Hellbound With You Chapter 280

279 Tricky

Abi froze. She was scared to death. Why? How? How the hell did it all come to this? Zeke was just acting right?

Abi kept convincing herself that this was still Zeke acting so seriously, that he was just so into his acting and that he was just such a great actor - the best actor that ever existed on this planet. She was convincing herself that he was going this far just to fool Alex but she started to shake. It seemed she couldn't convince herself that this was just an act.

The fear in her stomach was eating her and she couldn't move or talk. She felt like she was suddenly in a sleep paralysis. Her mind was constantly telling her that this was all a show, that Zeke was only acting and she so very much wanted to believe it! But his intensity, the aura he exuded and his actions were beyond that of just an act! Was he really going to kill her?

Her breathing accelerated as she felt his fangs graze her skin. It made her veins pop even more, something that she did not need at thet moment, not when a vampire was about to take a bite of her. She was absolutely terrified. Her eyes were big and wide with fear, her hands started to feel clammy and her forehead became lined with a thin layer of sweat. She struggled to find enough air to fill her lungs as she felt his breath and her skin.

Zeke, thankfully, moved his fangs away from her neck but it was no reprieve for Abi when he then replaced it with his nose, breathing in her scent, as if savoring a delicious food's scent before tasting it.

"Why don't you watch me kill her then?" He flung the words at Alex and Abi closed her eyes as she felt his sharp teeth graze her skin again. She tried to struggle away from him but his grip was tight and immovable. What was going on? This can't be happening!

In the next second, she felt his teeth break through her skin making her heart stop.

Before Abi could scream, she felt a slight woosh next to her and heard the dull sound of a wall being cracked. Abi's eyes opened to see Alex pinning Zeke against the wall. It all happened to fast, like a lightning that had just passed by. The force of the impact created a dent on the wall and bits of debris fell to the floor. Alex's hands were gripping Zeke's collar and he was blazing. That familiar ominous aura and bloodlust reached Abi and she was immediately pulled back to reality.

Hope bloomed in her heart. He reacted! Her Alex was back! Her heart rejoiced! Zeke's plan actually worked! She couldn't believe it! She was so happy that she forgot the terrifying experience she just faced. It was all worth it if it brought her Alex back to her. That was all that mattered to her.

Forgetting about the small trail of blood that trickled down her neck, she ran towards them both but then, she stopped again when she saw Zeke's expression.

Zeke was about to smile victoriously when Alex's aura and anger abruptly disappeared as if someone had turned the light on full blast and then just as quickly turned it off. His expression was gone and his eyes turned blank.

'No! Alex, please come back!' Abi screamed inwardly when she saw him change back to his uncaring self.

A deep frown appeared on Zeke's forehead as he watched Alex's expression turn from rage to confusion, and Zeke's split second feeling of victory disappeared.

Alex silently blinked as he stared at his hands on Zeke's collar. He slowly let go of Zeke. He looked like he just woke up from sleep walking and had no idea what he just did. Why had he attacked Zeke? He really didn't care whether or not he killed this human girl, so why had his body jumped to her defense?

He stared at Zeke and then glanced back at Abigail, who stood frozen in place with her arm reaching out midair towards him. He didn't understand what just happened. He didn't understand his impulse. Alex followed the trail of blood running down her neck, staining her black dress and he licked his lips. He felt his body react but he showed no sign of it, his expression cool as a cucumber and back to being unreadable.

Abi was shocked seeing that his eyes didn't change. They were blank like black canvasses as he looked at her.

And then, without a word, he turned his back from them. Abi was about to chase after him but Zeke stopped her and they both watched as he walked towards the veranda and jumped down.

"W-what was that? I thought that" Abi mumbled, still trying to keep up with those series of shocking events that just happened.

Zeke silently glanced towards the stairs and he suddenly pulled Abi inside his room. He closed the door and then loosened up his tie before leaning against the door, facing her.

"This is tricky," he started. "Judging by his reaction, it appears that his soul took control of him for a moment. Meaning, his soul didn't leave his body and is still inside him. It is not dead, either." He contemplated, rubbing his chin with his finger like a detective trying to decipher a series of clues.

"So that means I didn't manage to kill him? Or maybe I wasn't the one in the prophecy?" Abi asked. She was relieved to hear what Zeke just said and this thought came to her mind.

Zeke looked at her, still contemplating.

"No. The girl in the prophecy is you," he said, without a hint of doubt in his eyes.

"Then why?" she asked but Zeke didn't answer. His eyes were locked onto the wound he inflicted on her neck.




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