zeke suddenly paused, halting Abi. He glanced back at her over his shoulder. "Enough with the questions. Save those annoying questions for Kai once you see him," he told her before he continued walking, leading her down the corridor.

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